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Do shinobi and casinos really mix? - Page 2 Empty Re: Do shinobi and casinos really mix?

Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:31 pm
Akaime seemed to be alright after the confrontation. Apparently, he had used genjutsu to erase part of his memory, making him leave him alone and everyone else. "Good, I hate how men just do that to anyone they see weak enough to exploit." She preferred the social comfort with women and men that she already knew, which wasn't that many, for that reason.

Ban was freaked out about the genjutsu ability, however. She had been trained vigorously on how to fight against it in Kiri but had no idea it could rewrite memories. It was an incredibly useful techinque but one Ban would not want to be done on herself.

Suddenly a loud SMASH shut the room up. Ban and the patrons turned to the source, a large cloaked man hitting a slot machine with Chiharu asking the man to leave. It seemed like trouble. Ban prompted Akaime to follow her over to the scene. Once there, Ban took out her hammer and slammed it on the ground, making her presence known to strangers. Most of his body was covered behind a cloak and long curled hair. It wasn't unusual to hear about patrons getting mad and breaking casino property out of frustration. But something seemed off. The slot machines had a strange mask on the front and the slots read "EVERYWHERE...EVERYWHERE...EVERYWHERE." None of the other machines had this. The cloaked figure could've put it on the screen and smashed it to bring attention to it. But why?

"Chiharu, Akaime. Something is wrong here. You guys keep an eye on him while I look around." Ban quickly picked her hammer up and dashed towards the security headquarters. In the security headquarters, security videos were able to be reviewed in all corners of the casino.

When Ban got to the door, the handle moved but the door didn't budge. It wasn't locked, it was being blocked by something. Ban tried again but this time swelling her muscles and breaking them open with force. The door ripped off its hinges and the cabinet that was holding the door shut flung to the side as Ban stumbled into the room. On the monitors, two words flashed on the static screens. "EYES EVERYWHERE...EYES EVERYWHERE...EYES EVERYWHERE." Ban turned to warn the others but as she did, she noticed two tied-up casino workers in their bunny suits pinned up against the wall by the cabinet Ban had moved. She quickly used this time to get them out and tended to them, leaving the others to have to work by themselves until she got back.

WC: 430
TWC: 1334
Total mission WC: 5348
Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
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Do shinobi and casinos really mix? - Page 2 Empty Re: Do shinobi and casinos really mix?

Thu Mar 16, 2023 4:14 am
“Yes, some men can be quite...predatory-like,” Akaime stated as he finished his citrus drink. He had to agree with Ban on this subject, he has been on the receiving end on a few unrequited advances. Some people just don’t like the word no, specifically, drunk and aggressive men. However, Akaime can’t blame all of them or even just them. Women are like that too, even regarding highly masculine women. People that think they are bigger think they can lay claims to anything, anyone they won’t, and they are just not right. They could always at least offer a drink first.

Akaime couldn’t dwell too far into his thoughts on the situation, as his attention was soon alerted by an explosive sound. Turning his gaze in sync with Ban’s ocular movements, he located the source of the noise as with everyone else. He couldn’t really tell who the man was from the distance and with his body being covered up; but only that he was rather large and loud for that fact. On the screen in front of him was a repeat of the same word, which was ‘Everywhere’. Very strange indeed, he wondered what that could mean.

Well, Akaime was sure he would soon find out as Ban ushered him over to the scene. The Chinoike was so drawn to the slot machine that he almost missed Chiharu next to the man asking him to leave. It seems that little purple man had it under control but Ban and Akaime were still going to check out the situation. As they approached the duo, Akaime could feel the aura radiates off the man as if he was almost connected with him through Jashin. He only felt this with one other person.

“Jupiter? Is that you?” Akaime asked calmly as he rushed past Ban to the man. The blood seer hasn’t seen him since, well, since that horrible time in the Snow Country. But yet, here he was in front of him again. It seems Jashin has led them back together for another devastating time. And yes, Akaime did think devastating because in three…two…one.


A squeaky toy went off in his face, which made Akaime react by slapping it away and giving the user a dirty glance as they continued on their way. ‘How annoying,’ Akaime thought as he turned his attention back to the group. The white-cloaked ninja was happy to see his friend, considering after everything that happened, that he was well. But could Akaime say the same as he started coughing fit.

“Gimme a second, I need to get a drink.” Akaime said as he wandered his way back to the bar. As he journeyed, he could feel himself swayed from one side to another as if he almost had vertigo. People started appearing as two and he could feel sweat droplets form upon his brow. Is it getting extremely hot in here, or was it always like this? All he could think about it getting some water in his system from the bar, but it wouldn’t matter anyway as he would never make it there as his vision went black.

Painfully slow, he peeled his stubborn lids open, immediately wincing at the way the dim light stung in his dizzy brain and closing them again. Focus, he told himself, status report. He was seemingly laying on a sleeping mat of sorts, first oddity. His head throbbed, seemingly from the drug that was used, but the rest of his body seemed to be uninjured. Carefully, he tried to send out some chakra to feel around the area but to his horror, nothing happened. No chakra trickled along his pathways.

'Chakra suppressing seals,' he noted.

Upon further inspection, Akaime noticed his hands being bound together to an object above his head and his cloak, and most of his uniform seemed to have been removed, very much unnerving. Finally, he had no choice but to force his lids to open. The first thing he saw was a dirty, unkempt ceiling, he was still in a basement apparently, especially from the cool air that was apparent. But with that fact, he began to grow more unnerving and less soothing with every passing minute, he was still alive, kept warm by a heater and resting on a soft sleeping mat. It wasn’t as he could scream for help as his mouth was stuffed with a cloth that was then taped around his head. He was defenseless and couldn’t do anything except wait for any torment that would fall upon him.

