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Makashi Nara
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Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:30 pm
A man nearly 6 feet tall and broad in build made his way through the grounds of the Hidden Leaf Village, his feet moving back and forth as they propelled his body forward gracefully and gently. His boy swayed ever so slightly as he moved, walking towards his usual spot where some training dummies were located. After all, the most efficient method of training ones physical strength was always practicing on reinforced dummies. The young man, Mako Sarutobi, made it to his spot and turned to face the dummies, his fists raised as he wasted no time in getting in his stance. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he took form, letting a quick jab fly at the head of the dummy, following up with a second and third strike to its gut and chest respectively. He proceeded to jab and punch the dummy with great force and efficiency, modifying the rhythm of his breathing for optimal performance and speed. He would punch, breath quickly, punch, breath quickly, punch and breath quickly once more over and over again, timing his breaths perfectly as to preserve his stamina.

Mako was beyond your average shinobi in terms of appearance. Few shinobi shared similarities with his appearance-wise. Although a handful of other shinobi had black hair and green eyes just like his, few, if any, possessed the amount of purity that he did in terms of how blonde and well kept his hair was as well as the deep emerald of his eyes. His eyes, being so deep green, were easy to get lost in. After all, it was almost as if one were looking into the ocean when one looked into his eyes directly. His face was squarely shaped and perfectly formed as far as his forehead, nose, and chin go. His lips were full yet not too large, and surrounded by a large beard. He often kept them pursed together on a cigarette when deep in thought and would pull out a gentle childish smile when looking to comfort his allies..

Although he was not the type to be considered too 'many', he actually cared a lot about his appearance and wished to give off a good impression to those he interacted with, especially in the training grounds as he wished to attract attention to his so he could meet a nice training partner who could help his grow better and stronger. He felt that if his appearance gave off the impression of a slacker, he would not get very far in life. He was, after all, the type of person who believed how one carried themself was vital to how far they made it in life. One could easily look at a person and draw first impressions based on their appearance and how they dressed themselves. This was a sad truth in the world and one that he did not particularly approve of. However, he had little issues with it as he had a large wardrobe of nice clothing as well as

His eyes were full and green, as previously mentioned, with relatively large pupils which were as equally bright and gleaming as his irises. His eyes were somewhat large compared to most but not too large. After all, they gave off a 'stern' appearance that many would fall in love with. They sat at the top of his face perfectly, though not necessarily perfectly symmetrical as no one's eyes are perfectly symmetrical. However, it would be quite a tedious task for one to find flaws in his beauty. That's not to say that his beauty was flawless, on the contrary, his appearance was slightly flawed but that was what was attractive about him. Each component of his face worked together to produce an image that would be quite difficult for one to say no to. Over-all, he appeared to be gorgeous but if one were to focus on each part of his face individually they may have realized the flaws in his looks.

He often wore a clean, puren black v necked t shirt that he would change without thought should it get dirty. He wore such a shirt on this day, as he did not feel like changing up that detail of his appearance even if he had decided to switch things up with his. After all, it was not necessarily his nicest shirt but it was not a bad shirt either. It was perfect training attire as far as his wardrobe went. He wanted to look nice while not risking ruining his better clothing, after all. He wore the shirt quite well, feeling it fit snugly to his skin while also not being so tight as to restrict him. It was perfectly fit to his body and thus good for training. Much better than his tighter or looser clothing which would have hindered his in some shape or form. He could not have hindrances when training. He had to be of best model and form if he was to train properly and efficiently. He wore it completely buttoned up except for the topmost button which he had left, as he typically did, unbuttoned to give his some breathing room, especially considering he would be doing intensive training today. He could not have his shirt choking his or restricting his, after all. He would be breathing heavily throughout the training session and to have the top button buttoned up would have forced it to cling to his neck. Something he was not particularly fond of.

Mako brandished his head-band on his right shoulder, tied prominently around his arm on the outside of jacket. It bore the symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village, as most headbands of the village did, and was made from a meager silver material that shone brilliantly but was not all too durable. The material it was embedded in was a brown cloth-like material that wrapped around his arm, a bit darker tinted than his coat. On the front of his coat, on the left side, was his clan's emblem which was embedded and laced in a flimsy silver-type material, making it durable, professional looking, and prominent. Underneath his jacket were two straps that extended around eithis one of his shoulders, in place in order to hold his entire appearance together when undergoing transformations. After all, his clothing was over-all designed to expand and change in size when he transformed into something awkwardly shaped or larger than his initial size. With that said, the straps did the same and also acted to hold his lower garments to his upper garments while transforming, i.e. his pants to his shirt.

