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Nekrun Uzumaki
Nekrun Uzumaki
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A mission alone (private) Empty A mission alone (private)

Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:39 pm

Nekrun woke up tired but heard a knocking on his door as he has before. Nekrun guessed based off past experience that it was a mission that he was forced to do for another day of his life. Nekrun got up to the incessant din of the knocking on the door he couldn't stand it much longer he opened the door. It was three people, a mother with pink hair wearing formal robes. Another was a father his hair was dark brown he was wearing glasses with a nice brown leather jacket on. The last of the three was a small girl that looked to have inherited the pink hair of her mother. He was surprised he would any visitors let alone people he had never known before. Nekrun decided he wanted to know what they wanted so he asked "What to I owe the pleasure of visitors" Nekrun found it interesting the first one that would answer was the little girl but kn ew after her answer why it was so hasty "Please, Help our dog, it's missing!" The young girl screamed. "I'm sorry about bothering you, but please we've been to almost every other house around here and they won't even answer the door" The father would say in a very calm voice. Nekrun could understand why nobody opened the door it was the day before the exams after all. "Yeah I can help it's no problem at all, please don't worry anymore" Nekrun tried to reassure the family hopping that it would calm them down with ease. They had one last thing to give to Nekrun, it was a letter. "here's all the information we have on the dog I hope that it's enough" Nekrun decided to wait to open the letter hoping that it was the more respectful thing to do although he didn't know much about respect. "I'll take the job" Nekrun smiled at the family and waved as he closed the door. Nekrun sat down on the couch very eager to open the letter and get the mission done with for the day. When he opened the letter to his surprise there was barely any information in it. Only a few points those being that the dog was male and named "Mona" Nekrun tried to look over the letter many times hoping to see something else that could help him such as what the dog looked like or even a single attribute of the dog. There was nothing not even the type or size of the dog in the letter. Nekrun opened the door to ask the family some questions he had but they were already long gone and not to be seen for the rest of the day. The letter had a home address but Nekrun didn't want to go unless he had the dog. He didn't want to get the hopes of the family up when he didn't have anything to bring them. Nekrun decided to get ready for the day. He grabbed his change of clothes and went to take a shower. He liked the water cold like ice on his skin. Although most people didn't like this it was his enough for him. Even though he liked cold showers he hated cold rain and not even he could explain why. Nekrun got out of the shower and dried after before putting on his clothes for the day. His clothes like usual included his black cloak, mask, all his ninja tools, and any other necessary clothes in black. Nekrun brushed his teeth thoroughly making sure he didn't miss a spot. After that he went over and combed his blue hair back into a pony tail making sure he got it all. He then did the rest of the necessary things to get ready for the outside world. Nekrun finally left equipped with all of his necessary items. Nekrun left the house it was a bit gloomy out and even after such a sunny day the day before. Nekrun kept going looking for any signs of a male dog anywhere near him although he decided to keep looking it was hard to see due to it being so dark outside. Nekrun remembered it had rained the night before just when he was going to sleep. It was such a small detail he almost forgot. he walked over to the training grounds where he found a few tracks in the ground. He inspected them and noticed it was a small dogs footprints and they trailed off into the woods where he found them turning around back into the town it was like a wild goose chase going in circles he didn't know which way to go. Nekrun kept following them for about a hour although it felt like a eternity he didn't know the end of it but this time he was in a alley way the dog trailed mud through the ground it was hard to determine how big they were anymore due to the mud lessening with each print. Nekrun kept going down the alley and saw a small dog at the back. When he saw the dog he called it's name "Mona", the dog cocked it's head inquisitively and looked for the voice. Nekrun called for the dog again this time a bit louder and with more enthusiasm. "Mona!" The dog came running as fast as it could until it reached the welcoming arms of Nekrun. He grabbed the dog it was wet and covered in mud. It looked like it was starving, but luckily Nekrun had brought with a treat that could sustain the dog till it got home. Nekrun walked to the address shown on the letter and knocked on the door. After a few knocks the father from before opened the door and the child came running along behind him. "Mona!!!" the girl yelled "thank you so much" said the father accepting the dog into his arms. Nekrun left without a word just accepting the ryo and made his way home where he passed out on the couch.

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Yamato Tanaka
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A mission alone (private) Empty Re: A mission alone (private)

Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:58 pm
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