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Shinzo Kurofune
Shinzo Kurofune
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Clan Specialty : Sensory
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 500

Chasing the Yellow Bellied Empty Chasing the Yellow Bellied

Wed Mar 22, 2023 7:57 pm
By himself Shinzo silently paddled his way through a calm sea Current towards the eleventh island of Kirigakure, Pelican Island. Dressed in all black Shinzo looked very much like a classical ninja, complete with tabi at his feet. Shinzo was venturing to a dangerous area of the village, and he wanted to attract as little attention as possible. After treading the water for hours he made it to a beach on Pelican Island and heaved his boat onto land. Shinzo flipped it upside down and carried on with his journey.

Yude, Shinzo's adoptive mother and the Dragon Leader of the Kurofune Clan, had sent him out to Pelican Island. She told him of a giant swamp snake called the yellow bellied crawler, and she assured him that Devouring its soul would further activate the dormant Kurofune DNA inside of him.

To ascend her sons Musabari Ago, that was Yude's dream. She was growing older now and couldn't hunt dragons like she used to, her time evolving was matched. But she saw something amazing in Shinzo. Besides his prodigal talent in combat and Shinobi practice, Yude saw a golden light in Shinzo. She was certain he could change the world if he would only snap her fingers, she believed in him and she pointed him along the way the best that she could.

Yude told Shinzo, the excitable youth, of the dangers that he would find. Besides the rough journey through the archipelago on a canoe, find the snake would be difficult. It hid in the swamps nearest to the center of the island, nearest to where inmates were locked up by Kirigakures ANBU. That was of course the most dangerous aspect of her mission. Yude told him to be wary of people on the island, for they could be ANBU laying traps. As well he would be expected to be on high guard, with the ANBU tracking him anything he did wrong could be perceived as a threat.

Shinsi wasn't too worried. He usually presented himself properly, and most others gathered what they needed to from his demeanor. He would listen to his adopted mother nonetheless and prepare for a stealth mission.

Shinzo dashed over he hill by the beach where he landed, and used his internal compass to find the east side of the island. Shinzo ran at full speed into the swamp.

Ss soon as he had flipped his canoe over he ANBU were tracking Shinzo. By running his ghakra signature through the database of the Kirigakure academy he was identified quickly.

Had anyone else been working that night, Shinzo might have been abducted from the island. Fortunately for the young man a Kurofune was in the ANBU, and he had heard though the grape vine about the yellow bellied serpent Dragons of the Kurofune devoured. To him, the ANBU, Devouring was less meticulous. He was a common folk of the clan, his Devouring souls being Toads and Bulls. Legend among the clan was that the elite devoured mythical beasts souls, and saw lifetimes of knowledge with one droplet of blood.

The ANBU told his team what was going on, and hey decided to simply follow him as he traveled the path.

Shinzo moved fast and quickly found himself in the swamp. Jumping from tree top to tree top Shinzo saw lots of crocodiles lurking in the water. They looked ominous, but Shinzo wasn't afraid. He kept his distance regardless and pressed forward.

As Shinzo was making it to where Yude had described a nest of yellow bellied snakes laid far off to the west was a prison escape. A notorious ninja named Crest who specialized in Fuuinjutsu had spent fifteen years locked up for stealing gold from the Mizukage, but now she was free. Crest managed to get outside the prison walls just in time for sensor ANBU to get a bead on her, and they were in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile across the swamp Shinzo was stalking his prey. The yellow bellied snake of Pelican Island was huge, at least an arms width around and probably five meters long at least. That wasn't what Shinzo had first seen though. First he saw that the snake was curled around three large, soft, leathery, brown eggs. It was a most disturbing sight, and Shinzo was disgusted he would consume such a creature. A mother. Yech. Shunzo wasn't a picky eater but he had preferences. Yude had assured him she would be delicious. His only restraint on this mission was to preserve the eggs, since they would hatch soon and quickly become apex predators of he swamp.

Shinzo was lurking in the trees, watching and waiting. The beast would occasionally slither around itself, wrapping its body around its eggs and facing its own tail.

Shinzo had a plan. From above he began to weave hands ignored together for the Fireball jutsu. He held his finger to his lips and blew forward a torch of fire. The heat blasted the eggs and he snake and it quickly slithered around to disperse he collection of heat. Shinzonkept the fire rolling and eventually the snake got so hot it moved out of the way. As it slithered Shinzo fire two shrunken into the air at it. One missed, but the other hit the beast square in its forehead and stuck. Shunzo released his fireball, preserving the eggs carefully so as not to cook them.

The snake lunged up into the trees where Shunzo was hiding, it's long fangs reaching out to bite the hunter. Shinzo drew out a Kenai and parried the strike. The snake reeled back, biting at him again.

Shinzowas ready and plunged his kunai into the snakes mouth vertically. It pressed forward and tried to bite him still, and he steel blade punctured he roof of its mouth. The snake was taken back and Shinzo used the opportunity to get in a combo. Leading with his left hand Shunzo fired a jao then a cross. He leapt up into the air and sent an axe kick flying at the dazed snakes top of its head. Shinzo connected. Where the kunai had just punctured the soft upper part of its roof it now flung right into its brain. The snake was nearly defeated and fell back to the ground. It began to crawl back to its nest and Shinzo had plenty of time to deliver the finishing blow.

