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One man fire brigade Empty One man fire brigade

Tue Jun 06, 2023 4:42 pm

Call the Fire Brigade!

Tenshi was awoken by the sound of something tapping at his window. He had woken up sweating, the heat today was far out of the ordinary of Konoha’s recent weather conditions. Recently they had been plagued by rain, cold and storms continuously, he had prayed for a change and here it had come. Although his fan breaking during the night was a very unwelcome and sobering addition to his current circumstances. When he his eyes shot open at the unfamiliar sound, Tenshi had to take a moment to catch his breath. The humidity catching him off guard as felt the dampness of his bed sheets. Realising then that this was due to the perspiration coming off his body.

With his darting around, it took the young Uchiha a few moments before he located the origin of the sound. The tapping was indeed coming from his window, however, it was coming from a Shinobi raven, a message was attached to one of its talons. That was interesting indeed… Tenshi got to his feet slowly, the grogginess of an uncomfortable sleep was still plaguing him, with his vision getting quite blurry for moment. Why is my damn head spinning so much? Opening the window, Tenshi almost chuckled as the eagle stiffly stuck one of its thin legs out for him to remove the rolled up piece of small parchment.

He gave the eagle a small treat, a bit of bird food that he kept at the window for this specific instance. It was common for him to receive missions and requests at home, so Tenshi had decided he would be prepared for the feathered friends that would visit him with his orders. The eagle gave a happy little hop before spreading its wings and launching into the air. Its small features disappearing quickly into the sunny horizon. Hmm, it sure is bright already. That is quite odd, I could have sworn that it was earlier than this… It was indeed a little bit odd, but Tenshi was far too tired to question it at this point.

Before unrolling the parchment, the Genin made his way to the bathroom so he could wash his face and brush his teeth. Looking in the mirror as he did so, he was greeted with a terrifying picture of a young man with pain in his eyes. Oh wait, that was just him with a lack of sleep. The sight for sore eyes encourage Tenshi to have a large drink of water, which he had left on his bedside table, right next to the alarm clock. The clock was indicating that it was four in the morning, this made him scratch his head as he looked outside once more. It was far too light for it to be so early, perhaps the clock was broken? He could have sworn he was forgetting something though… Oh right, my orders!

Finally, Tenshi unrolled the parchment and read through it. His eyes widening as he began to understand the situation. A fire! Shit this is not good, why have I been lounging around instead of acting?? It was taking place to the east of his location… the east? Hang on… my window faces to the… oh my days… Tenshi’s jaw dropped as he looked outside his window once more. He now finally realised that it was not the sun he saw shining in the horizon, but another form of light. It was coming from a large apartment complex on the eastern side of the village. It was not just a fire, it was an inferno.

Rushing, Tenshi threw his equipment on with great haste. His usual black and red Shinobi gear and large black boots were a must in this situation. It was an incredibly hot day, but he would rather be sweating than get burnt. He also made sure to grab a full head covering face mask, to ensure that no burning would take place above his neck and shoulders either. Placing it into his pouch, Tenshi double check all of his equipment. Satisfied, he finally strapped his Konoha Shinobi headband around his left bicep, tightening it before quickly exiting his house and jumping onto the nearest rooftop.

Although the fire was quite clearly raging, there was almost no noise whatsoever reaching his location. It appeared that everyone around him was still fast asleep, and it was at least a ten minute trek to the scene of the fire. Picking up the pace, Tenshi quickly lept from rooftop to rooftop, thinking frantically to himself as he did so. What could have possibly caused this? I truly pray that it was not the doing of somebody with nefarious intentions. That fire is ridiculous, there has to be people in the building still…

His mind was racing, thinking of all the possibilities that could occur. His primary concern was for the safety of the villagers who lived in the complex. They would have children and the elderly in there as well, not to mention pets and valuables. He hoped that other Shinobi were also on their way to the incident. He would be able to help locate and evacuate anybody who needed it, however, he did not have access to any water styled jutsu, so putting out the fires would be a lot more difficult…

First thing was first though, he needed to arrive at the location and get a full status report from any emergency crew in the area. After roughly ten minutes of running, Tenshi finally arrived one street away from the building. Tenshi was relived to see that the fire brigade had set a perimeter all the way around the building, locking out any curious bystanders. Looking around, the Genin noticed a group of emergency service workers assisting some extremely distressed villagers. With them was what appeared to be a woman in a position of authority, most likely the one in charge of the operation.

