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Sephora Hyuuga
Sephora Hyuuga
Stat Page : Sephy
Mission Record : Sephy's Missions
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 26

Heaven Knows (P) Empty Heaven Knows (P)

Sat Sep 30, 2023 7:19 pm
Sephora had her bedroom window open to let the night air in. It smelled so nice in Hoshi. The little hybrid was fast asleep and dreaming of her past…
Sephora was only 5 years old when she walked along the beach on the borders of Konoha. She spotted her mother and Primrose Uchiha.
Sephora knew EXACTLY what Prim was going to do and even though the blast probably would hit and kill her mother the little girl wanted a part in this! She ran towards Prim whose back was to her. Being a Hyuuga, you have to know the pressure points and chakra points in the body. They were necessary because when a Hyuuga attacks the hits go to these places causing damage. Sephora cause bone spikes to protrude from her hands as she attempted to leap onto Prims back and hit her on the bck stabbing er and then hitting her on the neck in a certain place to knock her out.
"I'm sorry Prim, forgive me, but I have to have the final blow in killing her. I love you Primmy, remember that." Sephora had a close bond to Prim and hated having to do this, but the blows she gave to Prim were not fatal. They would cause minimal damage and knock her out that was it.
As soon as she flipped over Prim she ran to Mitz and struck her right in the chest with her six inch long bone spikes. If successful ad unstopped, Prim is knocked out and Mitz was struck in the heart and dead!

Sephora gasped and snapped awake! Damn…that memory was vivid as if she was reliving it all over again! She was even sweating! Sighing she went back to sleep only to have to relive another memory...
As Sephora entered the graveyard she heard loud noises coming from her lab. "What the deuce are they doing?" She said quickening her pace. She suddenly heard the loud pop and as she approached the door and upon hearing Akki's words she quickly pulled out her bone sword and stabbed it through Akkis shoulder pinning her to the wall unless the action is prevented or stopped! Which probably is not possible because Akki was not paying attention and talking to Megami.
"You move, you die! You move one way this will slice down to your heart. The other way you will cut off your arm! If you push the blade out you will bleed to death because I hit an artery. Intentionally. Listen to me, you are shit without me! I brought you here to help build you up and give you a chance! We are a team and from this point on you better recognize something. " Sephora tilted her head making sure She was looking directly into her eyes, " I am in charge,  you work for me, you bow to me! Am I clear? Think carefully,  your answer is life or death, literally!" She said not moving the sword and staring at Akki waiting on an answer.

She snapped awake again! This time gasping for breathe and trying not to scream!
"What the deuce?! Why are these coming back so vividly??"Sephora wondered as she leaned back to attempt to go back to sleep.
"Bloody Hell! I know I was evil but I don't want to relive these horrific moments. I promised to turn over a new leaf!" She sighed as she closed her eyes. This time she managed to fall asleep without the nightmares.


WC 583

+5 Stats=
+2 Chakra
+3 Strength

(Not claiming jutsus at this time. Specifically done to pass AC)
Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Stat Page : The Everbloom
Mission Record : Misson Log: Everbloom
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Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 2500

Heaven Knows (P) Empty Re: Heaven Knows (P)

Mon Oct 02, 2023 5:07 pm
Sephora Hyuuga wrote:


WC 583

+5 Stats=
+2 Chakra
+3 Strength

(Not claiming jutsus at this time. Specifically done to pass AC)

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