The snake crawled slowly to its nest, scared for her babies and fearing for her life. She had never seen a hunter on Pelican Island. Her whole life had been a paradise until Shinzo brought forth the fires of the sun into her swamp. The snake didn't waste time remembering he past. It's only focus was to find its eggs safe.

Shinzo watched it slither the short distance in a log time, it was obvious the snake was struggling. Shinzo decided it was time and drew his second kunai. He leapt into the air, adjacent to the snake and flying over top it. As he flew through the air he fired his kunai and lodged it right into the neck of the beast. That was its final second of life.

Shinzo walked over to it and retrieved both of his kunai and one of his shuriken. The snake was dead and if he wanted to he could simply lick its blood and activate the Musabari Ago. Shinzo didn't want to though. He was a man of class and elegance. Well hebtried to be at least. His plan was to cut the snake up and bury what he couldn't take home with him. After checking on the eggs and making sure they were still alive he hauled the snake hough the swamp. Shinzi wanted to bury the carcass far away from he eggs, and he had to put the effort in it to win it.

Meanwhile he ANBU had watched him, making note of his exceptional talent with ninja tools and ensuring his safety. They didn't jump in, but they were ready to. The yellow bellied snake of Pelican Island was on the list of deadly species of Kirigakure and they were surprised to see Shinzo work so well against it.

As the ANBU followed Shinzo who carried the carcass they got a beep from their radio. "Confirmed" The ANBU all said at once into their headset. The alert of a prison escape was put out across the island. After brief consideration the Kurofune ANBU was left to watch Shinzo while the rest of the ANBU looked for Crest.

In her escape Crest had gone undetected. It was unknown what she would do so the ANBU were widely spread out. Crest had gone ghost. She had transformed her appearance as a townsfolk, and was simply walking along the swamp path incognito. Crest was a soft spoken criminal who had never killed before, and she hoped to keep it that way. Hiding in the swamp was ideal for her, up until she was taken upon by Shinzo.

The ANBU following Shinzo immediately knew the person was using a transformation technique. Heir Sensory abilities were too excellent to be deceived by Crests simple technique. Shunzi was fooled however and waved from the distance.

"Hiya!" SHMhinzo lugged the snake further up on his back and hurried over to Crest. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know where I could get this buried would ya?" Shinzo didn't introduce himself, and when he realized that he realized he had broken one of Yude's rules. Never associate with locals on a covert mission.

Fortunately as he spoke he ANBU had he time to radio in crests location.

Crest stammered for a second or two and pointed southward toward the village. Shinzo nodded happily and began to set off carrying the heavy snake. As he finished his first dozen steps away from Crest he heard a fluttering of what sounded like birds. Shinzo turned around to see twelve ANBU surrounding the woman. Shinzo didn't hold up to find out, and made his way toward the village.

Shinzo made it to where Crest had pointed for him to go and he proceeded to cut up his kill. He could carry fifty pounds, so he planned on having a feast with his family. Cutting up steaks of snake meat was fun, but it was smelly too. After he had all he could hold Shinzo stored the meat in a sealing tag and began to dig the hole for he snake body. No one said anything to him, so he figured it was fine. Shinzo worked for here hours cutting up the carcass and digging the hole, but eventually he was done and piled he dirt back on top of the snake. His mission was done and Shinzo headed back home.

WordCount: 1,796
Shinzo Kurofune
Shinzo Kurofune
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Clan Specialty : Sensory
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 500

Chasing the Yellow Bellied Empty Re: Chasing the Yellow Bellied

Sat Apr 01, 2023 11:26 pm
Once Shinzo had paddled across the sea and made it back to his home island he had more than worked up and appetite. The genin docked his boat and then sealed it inside of a sealing tag like he had done with the snake meat. He was excited to get a good meal in, but that wasn't all.

Shinzo's Musabari Ago was connected to snakes. By Devouring he snake meat he would ingest he snakes soul and further manipulate his kekkei genkai. Eventually it would evolve, and hat was he reward Shinzo sought. Like his adopted mother Shinzo was a Dragon vessel.

Among the Kurofune Clan there were what was known as vessels. Pure blooded clan members whose heritage came from the same genetic ancestry. Shinzo's was reptilian in nature, and that's why he had scales and horns and claws. By ascending his kekkei genkai and evolving his body he would become a completed Kurofune. Even he clan leader, Shinzo's adopted mother, hadn't reached such heights. It was very rare even among ninja, but Shinzo had high hopes. He made his was through the Village Hidden in the Mist towards home.

When he got there Shinzo was all alone. He prepared all of the meat for family anyways, but notnbefore taking his shoes off and changing out of his black ninja outfit. Shinzo was careful not to get any mud on the floor.

Once all the meat had been fileted into portions blessed sizes Shinzo prepared himself a supper. First he made leek soup. Quick as a ninja he use a tanto to cut up all the vegetables and poured in some cream to the chicken base stock. Shinzo was an excellent cook. As the soup simmered on a medium heat the Dragon vessel heated up his cast iron skillet. Once it was nice and hot Shinzo laid a healthy portion of butter in it. When the butter was melted he dropped two big snake meat steaks into the pan. They fried right away, and Shinzo had to be careful not to over cook them. Part of the experience of Devouring a soul was in the taste of your mouth. Shinzo knew if the snake got tough he was liable to choke while he saw through the yellow bellied snakes eyes.
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