She was barking out orders to her subordinates as Tenshi approached quickly. She looked to be in her late 20’s, fairly young to be in command of such an important situation. Looking around however, Tenshi noticed that all of the workers here looked even younger than she did, this appeared to be quite the inexperienced unit. Considering this though, they had done extremely well in their roles so far. He approached on the left side of the leader, clearing his throat before giving a quick bow. “Shinobi Tenshi Uchiha reporting in, Konoha command has instructed me to assist in evacuating and containing this fire as soon as possible. I need a status report.”

The lady seemed visibly frustrated by Tenshi’s interruption, but did not say what he knew she would have been thinking. Instead, she simply gave a curt nod and responded. “Captain Mora Tonaki, this is my brigade and we’re currently in the process of evacuating villagers now. The cause of the fire is still unknown, however, what we are aware of is that it began to spread far too quickly for it to not be considered suspicious. The cause is not of concern right now though, there are still a lot of people in there and we need all the help we can get to help them.”

Nodding, Tenshi followed Mora towards the flaming inferno, his legs were longer than hers, yet he had to put in double the pace to keep up as she darted forward. The building stood at 11 stories high, larger than most others in the area. Every couple of minutes, emergency service workers would exit with visibly shaken villagers. Many were coughing violently, their faces covered in soot and ash. Even the emergency workers were struggling, they had clearly been in and out of the building multiple times and it was catching up to them.

Something was bugging the Uchiha, he looked around confused. “Where are all the other Shinobi? I should not be the only one here to assist…” Mora’s face suddenly soured, “Your Shinobi friends are too busy to assist us right now. Apparently most of them are out on missions, and what is worse, this is not the only fire!” Tenshi’s face dropped as she continued, “Yes that’s right, there are four other fires going on at the moment, each is in a different area of the village. This was a coordinated attack, I am certain of it. Whoever is responsible waited until a majority of the Shinobi were gone, including the Hokage, before striking. They have us on the ropes!” This was most concerning…

Both Mora and Tenshi snapped out of their thoughts and refocused on the task at hand. Taking a moment to observe the building, it appeared that there was only one door available to go into through the ground level. He considered using his surface walking technique to climb up the side of the building, but the inferno was far too intense for him to get that close. Fire huh… I have some friends who are good at dealing with that… “Captain Tonaki, please take a few steps back, I am going to call some back up.” Waiting for her to do so, Tenshi focused on channeling his chakra.

Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram

Placing his palm to the ground, a large puff of smoke shot up into the area, followed by a loud roar. The Ancient Red Dragon, Rellgar appeared before him, the mythical beast causing the surrounding people to gasp out loud. Many of them took several steps back in fear. Paying no mind to them, the dragon turned to face his summoner and Mora. “This is quite early Tensh, why have you summoned me at such an hour? You better not be planning on making me work too hard today. I don’t plan on carrying any more trees for you!” Straight faced, Tenshi pointed to the burning building behind the dragon before speaking. “That is why I summoned you Rell, I need you to help me by getting above the building and finding an entrance through there. The emergency workers are already doing a great job from the ground floor, but it appears that there are still people in the upper levels of the building!”

Rellgar grumbled in frustration, but did not argue further. He may have had his lazy moments, but the dragon understood the gravity of the situation. There were many lives at risk and Tenshi’s conscious would not allow him to give anything but 110% to help save them. Lowering his left wing, Rellgar allowed Tenshi to climb onto his four meter long body. “Wait! I am coming with you, we can cover more ground up there if we work together!” To Tenshi’s surprise, it was Mora coming to join them. “Captain, do you not have to lead from down here?” She simply shook her head as she climbed on board Rellgar, who did not seem to have an issue with it.