Around his waist he brandished a brown belt with several pouches which held his basic ninja weaponry, even though he was currently not in possession of any weaponry to list other than his tantos.  His father had always taught his to make use of his surroundings and objects around his if he was lacking anything necessary. This was his form of compensating for his lack of weapons. It was not as though he really needed weapons at the moment but one never knew when they would enter combat or need them in a spar, after all. On the front of the belt was a simple silver belt-buckle as well as several holes in place for his to clip the belt or adjust it.

The belt was of moderate thickness and height, but was not too large or bulky. It was quite sturdy and durable while being somewhat difficult to remove if one did not do so on a daily basis. He could easily unclip and remove the belt with relative ease due to the fact that he clipped it on and off every day and had done so for several years now. It was not as if he was new to the whole 'belt' concept but this belt in particular was a handful for anyone not used to it. Anyone who would wish to remove it without his knowing would find such a job quite tedious and time-consuming. This was to prevent anyone from stealing his weaponry or leaving his without his pouches. The belt buckle had two clips on it which slid into the holes found on his actual belt, making it firm and steadfast. The belt also had several clips on it so that he could easily and readily add pouches or bags to it for later use.

Mako sighed as prepared to begin his training. After all, training was of the utmost importance lately. One never knew when they would need to defend the village or even defend themselves against internal threats within the village. It was not as if everything was safe and happy around the village. Well, it might have been in most parts of the village but one could not expect things to stay that way forever. Mako must always remain vigilant and prepared for any crisis or threat to his safety. He could not simply walk around safely forever. In his present state, he was far from powerful. He needed to become stronger if he was to protect himself from other shinobi. There was a threat around every corner and not to be paranoid, but in the world of shinobi almost everyone was out to get you. Even your comrades. Mako let out a sigh before smiling, realizing he was indeed being paranoid. But regardless, training was important if one wished to remain in shape and become stronger. Becoming stronger was the only way to advance in this world, after all. The world of the shinobi.

Growing up, Mako experienced many atrocities and hardships which most shinobi either had to face or did not. It was perplexing to him how the shinobi world could be so cruel and dark. Rather than allow it all to get to his and interfere with his mind, he broke free from the constraints of anger and depression and came out a man who was happy and content with life, regardless of how bad things could get. He was not the type to let things hurt his, far from it, he accepted everything and sugar-coated the bad, while accepting the good open-armed. Although this was difficult on anyone to do, he did it so flawlessly that most consider his the 'optimist' of the Hidden Leaf Village. Indeed, his optimism was something characteristic of his.

He was the happy-go-lucky type of person who was always ambitious and excited for new things and experiences even though he did not show it on the outside. He was always willing to train regardless of how difficult or tedious it may have been. Furthermore, he was more than willing to go on missions and do small jobs with little pay. After all, someone had to do it. Why not him? He undertakes low-rank missions and jobs without a second thought to it, realizing that he may not be suited for the more bloody and difficult missions, given the fact that he was unable to kill most people and the aspect of such a thing scares his. He instead undertakes E to D rank missions more than any other, sometimes C rank missions, in order to pay for his apartment and living arrangements. That's not to say that he was completely incapable of killing, though you could draw such a conclusion by looking at his past, moreover he does not wish to take a life if it can be helped..

Mako was extremely loyal to the Hidden Leaf Village. His loyalty extends to the boundaries of his morality. He was willing to do just about anything for the village if it logically makes sense to his. For example, if his values come into question he will go with his values over his loyalty. He will not kill needlessly for his village or do anything else 'dark' or 'sinster' for it. He abstains from such actions or from being put in situations whose he must take such actions. After all, he puts his moral values well above his loyalty. However, should his village be at risk he was more than willing to set aside his values. It was only when the breaking of his values was needless that it becomes a problem for the young shinobi.

Mako Sarutobi was a master of kenjutsu, constantly training and honing his abilities for hand-to-hand or melee combat. He was far from a novice in this area and was more than willing to train. After all, he spends the majority of his time training, especially when he was not on missions. He will often train alone but will also do so with a buddy or even a complete stranger. He lives by the saying, "everything was more fun with more people" which might be an odd saying but it was certainly one that proves true when he was with his friends. Mako was always smoking and appears to always be stern, even when he isn't. He feels that if he was always stern, others may draw upon that happiness and be happy as well. He truly believes that all the world needs to be a better place was at least one person to smile through hardships and show everyone that things aren't so bad.

