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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
Stat Page : Emilia Kaneko
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 14000

Patrolling the City Empty Patrolling the City

Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:28 pm
Mission Details:

It certainly didn’t take long for time to tell, at least in regards to what Emilia was going to do next. She hopped right onto another mission by herself – this time she was learning to really patrol the village and what all she needs to look for when doing so. It was the first time she had really been on a mission like this – that was more about village security. Everything she’s done up until now has been little tiny things and while this is not a huge deal – it’s a step in a certain direction…

This mission was a little different in what was necessary to bring – Emilia didn’t need an extra pair of clothes because babies were going to be peeing on her, she needed actual ninja equipment. Emi completed her checklist of things that she needed and then darted out of the door at what seemed like the crack of dawn. She wasn’t one to be late for anything – especially something that had some importance to it – like a mission.

The young genin flowed from roof top to roof top, trying to get to her destination as soon as possible… she was getting anxious.

”It’s hard to really put into words just how nice it is being back in this world. I had forgotten this feeling of anxiousness – not really knowing what was coming next and always striving to improve myself. Its such a wonderful feeling”

A grin appeared on Emilia’s face as she saw her arrival point not too far ahead. It didn’t take but of few more leaps and there she was… ready for anything to be thrown at her.

”I presume you’re Emilia Kaneko… the young genin that’s going to be learning how to patrol the village today?”

Emi looked up at the patrolman who stood probably a foot taller than her. She had to admit that his overall appearance was sort of imposing. He was a well built ninja with a mustache and just had that rugged and rough look and demeanor about him. His eyes were piercing down at her as he waited for her answer to his question…

”Yes, I am Emilia. Most folks just call me Emi though.” She didn’t want him to know that he was slightly intimidating, so her eyes met his, trying to show no fear and only joy and anxiousness.

The older patrolman had taken notice of the young lady’s eagerness to be here and really learn how to patrol the city and get some basics down. This really helped him let his guard down a bit with her for whatever reason. Despite his appearance, he was actually quite the odd character that really had zero intimidating factors with his personality. The edges of his mouth had turned up to show a wide smile and his voice had actually lessoned from the deep tone it had previously. It was all a façade that he had put on for Emi.

After going over a few things and double checking to make sure that Emilia had all of her equipment ready, they departed.

Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
Stat Page : Emilia Kaneko
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 14000

Patrolling the City Empty Re: Patrolling the City

Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:31 pm
Emilia wasn’t too sure how the patrol would shake out, meaning she didn’t know if they would just be strolling the village and looking for things – or if she’d be practicing certain techniques. It didn’t matter too much to her though, she quickly found out that for this first bit – they would be strolling the village, connecting with it’s people and looking for things that were maybe a bit out of the ordinary, or in some cases, maybe a small crime had been committed that needs to be attended too.

”By the way, my name is Ryu. I’m sorry for not letting you know that earlier.”

He looked down at Emi and gave a friendly grin – making sure that she knew was a nice guy. Wouldn’t be long before she figured that out anyways – as they had barely been walking the streets for three minutes before some of the citizens had stopped to say hey to Ryu. This took Emi aback a little bit, only because shinobi can be perceived in a certain light and it’s not often that you have someone that works patrol duty to be so liked and well regarded by the citizens.

”Ryu, how come the people around here like you so much?”

After taking a few minutes to greet and meet with the people, Ryu looked over at the young genin with a nice surprised look. He was truly happy that she had asked this question – mostly because he took his role seriously and wanted to actually help the people in Hoshigakure. ”I think it probably stims mostly from me actually just caring about the people here and wanting what’s best for them. Even when I have to be someone forceful about a rule or law, they understand. I love the people here and want them to be safe and they know that.”

Emi had decided to take it all in as they continued on their patrol path. Ryu took the time to explain to her why they were taking a certain path and how each path is taken but by different patrollers each day. This keeps them safe while getting them associated with different parts of the village.

”Being a patroller isn’t only about looking out for things that are out of the ordinary. It’s about ingratiating yourself with these people so they open to you. For the most part, people don’t really like to get into people’s business, and so that part of the job can become tough if you aren’t able to incorporate yourself into their world.”

“For example, depending on what area of the village you’re patrolling – you may could be looking for more structural damage and ways to sneak in/out. If you’re inside the city – you would be looking more for folks who might be stealing or committing petty crimes. Regardless though, you’re always looking to connect with the folks of that area, so you can gather intelligence of things that may have been seen.”

Emilia allowed the man to go on with his explanation, she figured this was an important part seeing how his tone had become a little more serious in nature. It was pretty fascinating to her to see these different personalities of Ryu. He had shown so much different character during her little time with him, that she was almost confused. Though based on his explanation just now, it seemed that his role was almost chameleon like – in that he had to fit in with many different people and have many different sides of himself.

The patrolling went on a few more hours. His shift was not a long one today it turns out. Only up until lunch time was he working. Emilia had thought it was somewhat exhausting though. They had gone through their path in a rather slow and methodical way. It covered only a section of the city, that way they didn’t have too much to worry about if something broke out or they wouldn’t be far away if something happened.