She responded as the dragon took off with the two of them on his back, the wind suddenly flowing over them. “They have their orders and know what I expect from them, nothing more I can do for them down there. Besides, I was always a hands on type of worker!” Tenshi grinned at this, he could feel her enthusiasm. He could also tell that she really wanted to ride on a dragon, the feeling of the wind flying through your hair as you soared in the air was not something that many people had the privilege of experiencing. Tenshi noticed there were people hanging over the edge of their windows on the way up, screaming to them to save their lives. The Genin formulated a plan to do so as he and Mora would be looking for others inside. In mere seconds, it was already over as they landed on the roof. Thankfully the fire had not penetrated through here just yet.

There was a single door connecting the roof to a stairwell into the building. Running up to it, Tenshi could tell the doorknob was searing hot, he turned to Rellgar who was right behind him. “This is too hot for me to touch Rell, can you give me a hand by removing it?” Without even responding, the dragon smashed his claw through the door, ripping the entire thing off its hinges as it pulled back. Tenshi could feel the heat radiating from the inside the doorway, it was intense and almost pushed him back for a moment. Walking back about five meters he repeated an earlier action.

Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram

A larger puff of smoke burst into the air. Malloxis, the largest of Tenshi’s current summons appeared in all of her glory. Standing at five meters tall, her dark red scales almost shining in the morning sun that was finally rising. Her haunted orange eyes scanned around suspiciously, seeing Rellgar and then falling upon Tenshi. Her eyes narrowed slightly before growling at her summoner. “Tenshi?” He did not have time to humour her attitude. Malloxis was the most reclusive of all the Ancient Red Dragons that Tenshi had met thus far, she respected him but had always remained cautious around the human.

“Hi Mal, I am sorry to summon both you and Rell so early, but we have a serious situation going on here, as I am sure you can tell.” He motioned around the to smoke and flames that were rising from the building they stood upon. Tenshi then turned to both dragons and spoke, “I need the both of you to fly up and down the sides of the building, extract as many people as possible and take them down to safety. Mora and I will enter the building and bring out everyone that we find, when you are done with the people on the outside, come back up here and help take down the rest of them. I do not know how long this building will hold up for, so we need to get this done quickly!” Both dragons nodded quickly and took off, quickly descending to the sides of the building and commencing their duties. Tenshi put on his face mask to alleviate some of the smoke, he and Mora then looked at each other and nodded, before running into the building through the open doorway.

Over the next ten minutes, Tenshi and Mora had split up, running through each room in the upper levels. There were dozens of residents who were trapped, unable to make it to the lower floors or even their windows to be collected by the surrounding dragons. Both Tenshi and Mora were coughing and wheezing as time dragged on, the elements were beginning to get too much for them. Finally it appeared that they had found all of the people in need of rescuing, before they sprinted back up to the roof of the building. They were surprised to see that the dragons had already collected everyone they had brought up earlier. Rellgar was already waiting for them at the top, looking ever impatient as the building below them began to rumble and shake.

Jumping onto the dragon’s back with Mora, Tenshi could barely believe their luck. As Rellgar took off, the building below them crumbled away and dropped. The red dragon’s wings beating against the wind being the only thing saving them from a hot and painful death. They had survived, but barely. Finding a safe place to land, Rellgar let both people dismount him before he and Malloxis nodded to Tenshi. He returned the motion with a grateful smile, before releasing them.

“I owe you an apology Tenshi. I treated you poorly when you first arrived, but if it had not been for you, dozens of villagers would have been dead right now. You saved their lives, and have earned my respect.” Mora reached out her hand, and Tenshi shook it firmly. A smile of respect crossed both of their faces. “Now go home and take a shower, you’ve earned a rest today.”

As Tenshi slowly made his way back home to the Uchiha District, he could not help but think to himself. I hope that the other locations received enough support. Who could have done this and why? These people were just villagers trying to live their lives, they did not deserve this treatment. This is not over, I will get to the bottom of this.

Mission Accomplished.

Exit Thread.

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One man fire brigade Empty Re: One man fire brigade

Wed Jun 07, 2023 6:59 am

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