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Onabi Hyuuga
Onabi Hyuuga
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The Malevolent Hour - Page 2 Empty Re: The Malevolent Hour

Sun Jan 15, 2023 4:10 am
Onabi watched as his elder made it back to the campfire were he sat near the man that they had came out to find. Onabi rose a eyebrow seeing that he carried a young woman that Onabi had recognized. Onabi was rightfully confused on how a newly instated Genin had made it this far north, Onabi seemed to be very worried about both the man but more about the young Uchiha that had the front of her head split open. Onabi stood up leaving the man leaning against the snow bank and looked at the woman then back up to Zunair. "Is she okay?" Assuming that Zunair gave him some sort of acknowledgment Onabi would be slightly relieved, Onabi knew that his elder was well versed in the medical world. Zunair was perfect for the mission that they were on.

Onabi looked at Zunair as he set up to take the two wounded to the Inn with an easy transportation. Zunair asked Onabi if he was able to trudge his way back to the winter village inn where this adventure had begun. Onabi looked at his elder and gave a slight bow telling him that he was more than able to make it back to the starting point to this story. Onabi watched as Zunair made seven diffrent hand seals then walked to the two injured people and touched them. A flash of teal light then a ripple of distorted space replaced the three individuals, leaving the newly nine year old alone standing beside a camp fire in the middle of a sub zero wind blizzard.

Onabi blew the warm air that inhabited his lungs into his cupped hands one at a time to give color back into the tips of his fingers. The warmth only lasted for a short time as the moisture of his breath attracted the cold more than ever before. Onabi held his hands by the fire that was starting to go out. Onabi placed his body were his back blocked the wind. The warmth hit the young boys body like a fire jutsu. His hands started to feel like pins and needles from the drastic change in temperature.

"I really should start my track back to the inn and tell that woman that her husband will be okay."

Onabi spoke openly into mother natures winds knowing that no one would hear any of the words that were whispered from the lips of the eight gates prodigy. Onabi kicked out the camp fires inferno so that the lumber yard had no chance of being the victim of the flames holocaust. Onabi buried the burned wood in some fresh powder that the wind and sky had gifted the village. Onabi slightly stretched his legs and he started to sprint his way back to the village using the trees to traverse the storm at a faster pace than weaving his way back to the town on the ground.

Onabi flew through the trees at an extremely fast pace, eventually Onabi crossed into the beginnings of the village where it seemed the more wealthy individuals had their homes. Onabi passed by two men making their way out and away from a home the first one was much faster than his buddy, He was taller with curly brown hair, his hair line was drastic, signs of male pattern baldness were very apparent in the man. He wore a brown trench coat with a white undershirt, he wore black cloth fingerless gloves and carried a crowbar. looking at him more closely he was limping vary hard as there was a nail sticking out of the mans left foot. In this taller gentle mans face, groin and rear end were thick staples that pierced through the skin. Speaking of this mans face there was a pink burn marking shaped as an Iron. the mans nose was broken in three different spots and blood streamed from his nostrils. When he ran it looked like his legs bucked in a place where a normal mans leg shouldn't bend. this taller man also randomly twitched like he had just been electrocuted. his forehead had large gashes in it from blunt force trauma. 

Following behind the tall man was a very short man he wore a black beanie and a thick grey trench coat, under that was a thick brown scarf and a salmon colored polo shirt. he wore tan cloth fingerless gloves and carried a flickering flashlight. This mans ear were pointed like the other people that lived in this village so Onabi noticed that he had to be from here. This man walked with a pain that all men knew, it seemed that his groin had received precise blunt force trauma. The top of this mans hat was covered by a black beanie... kinda... the polyester from the hat was melted on the skin of the man. It seemed like the top of his head was set ablaze multipule times. one hand held his sternum as Onabi noticed that the mans sternum was shattered it kinda looked like he was struck in the chest by the blunt side of a crowbar. Not just his sternum had received trauma but all of the mans ribs had ranges of minor to major fractures, Onabi was surprised that none of his ribs punctured any vital organs. This mans nose was slammed inwards into his skull like something had smashed his face. Multipule  spinal vertebre were cracked, this man wobbled away from this house dragging a shattered leg behind him. his cranium also seemed to be cracked.