As a genin, Mako had always been the sort of unenthusiastic kid who liked to watch clouds. He preferred not to get involved in "troublesome" activities, pretending to be busy to avoid responsibility. He also does not like fighting, deeming it, as he does to most things, "bothersome". He was fully aware of this side of his personality. He even named himself "the number one at running away" or "the number one coward". In fact, his most commonly used phrase was  "how bothersome" or "what a drag" when it comes down to fulfilling duties or doing his job. He can be quite lazy at times, which was a sad he tries to hide in front of others but particularly comes out when he was alone or facing something truly bothersome.

However, when duty calls, Mako had a strong moral compass and sense of commitment towards his comrades. Even though, by his own testimony, he lacks bravery, he will sacrifice himself and face almost certain death, for the sake of his friends and/or villagers without a second thought. Because of his raw leadership skill, he was one of the first academy students in his level to become a Genin. The weight of the decisions he must make as a genin and, thus, a part of the villages inner-working parts have caused Mako to mature rapidly.

Mako's sense of duty and commitment to the future of his village was also reflected in his willingness to take a life if it interferes with the safety of his village, even in the face of potentially obstructing his values or facing death himself. Mako had also developed an immense sense of pride as he believes that only someone of high intellect can become Hokage, such as himself. As such, he refuses to die no matter what happens before he becomes Hokage as he feels that once he achieves such a status in his village, he will be able to then and only then change the shinobi world for the better. He had also resolved to be a 'mentor' of sorts to the academy students of the village, often helping them train or giving them advice on how to become Genin as well.

Mako enjoys playing thinking games which ordinarily only elder shinobi enjoy playing. These games include things such as chess or checkers and he was actually quite good at them, as his intellect was much higher than one would imagine. He simply choose to reserve it and act a bit foolish as that was merely his personality.

He had expressed a notably mature and modest interest in marriage and raising a family. He hopes to "marry a regular guy who isn't too ugly and not too pretty. Have two children, first a man, then a boy. Retire after his daughter is married and his son becomes a successful ninja, and spend the rest of his life playing checkers or chess. Then die of old age after his wife."

Mako was a very kind, polite, and caring person.  Although he lacks confidence when fighting for his own sake, he will bolster quite a confident attitude when fighting for the sake of another. After all, he believes whole-heartedly that fighting for the sake of another makes one much stronger than fighting for oneself. This belief had proven true for his throughout his past, though things may change. He was always looking to protect and assist those around his and will never leave someone to do something hard all by themselves. This was just not his nature. He was always ready to assist and provide support to his comrades in particular.

He was easily motivated by the prospect of food, and becomes highly agitated when somebody calls his "fat", especially considering he was rather far from fat. However, he does not hide his love for food and his near constant hunger was also an annoyance to his fellow village shinobi and comrades, as eating often comes before other necessities such as stealth and teamwork. Food can also make his over-react about silly things, such as who gets the last chip, or when he was not allowed to eat something crunchy and loud even in a mission situation that requires the utmost stealth. Mako also tends to eat a lot when he's angry, indulging himself greatly. He also eats when he was upset, often eating great amounts of food while sobbing in tears. This was ordinary for his and he often gets over things quickly after he had eaten a good bit of food. His high metabolism truly works in his favor, allowing his to eat extensive amounts without gaining too much weight.

Mako had a long-standing friendship with multiple ninja throughout the village, choosing to form bonds with many of the shinobi throughout the Hidden Leaf Village. He typically only befriends those who see past his quirky nature and oddities and understand his true nature and capabilities. Because of this, Mako had unwavering faith and loyalty to his comrades and, if necessary, would give his life for them, without much of a second thought, if any. He was definitely the friendly type and will do his best to not anger his comrades, simply blushing and apologizing when someone gets angry with his. He was not the type to argue or lash out at others, instead keeping to himself when he becomes enraged or depressed. He doesn't let his emotions, especially negative ones, affect those around his and will often seclude himself to avoid such things.

As stated by his father and teacher, Mako greatly lacks confidence in himself and his abilities which often times hinders his actions or even progression in some aspects. However, he easily overcomes such tendencies when the situation calls for it, especially if he had to protect or defend his comrades. With that said, he doesn't ever let his lack of confidence hold his back but instead keeps it in place as a humbling factor.

Mako approached the center training dummy which was closest to his, his feet pacing slowly yet gracefully as he got into position, his martial arts skills kicking in as he properly positioned his feet and hands in a perfect form, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Mako was an expert in martial arts as far as the fundamentals went. He still had a good bit to learn but was over-all much more experienced in the areas than most others. He pulled his right hand back slowly, curling it into a fist as he moved his elbow and arm to empower his punch further before letting his punch fly forward at phenomenal speeds, feeling his knuckles connect with what was supposed to be the dummy's head. With a single punch the dummy shook and shuttered, but he did not let up, not even a little. He let another punch fly at the head of the dummy before proceeding to let one after another follow. He did not show any mercy to the training dummy as he unleashed a flurry of punches at it.

