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We are one (Mission, Private) Empty We are one (Mission, Private)

Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:41 am

Ashur walked into the building, and felt much stronger then he was the last time he had came in. Things were going to be easier then they had ever been before, and Ashur was ready to destroy this test. He walked into the room, and saw a bunch of Jounin judging him already! The room was recently remodeled, it seems. The room was very large, and had walls made of iron itself. Training dummies were all around, and Ashur looked at the people behind what seemed to be thick, reinforced glass to see if they  were doing anything. A lady leaned into her microphone, that seemed to work with chakra.
"You will need to preform at least 3 jutsu in order to show us you have what it takes."
Ashur smiled, and knew this was going to be easier then he thought. He wondered about which academy jutsu he shouldn't use or should he just use them all, he thought.
"The only issue is these jutsu can't be from the acadmey. If you are unable to do this, please leave and don't waste our time. Your test starts now."
Ashur cringed knowing he was going to have to use the very jutsu that could have killed his only friend, Brandon. He looked at his necklace, and knew he could handle the explosion. He had too! He started off small, and felt awkward as they watched him like hawks. He took a deep breath, and began to knead katon chakra in his chest to the best of his ability. He felt like shaking, because he wanted this too bad for losing. He needed to win, he craved it to the very end. Ashur knew the age gap was the thing holding him back, and he wasn't going to let it hurt him anymore. He formed a half-tiger hand sign and spit the flames from his mouth right into a dummy. He felt as if he needed that, the breath taken outwards was soothing and made him feel much more comfortable.
"I can do this! No more holding back."
Ashur said silently. He was going to blow them away with the next one. He watched as the flames were put out quickly, and seemed to leave the dummy unharmed. He was going to try harder then ever before. This was the one from that lab in the desert! He wasn't going to let anything get into his way. He looked up to see them looking bored out of their minds. This was the same old, same old to them. Now was the time to surprise them! He took off his wig, and threw it aside. He also took off his t-shirt, but let his flak jacket on. He then gave them a smile, and they began to get a bit curious.
"Here I go!"
He made a horse hand sign, and spit out a massive amount of fire. This most of the testing room, and was brushing up against the wall. Ashur felt satisfied to spit out the fire, and was very excited to finish the attack to see their faces. He looked over at them after doing the attack to see them clapping. A man leaned into his microphone.
"Very good presentation of the Great Fire Annihilation technique. Very few seem to use anything with that degree of power here. Keep up the good work."
Ashur nodded, and became uneasy while thinking of his only other jutsu that wasn't academy level. He had to use the jutsu that almost killed Brandon. He clutched his necklace again, and put his hands through his feathers. He felt uneasy at the thought, but he remembered everything from the academy and glared at the wall. He was going to have to do this no matter what. He wasn't going to fail over something as simple as not casting a jutsu! He had to do this at all costs or he would feel awful to call himself a ninja at all! He put his emotions aside and cracked his knuckles. This jutsu was harder to cast then the others, but he knew he could do it. He spread his wings out, and the people behind the glass began to notice.
"You are part of the Shiroi Clan?!?! How are you a ninja?"
Ashur put his head down, and bit down hard. He looked up at them, and gave them a look of hatred. He wasn't going to be some kind of peasant! He pointed at them.
"Funny thing you say that, I will show you right now what my clan is capable of. We will be discriminated no more!"
He made his hair grow faster then ever, and began to take the feathers into his "grasp." This was done by infusing them with chakra. The people behind the glass looked in confusion, and had their jaws to the floor. Ashur smiled while still keeping a touch of anger in his expression, and then began to weave the hand signs needed. Bird, he had the tiny ball in front of him that began to grow. Hare, the people behind the glass laughed at him for making a ball of feathers. Horse, the ball grew larger and the people behind the glass were making remarks about how ridiculous this was. Rat, the people behind the glass watched the feather ball being finished, and were still laughing at Ashur's "weak" clan. Ashur then pushed the ball with a large, powerful gust of wind that was as sharp as his hatred. The ball was slammed against the wall in seconds, and the people still had no idea what was going to happen. They thought this was some kind of joke, or E rank jutsu! The glowing, feathery ball hit the wall of the training room and Ashur made a bubble around him to protect him from the explosion about to hit him. The people behind the glass were still having a ball, as the explosion just started. They all looked up to see the room was completely filled with the explosion radius. The bright light from the explosion blinded them, and the laughter