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The strongest Byakugan Of The Cloud Pt. 2 ( close) Empty The strongest Byakugan Of The Cloud Pt. 2 ( close)

Wed Feb 19, 2020 6:16 pm
It has been days since that fateful day he was attacked. He have learned A lot a ice then a d boy was he happy. Now that that was over he could start his training yet again. This time he was going to develop a fighting style based off of the hidden mist. He was going to kill people with out even making a sound while doing it. This was all he wanted to do. He knew he was lack defensive powers but who needs a defense when you have a official offense as good as his. This was something to be feared indeed it was. Ghost would stand at the Training Grounds looking on. His eyes now open to what needed to be and boy was he mad. The twins was surely living it up by now and man was Ghost pissed off. But not because he had lost.

A lost so greatly that he helped him with what was to come. He knew now what he had so long ago knew then. But he was just to damn crazy to admit to it. Ghost was now going to add to his power by hiding in the mist. This was indeed a very good thing for him to do. He knew what was going to come out of this he knew just how powerful the water style could be of done right. But something was in his way somehow he needed to be more stronger. Ghost had all the right gear just needed more time. With the exams almost here it was show time. He had an idea of what he wanted to do and what not. This would prove to.e more or so helpful within himself and to himself. With a smile on his face he would start to train his next justu. 

Soon he would take his hands as he started to create the seals. As the rain would pour down it was easier for him to do such a thing.  As he looked on it was show time the needles would form up. Striking the ground but before they could such a thing they would fade away how fatal that was. But he looked on as he knows this will save him in the long run. Ghost would smile as he knew what was going to come out of this. He would start to do it again and again as the needles roses up. He would look o. As they struck down at the ground. Ghost was not yet happy about this he needed them to strike faster as he had much more to do. He would put a smile on his face as he started it again and again. Nothing was going to stop him this time around and he meant that one. Looking on the rain would start to come down even more so as he saw this. Ghost would smile as he knew what was up or so he would believe it too.

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