The importance of speed and agility in a shinobi's life could not possibly be overstated. Even for those who undervalued the asset or were simply unable to replicate it to a satisfactory degree, the benefits were still blatantly apparent to them and there was no denying it no matter how much one might try to do so. Those who were quick on their feet and able to rapidly close distances had a distinct advantage that could not be denied. Of course, speed was not everything, but at the same time, it was definitely no small thing. It was such a major area to be trained that anyone who would neglect it would surely find themselves at a disadvantage in combat against faster opponents. It was common practice to train one's speed and agility, so it was as if agility was the most fundamentally trained aspect of any shinobi. However, it was even more vital and of great importance to Mako due to the sole fact that he specialized greatly in Kenjutsu. Without speed, kenjutsu was borderline useless to his.

To most shinobi, the advantage of having such speed conferred would have been enough to motivate oneself to train their bodies in the art of swift movement and hone one's reflexes to be able to react with split second timing that such speed demanded. Mako knew and understood the importance of speed. In fact, throughout his life he had neglected his other areas of training for the sole purpose of training his speed. A recent encounter made it all too much more important, however, that he expand on the ground work that he had already laid down. He needed to become even faster! If he could just become faster he would not be so vulnerable to those who focused solely on speed. He would at least be able to comprehend their speed and react appropriately without having to worry about being completely over-whelmed.

He finally stopped slashing the training dummy as he realized that the speed of his punches were not the only vital aspect of training one's speed. One must also have great speed when it comes to running and maneuvering. He repositioned his hands and feet so that he could prepare to get ready to run. He wanted to run all around the village but decided perhaps that was too much to do in one day. Instead, he would simply run around the surrounding area around the training grounds at the least. "25% spiritual, 25% mental, 25% physical, 25% chakra!" he shouted before taking off running around the training grounds. He jogged at a brisk pace at first, not going too fast but at the same time not going too slow. He picked up speed gradually, however, moving faster and faster as he ran around and around and around. He repeated this for quite some time, admiring the nature around his while he did so. It was a nice day, after all, and he couldn't help but enjoy the way the sun shined on the flora and fauna around his.

He would then finish up training by practicing the jutsu he had almost learned but needed to finish up learning.  He needed to learn the great fireball technique and that was his purpose for being here for the most part.  Inward reflection was important for training but if he never trained what he was here to train it would be futile.  He drew in a breath and concentrated his chakra on the back of his throat and in his lungs,  he launched the fireball perfectly from his mouth completely immolating the training dummies.

As he grew weary of his surroundings he decided that it would be appropriate to leave the training grounds and go looking around the village while he trained. As he made his way out of the training grounds he gazed up at the deep green sky above his, smiling at how brightly lit it was. He also glanced at the villagers and merchants in the area who were selling a wide variety of things, from fizzy drinks to water to even snacks. He ignored all of this for the time being, however, and focused primarily on his training. The act of 'fasting' was something people of his clan would undergo in order to train effectively. By focusing on training and training alone, they would get the most potent results from it. They would go without food, water, or any other necessity until training had been completed in its entirety. By doing this it caused them to train harder and faster and more effectively. It also helped spiritual growth, or so it was believed.

He kept glancing over at the merchants and what they were selling, longing to get a drink of water or a taste of food; though he knew he couldn't have eithis at that point in time. He had to complete his training first! He started to run faster and faster as he went lap after lap, his speed gradually increasing already. It was actually quite impressive how fast he was improving. After all, a shinobi of his caliber was able to improve from even the most minor of training. He giggled, enjoying the feeling of the wind against his face. He continued to run until he felt like he could no longer run at all, but even still he persisted. After all, he could not give up so easily. He wanted to make sure that he garnered noticeable results from his training. He did not want to get just a little faster, after all. He wanted to get incredibly faster than his present state. He wanted to be one of the fastest Genin in the village, at the least.

He continued to persist in his training until he absolutely could no longer run, at which point he collapsed down on his knees, gasping for air as he struggled slightly to breath. He had been running for so long that his stamina had finally given out. He certainly felt the muscles throughout his lower body ache. Clearly he had trained hard enough, it was time for a snack and some water. He made his way over to the street vendors and ordered a bottle of water before making his way to a ramen stand and ordering some ramen to go. He ate some as he walked down the street, his chest heaving as he guzzled water from the bottle
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Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:07 am
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