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Kutari Uchiha
Kutari Uchiha
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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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The Uchiha finds a catch Empty The Uchiha finds a catch

Mon Mar 11, 2024 10:54 pm
The music rang through the tavern's walls for many hours, well into the night and partially into the morning. The people all enjoyed their notes, and many had left him tips for the night. He truly felt like himself again. Playing music, entertaining a whole mass of people, being adored by so many. It was a glorious night filled with marvelous happenings.

Some time during the night, a woman seemed to take a strong liking to Kutari's music and his overall appeal. She would stay there, standing and staring at him through the performance. He began to play a few slower songs, just enough to get people to relax a while before knocking their socks off once more, and yet she remained. Staring at him. He would steal her glances, and he would send them back towards her. He felt like he was just about to get lucky that night, and he was going to do everything he could to make it happen.

He would send a few drinks over to her, waving toward the barkeep to keep her glass filled and her beak wet. He wanted to be sure she was enjoying the night. Toward the end of the night, he began to slow the music down, dedicating songs to her, playing a few more solos than he was before, purely for the sake of showing off to the woman. He took a moment to appreciate the woman's figure. She had a darker complexion, certainly belonging to a local of the island. Her eyes were that of star burst, having a mixture of green and brown within them. Her hair was a chestnut brown that cascaded down passed her shoulders, braided to perfection. She had a tight fitting dress on, with a fabric that was pure black. Her figure was that of a goddess. Beautiful in every way, and he knew that he must have her.

The night finally came to a close, and she was one of the last to leave. He would walk up to her, and he would play a few more notes into his harmonica, a soulful tune that came from his heart. Her eyes would shift to a more loving gaze. He would wrap his arm around her waist, the other one caressing her face gently. He would look deep into her eyes, and he would speak soft words to her. He would press his lips against hers in a loving embrace, interlocking her lips with his own. The moment lasted far too short before she would pull away. But to his luck, it was for her to offer her house for a place for him to stay for the night.

He would of course agree to the terms, and she would whisk him away through the bar doors and through the village streets. Through the residential areas they would run, with her giggling and him following in suit. They would arrive at her home, and the moment she would have the front door unlocked and start to walk through it. He would grab onto her and they would begin to kiss far more aggressively as they burst through the front door. She would let out an excited sigh as they would continue to kiss. This would last for a while before escalating to far more vigorous activity before they would lie in bed together.

He looked over to her after their acts had been completed, he would ask her name. She would tell him that her name was Himari. He would thank her for the lovely time and begin to get up from her bed. She would grab his arm, telling him that he wasn't going anywhere just yet. She would pull him back into her bed, and they would continue their activities for a little while longer. The two ofthem would fall asleep together, with Kut being far too tired to go anywhere for the rest of the night.

Through the night he would sleep quite well, with his mind being clear from the adult activity, his body being tired from playing music, and his liver being tired from consuming so much alcohol. He would have the beautiful Himari wrapped up in his arms, and she would feel quite warm to the touch through the night. He would kiss her neck through the night occasionally whenever he found himself awake and completely tangled with her hair, but he would not attempt to move as he didn't want to wake her, not unless she wanted to go for round three. But all in all, he would slumber beside her for the majority of the night, without a care in the world.

The thoughts of death were soon gone from him, the concern of his life being an aimless mess with no true heading. All that there was was true bliss in the body and in the mind. He truly did feel that there was nothing wrong with his life in these moments. The moments where he had all of his vices sated, but these moments were fleeting, so he would go again tomorrow to chase the same high.

As the sun was just beginning to crest above the horizon, it was an early morning. The sun was casting long shadows over the sweeping grasslands that graced the island with its presence. Kutari would find himself alone in the bed, and he was curious as to why. He would get up and put his clothing back onto his body and walk about the house to see just where his host had gone off to. It turned out she was in the kitchen, happily bouncing about the house with playful abandon, humming a small tune to herself. He would join in with his trust harmonica, playing her a beautiful and happy tune before he would grab her, wrapping his arm around her waist and dancing with her in the kitchen.

The two would share a beautiful morning together. Full of music, dancing, and fun. But the time came for him to leave. She asked if he would be back, to which he would reply with a nod. He told her that he would never be able to forget such a beauty, such a marvel that lived and breathed on this planet. He would lean in and passionately kiss her one last time before exiting her home, and heading back to the streets for the rest of his day, curious as to how it would play out.

Kutari's day continued with a long swig from a small bottle. He had spent the last few days going from town to town, stealing as much alcohol as he could, or playing for the local taverns, earning his way through an "honest" living. There wasn't much that this island didn't offer him. Gullible people, and those easily entertained. He had finally gotten to the point where he was earning a name for himself within the villages. But which name he was using is the true question as it was a case by case basis.

He had been wandering for what felt like days now. The days had began to blend and blur together, most likely because of his heavy alcohol consumption. He figured it was time that he returned to the main settlement that he had heard so many people were gathering. There was that small community of heroes of the realm, or so the villagers made them out to be. He just felt that he had to meet such people, maybe make some powerful friends.

He had been to the bar a couple of times, meeting some beauties and some small-headed barkeeps. But all in all it seemed like a good place to unwind and truly take n the sights that he wished to explore. He thought of the different things that he would do. Steal from more villagers, but he was sure that those heroes, the ones he was coming to meet, would not take kindly to a thief amongst them. So he decided a more indirect approach was going to be appreciated.

He could befriend that small-headed barkeep, maybe he could find a way to get free drinks out of him. He could play his music, which was something he liked to do anyway so there was no harm in it. Then there was always the idea of stealing when no one was looking, but only from those that wouldn't go about missing the product that was stolen.

He wandered through the familiar paths, cutting through the forest where he had first seen that one man covered in blood, and he stayed cautious knowing that there was the threat of bandits looming about. He knew that there was a plethora of dangers, but he was just happy that he was alive, with a stomach full of whiskey, and a whole day of just bumming it ahead of him. What he was going to find? Only whatever is floating in the sky can know. But him? He was just along for the ride.

WC: 1506
TWC: 1506

WC Claims: +1425 towards Sharingan Tomoe 3 (Complete) (Previous Progress)
+81 words towards Sharingan: Genjutsu (81/1875)
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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The Uchiha finds a catch Empty Re: The Uchiha finds a catch

Wed Mar 13, 2024 6:49 pm
Kutari Uchiha wrote:

WC: 1506
TWC: 1506

WC Claims: +1425 towards Sharingan Tomoe 3 (Complete) (Previous Progress)
+81 words towards Sharingan: Genjutsu (81/1875)

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