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Snowmen Empty Snowmen

Mon Feb 13, 2023 6:09 pm
Mission Name: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?
Rank: E-Rank
Mission Location: Any Location

Challenges: N/A
Task: Help a child build the perfect snowman.

This mission can be performed up to 5 times (this will be monitored for abuse, so no copy-pasting posts). This mission can only be claimed 1 time for power rank-ups.

Word Count Requirement: 500 WC
Reward: 1,000 Ryō / 5 AP / 250 Winter Equinox Tickets

Character Requirements: N/A
Character Exclusive: N/A

Doing this mission 3 Times for 1500 TWC
Rewards: 3000 Ryo, 15 AP and 750 Winter Equinox Tickets

The sudden temperature drop gave away where Jecht now was and it annoyingly wasn’t in his home about to enjoy his nice warm dinner. The snow and freezing wind tried to rob him of his warmth but not this time he was ready to circulate the fire chakra through his body as he had learned to do the last time he had been mystically transported to this frigid village. “Of course this had to happen just when I was about to enjoy my food.” Jecht mumbled grumpily, “Okay so last time there were others but I have a weird feeling that I’m by myself this time around.” The last time he had been here in the Winter Wonderland he had ended up doing missions with Lord Hokage Aokidanza, Deputy Kage Lord Goto and his brother in arms Iscarot. It was also when he found out about the change in Hokages which had taken him by surprise, it was also when he had been promoted to Chuunin though he hadn’t gotten used to wearing the Flak Jacket that he had been provided with.
Jecht checked his communication device that had been developed for all Konohagakure Shinobi, and allowed them to communicate with those within the village and detect foreign guests and invaders as needed. Even letting him view all those below his own rank. It was quite a fancy and nice device that he had been enjoying typically using it to bother Iscarot on if the younger shinobi had done his morning training. Checking it now though there would be no response and it simply solidified that he was by himself this time around as the gauntlet would have at least reacted to another Konohagakure citizen. “Wonderful so what kind of craziness do I have to help out with this time?” He wondered as the prior visit they had to find a missing husband in the middle of a deadly blizzard and some other intense interactions so Jecht wasn’t quite sure on how things would go this time around.
A small child approached Jecht looking at him quizzically, “Mister? Why are you naked?” The child asked with an innocent face, Jecht turned and looked at the little boy and smiled crouching down to meet him at eye level, “Now little one, I’m not naked I got pants on now don’t I? I was just suddenly transported here without a chance to put on more appropriate clothing.” He explained as he gestured to his clothing though he was wholly underdressed though it matter not as he had learned to circulate the fire chakra as needed. The boy looked at him and pouted for a second, “So someone made you come here like this? That isn’t nice…people are mean, like the others who won’t help me make a snowman.” He pointed out as the scene changed around them to one where kids were busy playing and making various looking snowmen with friends and family. “Can you help me make one mister?” The young boy asked Jecht with a hopeful look. Jecht had experience making a snowman as it did still snow in Konohagakure so he smiled and nodded to the young boy.
The boy’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and they moved to an open area as the two went through the motions needed to make the body of the snow man, rolling hand sized snowballs along the ground till they grew to sufficient size for the base then another for the body and finally the last one to sit on the top for the head. “Alright now that we got his body made we need to find some sticks and stones for the face, buttons and arms.” Jecht explained as they scoured the ground for anything to use, within moments they had finished their snowman. It wouldn’t win any prizes but it was something they had enjoyed making together. The laughter and smile on the young boy’s face was more then enough for the Older Shinobi, he wished he had control over the Water element or even the Ice element that some clan’s had control of to make this a bit more interesting or professional but he pushed those thoughts aside to enjoy this moment now.
The young boy thanked Jecht for helping him and ran off into the distance the sound of a laughing child could be heard for a moment before it winked out, and the scene turned once more. Another transportation and he was in another clearing and surrounded by a familiar scene once more with more children and families making snowmen and playing in the snow. “I see I am to help those who have no one create one last memory.” Jecht said with a somber tone, so he looked for those another who needed his help and this time he was approached by a young girl with a red pigtails, she had snot running from her nose which Jecht approached and offered a hand to her, “Do you need some help little one?” The young girl looked at him and Jecht waited for the obvious comment on his clothing but it didn’t as she only nodded her head and took his hand, “Can we make a snowman Mr. Oni?” The young girl said, Jecht hid his surprise and nodded his head with his trademark smile plastered to his face as he picked the girl up and helped her as much as she needed.
They spent some time making this snowman making sure the young girl was enjoying herself and it would be a positive experience for her, this time they went for making a rather large snowman that towered over Jecht himself. If Jecht was weaker by even a little bit he would have had trouble lifting these massive snowballs up onto their new home but with patience and some mistakes resulting in a bout of laughter from the child they had created their extremely wide and tall snowman whose arms were basically tree logs and the buttons and face were fist sized rocks. It was quite a sight to see to those around them and had garnered plenty of attention from the others, the young girl was full of smiles and as he had been doing throughout their time there Jecht wiped the snot that had started running from her nose once more. The young girl thanked Jecht for the help and with a call from an unknown woman in the distance the child had to return home, Jecht would remember the fading memory of the young girl waving back at him till she disappeared from sight. It was starting to get bittersweet as Jecht was being reminded that he didn’t have any blood family left. His own parents had passed away a decade ago and he had no siblings, he certainly had no thoughts of having a family of his own at the  moment but it was times like these he would have enjoyed having his own to return to after all this.
“Now, now old man, Let’s focus on the present and worry about that stuff when we are back home.” Jecht reminded himself as he was currently in some other place and needed to complete his tasks to get back. “There should only be one more to help and then whatever brought me here will let me go back home.” He looked around the area and it had already changed while he was pondering his own thoughts. A new clearing and a new group of families and children playing and having fun, Jecht scanned the area looking for the one that needed the most help and while that was happening he felt a tug on his clothing which almost caused him to jump as he hadn’t sensed anyone that close to him. He looked down and it was a young boy with blue and green eyes, something he hadn’t seen before it wasn’t off putting but mesmerizing. A unique occurrence, Jecht smiled at the boy and crouched down as he had with the first one, “Do you need help making a snowman too?” He asked as the boy nodded his head keeping silent but holding onto Jecht’s clothing. “Very well, let us get to it then.” He said as he swept the boy into his arms and carried him to a spot that was open. The routine was the same as before they rolled their snowballs till they were the right size and formed the first snowman quickly though it seemed there was some more to be done as the little boy with mismatched eyes began to make another snowman. “I see you wish for them to be a family.” Jecht mentioned as he helped make another adult snowman and then some children snowmen. By the time they were done it was a small community of snow people and the little boy had a smile on his face, he wasn’t outspoken like the other two children but held it in till the joy seemed to leak out. “You are such a shy boy, don’t forget to let people know what they mean to you.” Jecht mentioned in passing as the boy looked at him and nodded with a serious face.
Then the boy was off not looking back till he was almost a glimmer and then they turned and waved at Jecht before disappearing, then with a kick up of snow Jecht himself was transported back to Konohagakure. “It seemed that I was successful in helping those that needed it.” The old man made his way home to enjoy some food and a warm bath.
WC: 1604
Claims: training purely for Bonus AP 
3000 ryo, 15 AP and 750 winter tickets plus 64 AP from WC.
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Snowmen Empty Re: Snowmen

Mon Feb 13, 2023 6:11 pm
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