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Disturbing News from Ame Empty Disturbing News from Ame

Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:04 pm

Hearing strange rumors from Amegakure, one of my shinobi was approached by a Ame nin who stated the leader was plotting with the five nations. Obviously a single unknwon shinobi's word isn't enough for me to believe these claims to be true, however as a precaution I'd like to investigate these rumors. Seeing as Kumo has claimed Amegakure (or allied with them, I wasn't informed as to what exactly happened unfortunately), I thought it best I informed you before sending some shinobi to Ame. I will try and make sure the investigation is quick, I'm sorry if this will inconvenience you in any way.

3rd Tenkage of Tengakure

Den figured he should write a new letter to Kumo, seeing as they owned Ame or whatever.
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Disturbing News from Ame Empty Re: Disturbing News from Ame

Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:32 pm
The letter soon sat on the desk of the Raikage, and in no time at all Yaju had read it and sat the note down with an annoyed look. Picking up a pen he would quickly write a response

"Dear Tenkage, I thank you for notifying me of this urgent issue and it shall be looked into quickly. To our knowledge Ame is indeed under our banner and is in no way conspiring in an attempt to overthrow the five ninja nations, now if you would like to discuss these actions in person i will gladly meet you in Ame where we can sit down and discuss the current events and come to a profound conclusion and solve this mysterious rumor,"

Signed, Interim Raikage Yaju..

Sealing the letter with haste he would hand the letter to the secretary which would be sent to the Tenkage directly.
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