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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Training at the Quarry Empty Training at the Quarry

Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:41 am
Strength Training and Training for the Lightning Speed Jutsu.

After a long day of doing missions and doing other important research for his clan the last thing that Vretyel wanted to do was go and train. He knew that it was important but that was why he did it, but he would have rather gone back home and rested for the day. In Vretyel’s mind that is what he wanted to do but in reality that was something in his heart and drive that could not be done. It was almost dark so he felt that it would be good to do some strength training in order to get some good training for the night time. He decided that he was not going to do any ten trees training at that time because he want to save the trees for when he knew that he was at his strongest, having only 5 more trees to go. He felt like it would be a good idea for him to do some boulder lifting and training of that sort, so he travelled to a nearby quarry where many boulders existed and asked the owner if it was ok to do some training with them. The mason leader told him to go ahead but if he could it would be great if I could move them to the other side of the quarry, so that his exactly what Vretyel planned to do. It was getting colder outside now so it was getting darker earlier so he wanted to get this training done quick and easy.

Once he started the training Vretyel realized that this was going to be anything but easy training. The boulders were embedding in some thick bedrock that was covered in mud. There must have been some rainfall near the quarry awhile back and it was cemented the areas around the boulders so that it would be difficult for him to get them out of that coffin of mud. Vretyel got the first boulder that looked like the smallest one and sighed. It was amazing how big and sharp some of these rocks can be Vretyel thought. This one was almost three times its height and almost twice a large as him. This was the smallest one two, Vretyel thought. He would have liked to have had some equipment with him that would make the training easier, but that was not his style. After thinking about how that would be a dishonor to him if he had any help he decided that he would first try to kick the boulder out of the mud and then roll it to the other side of the quarry.

Even the first rock was taking longer than what Vretyel had hoped. He wanted to get back to the village in a few hours so he could just get some rest from the epic mission that he Navi and Ayama had just completed, but now that he was stuck here it meant that he needed to see it though. With his immense strength Vretyel became too over confident in his formidable abilities. His strength training and abilities were incredible in comparison to many of the other shinobi. He assumed that he was the best that was unbecoming of him. As he was kicking this large rock trying to get it out of the dislodges area that it was in he realized that he was significant and needed to train even harder in order for him to truly succeed. If he was going to be confident in his abilities he for sure had to be better than the present state that he was because only a true strong warrior would be able to get the boulder to move.

At first it was hard because the boulder was too cemented into the mud and bedrock below, no matter how many times he tried to push the boulder out of the Crevice there was just nothing that he could do to get it unstuck. As he was pushing he noticed two things that would eventually allow him to get the boulder out of the mud. Vretyel realized these after almost an hour of just trying to kick the rock out of the small hole that it had dug for itself. He realized that if only he had observed the situation and learned precisely everything about his surroundings he could have had all the rocks out of the quarry much earlier than even he had first assumed. As was stated earlier there were two key things that stood out after almost an hour of trying to get the rock dislodged with just brute force. The first was that although the mud was sticking the rock to the ground that did not mean that the mud itself was strong, if he could just break the connections of the mud by digging it all out he would be able to have more power going against the rock. So as it was a quarry Vretyel was easily able to find a shovel and start digging the rock out of the mud so that he would be able to move the rock easier. After Vretyel realized this and finally got to digging he also realized another amazing ability that he could use.

Upon learning some of the Jutsu of the Inazumahis Vretyel realized that he could have the lighting speed jutsu by concentrating chakra to his feet. Just a small amount of chakra would allow for his speed to increase by almost four times without burning up more chakra. This was one of the specialties of the Inazumahi which allow their members to move fast as long as lighting was their main element. So for a bit after he scolded himself for not remembering this important jutsu he decided that would practice this jutsu by using it to run fast around the boulder and get the boulder to the other side of the quarry really fast. After a few minutes of figuring out how the jutsu works and preforming some of the handsigns for the jutsu he started to feel just how powerful this jutsu was. He was moving a blazing fast speeds around the quarry, so much faster than what he had been before. He was ready for anything now and he was going to move that rock out of that hole and to the other side of the quarry. He ran towards the large boulder and watched as it just slid out of the pocket that it had dug for itself and onto the road to the other side of the Quarry. This lightning speed was a amazing Vretyel thought, not only did it not use a lot of chakra but it gave him an amazing speed boost. He was becoming more aware of just how powerful his clan was before they all vanished. Did they all have just amazing abilities like this? How this jutsu was even developed to begin with and why? All of these questions Vretyel still wanted to know about the clan but he had only begun to crack the code that his father had put on it. This was going to take a while with the book, Vretyel thought, but if they had this powerful of jutsu, then imagine what they could be like when he learned all the secrets of the clans power. As he was running he thought of these things, but he almost forgot to go off of the turn off to get the rock to the other side of the quarry.

As Vretyel was running back he finally realized just how fast the lighting speed was, it took him almost 10 minutes to sprint from one end of the quarry to the other when he did not use the lightning speed, now he was doing it in a fifth of the time. All of this made Vretyel very happy with him for the time being, but when he got back to the quarry he realized that he still had two more boulders that he had to move from one side of the quarry to the other. This was going to be a breeze now, Vretyel thought, with this new jutsu I just got that means that even digging is going to be easy now. And Vretyel was right on that count. It only took him a few minutes to dig out BOTH of the boulders from their locations and push them out of their respective holes. Once he got them out of the holes however, Vretyel was tired and could not use the ability anymore. He realized that the ability had a limit to how good it could be and how long it would last. So in battle he needed to use this ability effectively but also efficiently. Although he could not use it to complete the task, he still did most of his work with his new ability. (600 Words for Lightning speed Jutsu).

After he got the boulders out of the hole he was able to walk the other two boulders back to the other side of the quarry without much issue. He was going to be able to tell the man who was the foreman of the quarry that he had completed his training and his task with only minimal difficultly. Once he finally got the last rock to the quarry he decided that today was very successful. He had done a great service to the quarry and to himself by using and understood his lightning speed jutsu more. He walked home in the dark with satisfaction on his face. But now he was tired and exhausted from both the mission and training and now it was time to sleep.

[WC: 1612, 600 Words for Lightning speed jutsu, +8 Strength and +16 JP)

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Training at the Quarry Empty Re: Training at the Quarry

Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:43 am
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