This of course isn’t what Emilia wanted to do with her shinobi career, but it was great to see the importance of it. She even was surprised to see how Ryu was able to incorporate some training around jutsu into his job. It seems that he was always looking to improve his craft and so he has “stations” set up around his typical paths that allow him to work on certain aspects of his skills. It could be working on Ninjutsu or weaponry since that’s one of his specialties.

”Ryu, I know you can’t just spend an enormous amount of time at each station when on patrol – so how do you dictate how long you’re there working on something before moving back out for patrol?” This was a valid question from Emilia – It’s not like you could just sit there and work on something all day.

”Yeah, that’s a really good question, Emilia. I guess to be more specific – today’s route was all ninjutsu. I’ve actually divided the routes into specific areas that I want to focus on… that way I’m not spending 5 minutes on this – 5 minutes on that. It’s a total day of focus. Anyways, It was a pleasure teaching you about patrolling today. If ever want to patrol again, just let me know!”

Before she could get out of her mouth to call her Emi, Ryu told her goodbye and called her Emilia once more. ”Damn him. Tch”

Ryu exited Emi’s site and there she was – completely finished with her mission… but not really feeling satisfied by it. She decided that she would go back along the same path they just went and see if she could locate some of his stations – they hadn’t stopped at any today so she wasn’t completely sure. If today’s path is about Ninjutsu – she had a technique that she was really looking forward to learning.

Emi’s black hair whooshed back as she took off along the earlier patrol path. She wasn’t trying to spend all day looking for these stations, so she figured not to waste much time. As she slipped through areas looking past buildings – she finally spotted something that looked like a tiny open area. Emilia walked over in that direction and spotted what looked like a cardboard enemy and immediately realized this was a good opportunity.

Emilia moved her hands in a rather quick motion, first starting off with the rat hand seal, then going dragon, boar, monkey, and finally ram. These seals were for a technique called Webber that was supposed to allow Emilia to control sticky web threads that hardened, allowing them to pierce and attack enemies at jutsu power. The technique itself is interesting because it allows Emilia to emit these threads from any part of her body, not just the hands that you would normally think for control purposes.

Anyways – Emi figured that her first time attempting this technique would be with her using her hands, just because it’s so much easier to imagine this way. So as she finished up the hand seals, she imagined a webbed thread construct from her right index finger and pointed it towards the enemy cut out. To her surprise there it was, a webbed thread heading straight towards an enemy, then bouncing off once it hit. This created a confused looked for the genin, as she thought it was cardboard and due to some loud noise around the area, she couldn’t really hear when it bounced off.

”No worries, let’s see if it bounces off again.”

Emilia went through the same exact hand signs and then had her index finger pointed towards the enemy – sending a thread construct right at the cut out… bouncing off once more. She ecstatic that she was able to handle the threads, but she was still confused about the cut out, so she of course walked over to check it out. Finally noticing that it was like a painted cement deal that was locked in place some how. Essentially making sure that it wasn’t easily destroyed.

”Damn, Ryu had a good idea with this thing, making sure that it wasn’t destroyed so easily. No wonder it looked as real as it did.”

She wasn’t in that area but maybe ten to fifteen minutes – then decided to continue along the patrolling path that she took earlier.

After a couple of minutes walking and checking out the scenery, she was stopped by a shop keeper, who had remembered her from earlier. ”Hello dear! Emi was it? I’m surprised to see you still walking around, even without Ryu.”

Emi smiled, waved, and listened to what the shop keeper had to say.

”Ah yeah, I just know he mentioned a few things to me and so I thought I’d go along the path to get more of a feel for it myself.” She smiled and started to head on her way but the lady began to speak to her once more. What she had to say was a little surprising to Emilia. She didn’t realize that anyone else knew about the stations set up, which is why she didn’t really want to speak on them. She herself didn’t even know where they were at.

The shop keeper mentioned that she saw Emilia over at one of the stations and figured she might be trying to train while patrolling, similar to what Ryu does. Agnus, that’s the shop keepers name, began to let Emilia know where the other station locations were at. It was sort of nice for Emilia, since now she wouldn’t really have to go searching for them. Emilia thanked Agnus with a smile before turning and heading on to the next station. She would have to remember to come back by and see if there was anything worthwhile there.

Emilia walked off, heading to the direction of the next station, which was likely similar to this station set up. She couldn’t really imagine what the next one would be like. It didn’t really take her too long to get there either, Agnus did mention that it wasn’t that far away. She was amazed that she never really saw these when they were walking earlier. Thinking about it, it means that she wasn’t really paying close enough attention, and it gave her a new respect for the people that are patrolling day in and day out.

”As I suspected, this one’s not much different. It’s basically just an extra enemy cut out.

