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Mishu Uchiha
Mishu Uchiha
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Bijuu Development (Flashback Close WIP) Empty Bijuu Development (Flashback Close WIP)

Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:42 pm
Sand passed by, slowly calming along with the wind while Mishu simply stood upon a hill of sand within a training ground inside Sunagakure of which Mishu had claimed for personal training for the day. Within her spoke the beast, one beast of legend known as Gobi. It rambled on about how it was strange that Mishu was so weak and wondering if Mishu was ever going to try and take over Gobi like she should and as several other humans had attempted. Just the usual annoyance that occurred regularly, mainly when Gobi could tell Mishu was going to try and tame him. Wind blew through the old building now filled with sand, taking Mishu's hair back in the breeze.

Mishu stood still, not thinking of anything, and focused on her inner being and source of chakra. She thrust an arm out, making a gesture as if a half tiger seal, and drew her other arm in towards her chest, focusing chakra all over. And then Mishu would reach inside, stepping right up to her beast within and staring it in the face. "I'm weak? You're the one who was sealed inside such a 'weakling' like me. I'm the strong one, I'm powerful..." she exclaimed to Gobi.

"You're the weak one!!!"

A coating of red chakra surrounded Mishu's body, bubbling with power and chakra. Mishu resumed her previous stance and focused chakra, bringing power of chakra to her soles and right fist. Mishu then turned her arms slowly and jumped an inch or so into the air, slamming her rift foot down as she released chakra that launched her high into the sir above the sand sunken floor of the building. Mishu drew her fist back and aimed towards the ground, yelling in defiance at all limits of which she, as an Uchiha, and a cursed Jinchuriki, would surely surpass. Mishu flew to the ground and slammed her fist into the sand, causing a shock of power that immediately forced nearly all of the sand back against the walls of this building, seeping out of the cracks and holes in the place.

And now a new power was attained and new focus complete within Mishu, and as she stood up from the dust and sand, Mishu breathed out, hot steam seeping out from her lips. Gobi, lying down within and now comfortable with the chains smiled, snickering at Mishu's hidden emotions that busted out at certain points.

After rising, Mishu let go of the intense focus on her chakra, allowing it to return to normal unmanipulated flow as it went throughout her body. She flipped her hair behind her and out of her eyes, smacking her hands together and once more focusing and molding chakra. Mishu converted the chakra within her into literal fire and brought it up her throat, pulling back and infusing Gobi's chakra into her jutsu. Mishu directed flow with her hand and exhaled heavily, a ball of fire rolling out from between her lips and forward, a huge orb increased in size and power by the power of the Five Tailed Beast. Mishu was satisfied with this and Gobi entertained at her efforts, noticing that his chakra become ever more controlled and drained for use by the Uchiha girl. And sprouting from Mishu's back grew a second tail to couple the first and double her power. She clearly became stronger with every minute.

[V1 Two Tail Cloak mastered; 2 stats, 2 JP]
Gnome King Zack
Gnome King Zack
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Bijuu Development (Flashback Close WIP) Empty Re: Bijuu Development (Flashback Close WIP)

Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:21 pm
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