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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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BABIES...??? Empty BABIES...???

Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:24 pm
Mission Details:

Emilia has had sort of a tumultuous year and a half recently. She had been fortunate enough to be able to begin her career as a shinobi, which she worked so hard for. She also dealt with a great loss and it ended up just effecting her in ways she never really imagined. The young genin had taken time off from being a shinobi before and thought she was ready for a come back… then it just hit. She really had no one. She had to learn to live for herself – not for others and so that’s what she was working on for the past year and a half, creating happiness for her.

So here we are – the teenage genin is ready to open herself back up to the ninja world. She figured what better way than to start with a rather easy going mission – so of course she requested an E rank and was prepared for anything… or so she thought. ”It’s going to be a good day. I’m going out and helping this couple who’s kid is graduating from the shinobi academy today… it makes you feel good when you can help others. All I need to do is watch over the daycare for a bit.”

Mind you – Emi has not ever in her life, taken care of a kid… much less a baby. This should be interesting.

The slender body of this young girl moved around her house so eloquently as she collected the necessary items for the mission, which included a change of clothes for whatever reason. After a few minutes of this, she grabbed the mission scroll and headed out the door – being sure to lock it of course. Her feet moved in sort of rhythmic pattern along the ground. It wasn’t a traditional walk, more like a skip if you had to define it in any way. Her black hair flowed back a bit as the wind caught it, her arms stretched out wide, and she smiled ever so slightly. She was happy, she was excited, she was also not really prepared.

Skip forward a few hours

”What in the absolute hell am I doing??”

The genin had almost screamed this at the top of her lungs… but was able to hold it together for the moment. She currently was engaged with a baby attempting to swaddle and clearly failing at the job. The baby was crying – along with many other babies. Emi had already used her change of clothes the first time she was peed on, not thinking that it would obviously happen again. It obviously did. The one thing she was able to do now was get the diapers on in  a fairly quick manner… the swaddling is what was holding her up now.

”They are so tiny… I feel as though if I use any pressure I am going to just crush their bones… Okay – first go like this… then fold… then fold… please don’t move while I’m doing this – it’s such a struggle for me. Wrap… AH! I think I finally got the actual swaddle technique down!”

Emilia was elated with herself. It had only taken her hours after her arrival to really master one swaddle…. Only hours…. Emilia had looked up at the clock and realized this – the couple would be back soon and the place was really not in top shape. She needed to get her butt in gear and get these babies swaddled correctly so they weren’t just crying and crying. Emi quickly picked up some toys that had been lying around and put them back where they were supposed to go. She also readied herself for the next two kiddos as she swaddled them just like the first one… with no problems. She had saved the tiny demon first last. This was the one that had started the pee on you problem and had NOT stopped screaming.

”Okay you tiny devil.”(Emi had said this with a smile on her face), ”Time to get changed based on this schedule…”

She removed her previously awful swaddle and undone the diaper… immediately smelling the most horrific smell. She pinched her knows as she removed the diaper and tossed it away in the trash. She wiped him down gently which he seemed to enjoy… fooling her into think she might be good to go this time. He smiled and giggled as she put a little baby powder on him… soon after he squinted his left eye slightly.. and she knew.. it just came so quick.

The door swung open as the couple and their kid had returned. The baby started peeing – getting it on Emilia's change of clothes (which had already been screwed up). She quickly jumped back and turned to her right to see the family in the door way… her face in shock a bit. The kid was chuckling and the couple seemed to hold their hand over their mouth to not show a grin. The lady stepped forward, helping Emilia get things back on track. She understood that something like this may happen. Whispering to her that it’s alright – she can tell that she put forth tons of effort. She realized Emi could do the diapers and walked her through her own swaddling technique – which seemed to be so perfect.

Emilia took a dirty rag and wiped some of the pee off of her. She looked and laughed embarrassingly. For the most part – Emi learned a lot and she put forth the effort needed and regardless what happened – was happy that she could allow the couple some moments away from the daycare to be with their kid as they graduated from the academy. Those are special moments and something that hit really close to home for Emilia.

She headed out – back to report her work with the mission, thinking about what was next for her. Would she train? Would she take a different style mission? Would she connect with some of the other shinobi in Hoshi and get to know them? Only time would tell.

Exit Claims:

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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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BABIES...??? Empty Re: BABIES...???

Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:32 pm
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