had ended completely. The explosion was soon over, and Ashur looked up as his shield went down, to see the people behind the glass unable to form a word. One even shed a tear! Ashur could only smile at them as they couldn't find any words to say. He still had some time left before the next person arrived, so he decided to show them a bit about his clan as they were talking to each other in confusion and shock. He spread his wings, and went at full speed instantly with his sword being drawn. He would have seemed to be faster then he really was to them, a lot faster. This added to their shock more so. He then stabbed right through the dummy which got one of them to spit out coffee all over the glass. The dummy's were apparently supposed to be much more durable then that. He then really started feeling, and felt like doing a jutsu he read about in a book at the academy. He waved his hand around, and tried to throw out wind through them, with no luck. He just looked like an idiot again. He then tried to do it with a tiger hand sign, and didn't get anywhere once again. He sighed, and tried to do it with a Hare hand sign and it still didn't work. the people behind the glass were too busy cleaning up coffee to notice. Man Ashur would have loved to have the book on the jutsu of C rank and under right now. 500 ryo was way too much though. He did it with a bird hand sign, and was able to coat his hand in wind. He smiled realizing how to do it now. He just had to release the wind from his hand! That would be the trick! Ashur smiled to himself and nodded. He made the bird hand sign again, and was able to form the wind around his hands. He quickly waved his hand out three times, and made three wind blades that were pretty weak compared to his other jutsu. Ashur sighed, but at least he could use this sometime. He thought for a second, and decided to add more power to it! This jutsu was far too weak for him, and needed to be improved greatly for him to be satisfied about using it! He made the three blades of wind for one last time, and put them all together. This time he threw the bundle of them, and felt satisfied with this jutsu. He had done it! He learned a very powerful jutsu, passed his exam, and showed them who was boss! He pointed up at them, and put his sword back away.
"Never underestimate me or anyone else for that matter! This is a simple academy rule, and you guys seemed to have failed at remembering this."
They looked up with blank stares, and Ashur could only thinking about how to manage his chakra better for the jutsu he was trying to use. He thought out situations in which he could do better swipes, and even wondered which hand to use! He wanted to make sure that if he got into combat, he would have this jutsu with him to help him out! He needed this more then anything. Ashur hated feeling as if he fell flat, but yet he needed weak jutsu as well to make combos and keep versatile. He had to keep strong! A women above leaned in after the group talked to one another.
"Ashur Shiroi, you have passed part two. We apologize for our actions, and can only beg to be forgotten."
Ashur smiled, and jumped up and down. He never had felt so happy! He released Brandon from the poke ball, and hugged the frog.
"Brandon! I passed! I did it! Brandon!"
The frog looked at Ashur in a state of confusion, then smiled. He had been training in the poke ball once again, and it seems as if the frog had been going harder then ever, Ashur looked at him worried.
"Brandon, why did you go so hard at your training? Is something wrong?"
The ninja looked in confusion, and was interrupted by the sound of a timer ending. He looked at the time to see he was done with his exam, and began to walk out with Brandon.
"Ashur, you have become so much stronger then me. I am afraid of becoming... useless."
Ashur's smile dropped. He looked at Brandon upset, and tried to find the words to tell Brandon how much stronger the frog was. They walked out the doors, and were outside again. Ashur looked at the sad frog, and began to do what felt right to him. He pointed his finger in Brandon's face, and scowled.
"Brandon don't you dare say you will become useless. You have the speed of a Jounin. If I could last 10 seconds in a hand to hand fight with you, I would lose. I am so much weaker then you! I use jutsu, and tricks to keep my range. Without my jutsu I am nothing, without your skills you are still an incredible fighter. Listen here, we are going to combine our efforts from now on. We will work as one, and that is final! There is no who is stronger, we are just two halves of a larger person. God damn it Brandon, we are a team and always will be. I don't need some clan title or age to tell me otherwise either!"
The frog began to tear up hearing Ashur was more mature then he thought. The words were filled with harsh kindness that danced beautifully with immense force. Brandon smiled, and nodded. The two walked together back to their home, and both said at the the same time "We are one."

(2,000 words)
+Wind Release: Wind Slash Trained for 2,000 words.
+2,000 ryo.
+5 stat points for both Ashur and Brandon.

Exit Thread, Mission Complete
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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We are one (Mission, Private) Empty Re: We are one (Mission, Private)

Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:19 am

Approved <3

You also get 7 AP for a B rank mission.
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