She moved her hands in certain motions once more. Rat, dragon, boar, monkey, and then ram. This time holding her hand out and letting the threads come out to attack each cut out simultaneously. She actually found out that she could control them in a certain manner as well. So a web erupted from her left index finger and then another appeared from her middle finger and attacked the right target… Not that this would matter too much but it might look a little funny to an actual enemy and cause their reaction time to be that much slower.

Emilia attempted the technique a few more times before calling it quits at this station. She could feel herself tiring and figured it would be a good time to get some lunch and re-fuel herself. It would also give her a chance to get to know someone else in the city, which is something Ryu not only talked about but showed her as well.

She darted out of the station area and headed out towards some food spots she had seen earlier. Her decision would likely come down to BBQ or a rice shop. Emilia was more of a rice person and figured the extra carbs could help energize her a little quicker. She walked inside the place and greeted folks, making sure she gave them a friendly smile. She was able to have a nice little conversation with the man that made her food as she ordered it. Before too long, she was sitting down and enjoying her meal, in the peace and quiet. Her rest was maybe about thirty minutes long before she said her goodbyes and headed out to the third and final station.

”I suspect there will be three enemies this time instead of two.” She probably looked a little weird to folks as she talked to herself while walking. This station was a little further away than the last one, so it took her quite a bit of time to get there. Probably about an hour or so since she wanted to remember some things that Ryu had taught her. She also got acquainted with some other folks around the area and introduced herself. Emilia wanted to make sure there was a lasting impression of her.

”Ah, finally…”

Emi had reached her final destination, with some wide eyes. This was a little different than the other two stations. It was much larger and she could see there was potential for traps to be set up, though it looks like those were disabled for now, which she appreciated.

”Seven…. Seven total cement cut out enemies… much more than the other two locations.”

She had only been successful at creating two threads, and she wasn’t sure how many she could create to begin with. Emilia quickly began forming the seals, launching webbed threads at three enemy targets in front of her with her hands. Emi was getting more and more comfortable with the technique itself, so this next time, she was going to launch four threads from her left hand and then one from her right. See if she was able to create five of them.

Rat, dragon, boar, monkey, and ram.

She went through the hand signs one more time. Four threads protruded from her fingers and a fifth exited from her left palm(a last minute switch, just to change it up). Each thread hitting a target hard. She looked around and remembered though, there’s seven total targets – not just five. If this had been a fight she might have left herself vulnerable. So her plan was to try and shoot two more from her right hand, which would equal seven threads in total. Emilia raced to get the hand signs completed, launching threads at the same targets with her left and right hands… adding two more though. She missed targets six and seven.

”Seven threads is the limit right now, I can feel it. Its much tougher to manipulate all seven threads at one time than I thought it would be. Let me give it one more go.”

Rat, dragon, boar, monkey, and ram.

Threads launched from her finger tips on each hand, striking down or hitting piercing blows at each cement target. Practice makes perfect and while the young genin understood that she had a ways to go, she was one step closer at becoming truly strong – something her father wanted for her dearly. It made her happy to successful learn a new technique that had such tremendous benefits for her.

Emilia left the last station, full of excitement and huge grin on her face. It’s often times hard to hide the complete joy of someone. Though, it’s just as hard to understand why you would ever want to hide that. The young genin finished the rest of the “patrol” that she was not assigned to do. It wasn’t so much a patrol as it was just her wanting to learn and experience new things. Emi certainly gained some understanding and a ton of knowledge from the day. It wasn’t what she expected to be completely honest.

She would take her time heading back to her house – she needed to write up a report for the mission and that way she could get credit for it. She wondered if her previous missions still counted for her – she also wondered if her old team was still around – she never really got to do too much with them, which was sad. Her golden eyes looked up towards the sky, noticing the sun had begun to fade downward. She hadn’t realized what time it was or how late it was getting. Emilia pushed her feet into the ground a little bit and shoved off, allowing her slender frame to move as quickly as possible. She had some food at home that she wanted to prepare for the night and it was going to take a while.

”Finally, I made it.”

Her hand grabbed the door knob to open the door and she stepped inside. Immediately struck with disappointment. She had left the ingredients out all day… which ruined them and the meal that she was going to prepare. Her smile turned to a frown, and she walked to the kitchen table, pulling out a scroll and writing her reports down regarding the mission. After a few minutes, her head dipped and nodded… landing on the table. Emilia had passed out from exhaustion. She used a bunch of chakra today as she learned a new technique.. and the constant moving around the city was something different.

She was out for the night. For someone that was picky about the tidiness of her house, she didn’t even bother to clean the ingredients that had ruined. She sort of lucked out – what if she had passed out like this while make the food… could have burnt the house down.

And with that – this adventure was over and it was on the next. Life has a funny way of bringing us what we need… and not what we want.

Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Patrolling the City Empty Re: Patrolling the City

Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:43 pm
Emilia Kaneko wrote:
WC: 2923 | TWC: 3439
AP: 5
Ryo: 1000

Stats: 34 to Vigor

(639) 2750 / 2750 towards Armor of Sticky Gold (2119 already claimed Here
and Here)

2750 / 2750 towards Webber

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