TWC: 2,838
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Do shinobi and casinos really mix? - Page 2 Empty Re: Do shinobi and casinos really mix?

Mon Mar 20, 2023 9:53 pm
The two female workers in their bunny suits struggled in their restraints until Ban freed them. One of them burst into tears and hugged Ban. She sobbed, "There's a creep in the casino! We were just returning from putting away the dirty glasses when I got gagged and fell asleep. He must've drugged me! The next thing I knew both of us were tied up in here while he was messing with cameras in here." The other worker comforted her with a hug. She seemed to be more level-headed than her friend after being freed.

While she comforted the other worker, she looked at Ban. "He shouldn't be far off. It wasn't too long ago that he was here. We need to talk to the head of the casino. She's likely the next target. This past month, she has been getting creepy and perverted letters. I think he's coming after her."

Ban was discussed by this man. She had never seen the owner in person but there was a large picture in one of the halls. She was clearly a very sexy woman that any pervert would want to get their grimy hands on. And this one seems to be enjoying the chase, leaving behind clues, taunting Ban and the others, and leaving behind witnesses.

Ban couldn't leave the two girls behind. "I'll escort you two up to the casino head's office. Hopefully, it won't be too late when we get there," she explained to the two. They nodded their heads, still shaken from the events. They wouldn't be targeted again as long as Ban was with them. The two girls slowly rose from the ground while holding each other. Ban lead the two out of the security room towards the casino owner's office.

In the corridor leading to the main floor, they were approached by several guards. One guard stopped them with an order to stop. The guard pointed to where a small group of men waited outside of the casino owner's office. These were all the guards who had been dispatched from the three floors below. All of them looked anxious as they stared at the closed door. The guard ordered, "You can't go any further. There's some kind of problem inside."

"What happened?" asked Ban.

One of the guards replied, "It looks like someone attacked the owner. A few minutes ago, the security team came running back and said that a strange man had been spotted in the building. He ran through the halls before the guards could catch him. He disappeared when they tried to corner him. They're trying to find him now."

The two girls walked along the hallway, still shaky from the event. Their eyes were filled with fear as they wondered if they would be the next targets. Ban looked at the two, her eyes showing no fear and confidence. They took a deep breath to relax themselves, hugging each other more tightly. Ban thought about how brave the two were and how dead this man was going to be when she found him.

Ban ignored the guards' warning and continued to walk towards the door. With her heavy hammer in hand, she knocked three times. After a moment, the door opened. The casino owner was sitting in front of a desk, surrounded by four bodyguards. The owner turned around and smiled at them. Her face was covered with bruises, cuts, and other marks. "Come in. It looks like I wasn't the only one attacked tonight."

The girls sat down on one of the couches in her office and attempted to remain calm. The owner then turned to Ban. "I don't recognize you. Who are you?"
Ban bowed respectfully. "I'm Ban Hozuki. I was hired to do temporary security work here. I'm currently looking for the man who did this. He's been taught us and thinks he's going to get away with it. I suspect he's not an ordinary pervert either, he's highly aware of how we shinobi work, he must either be a shinobi or have faced some in the past. Either way, he's highly dangerous."

The casino owner laughed. "Do you know what he's after? What's his name, exactly?" she asked.

Ban shook her head. "My guess is that he's the guy that's been sending you the letters I heard about. There are enough creeps in the world that'll use their skill to get what they want, or even who they want. I haven't gotten close enough. He's been taunting me and my colleagues. If I can find him, I'll kill him. But for now, I need to keep searching. May I take a look around your office while you recover?"

The casino owner stood up and walked over to the window. "Of course. Take all the time you need." Ban looked for the letters that the mysterious figure might have sent. She found them hidden behind the computer monitor. As she read through them, she was able to see the man's sick intention.

The letter read,
I really enjoy watching you dance. I've watched you perform for many years now and always think of what it would be like to touch that beautiful body. I love the way your body moves across the stage. You are truly a sensual dancer. To be honest, I'd rather watch you than actually go to the shows. Maybe someday I'll ask you to give me a private performance.

Ban wanted to vomit. "I can see why these letters are...concerning. I'll stay here to protect the three of you. He's clearly afraid of confrontation and most likely won't approach while I'm here." Ban told one of the security guards to deliver a message to the others that she would be staying near the owner while they look for this guy. She sat near the door of the office with her hammer resting on the ground next to her.

It was up to the rest of the shinobi to find and arrest this mysterious man. He wouldn't approach the owner or the girls again while Ban was there.

WC: 1017
TWC: 2351
Total mission WC: 7118
Missions rewards for K.I.S.S.I.N.G and A.M.O.R.E (7000/7000)
7500 Ryo / 37 AP / 10 Chocolates / 1000 Casino Chips
2000 Ryo / 10 AP / 14 Chocolates / 1500 Casino Chips
2000 ryo for 2 missions as chunin
25% off with max stats
165 WC towards Iron wall A rank (1000/1000) continuing from this
Whistle Trigger (1500/1500)
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough mastery (685/750) (increased power)
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Ayato Hyuuga
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Do shinobi and casinos really mix? - Page 2 Empty Re: Do shinobi and casinos really mix?

Wed Mar 22, 2023 3:12 pm
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