Onabi stopped and went and grabbed local authorities to go and check out the two men. They rushed off to go collect the two men that were on deaths door. Onabi kept making his way into town to go and meet his Elder at the inn that they rented a couple of rooms at. Onabi made his way inside the tavern and watched the woman that had sent the two Hyuuga out into the storm look up to see Onabi and she noticed that he didn't carry her missing groom with him. Her eyes started to swell with tears, she started to ball into a cloth tissue that she had with her. Onabi smiled with sadness in his eyes. Onabi wrapped his arms around the woman. "Your husband. Your husband has received some extreme frost bite but I need you to know that he is going to be okay." The woman looked up from her tears with wide eyes and a shocked expression. She asked the young Hyuuga where her husband was. "Most likely he is inside the room we have rented upstairs but I need you to wait here as my co worker works on your Groom, my friend is well versed in the medical field. Your husband will be fine but we will get you when he can take visitors." She cried out with pure relief and she wrapped her arms around the young Hyuuga. Onabi softly scratched the woman's back as all of her contained grief started to drain out of her.

Onabi held the woman until she started to tire herself out in the middle of the tavern floor. All of the other patrons kept the noise fairly low, it seemed like this woman's groom was a very popular within the snow village. Everyone was worried about this one man that was stuck beneath multipule feet of snow. Zunair exited their room and approached the woman telling her that he was going to be fine and all he needed was just a little bit of rest. The sigh of relief was universal as everyone erupted in cheer. drinks were being passed around and the mood went from sadness and grief to celebration. these people really did know how to party.

The horrid weather that had started this fiasco started to calm down, the gentle snow flakes was a much needed change from the wrath of jack frost. Onabi sat at a window seat drinking his dirty water looking at the diamonds that littered the sky where the round pale moon was the center piece. Onabi smiled and finally sighed out his relief. He had heard the news about the woman's husband but not the genin that came from Onabi's village. Onabi finished his glass of contaminated water and went up to the room that they had rented.

Onabi hid his presence in the corner of the room watching the two people sleep, he did this so that they could sleep comfortably. Onabi looked at the Uchiha, her black hair kinda covered the bandage that wrapped around her head, her black eyes were closed from her deep slumber. Onabi moved to her bed and sat next to it. It seemed that she wore her normal clothing, the purple coat and tight pants to this northern village which was her first mistake. its cold up here she could have froze to death if the two Hyuuga didn't come and help the Uchiha out of jack frosts temper tantrum. Onabi placed snow drops into a vase next to her. Onabi waited for his elder to make it into the room so he could tell him the state the Uchiha was in.

Zunair made it back from his break, and let the man out and with his wife so that the two of them could go home, listening to when they made their way back down stairs into the main tavern floor, Onabi could hear the cheers of dozens of people. Onabi smiled and waited with his cousin for the Uchiha to wake up.

While waiting Zunair read from his novel and Onabi closed his eyes contemplating the mission that the two of them had went on today. Xena jolted awake and startled Onabi. Onabi was glad to see that Xena was energetic at least. A laceration to the head and a dislocated shoulder wasn't anything too scoff at. Onabi was mad that this Genin had come here under prepared. but he held this emotion inside so that it wouldn't worsen her condition.  Xena asked if the two Chunin were able to gather the man. "Yes we were able to get him, he safe and healthy and with his worried wife," Onabi kept his eyes closed with his arms folded. "I do plan on going back to the village soon but there is a few more things i wanted to do before i go, But I do want you to go back if you are going to keep getting in trouble." Onabi tapped his arm. He knew that Xena was doing this out of good will and that he shouldn't be mad but he was just worried about her. "But if you do want to stay here there is a few things that you can do here with the locals that wouldn't put you in immediate dangers." 

Onabi shifted himself to be seated by the heat of the fire. Onabi didn't care much for being cold. Onabi sipped at some water that he had brought to him while they were waiting for the young Uchiha to wake up. The liquid was still plagued by a metallic taste. Onabi's tongue recoiled when the water made contact with it, but it seemed like this was the only water they really had here in this tavern. Finishing the water he left their room going back downstairs to go get more.

Downstairs Onabi noticed the local authorities that he had alerted earlier in the day. they looked at him and explained what Onabi had accidentally done. The two men were known as the 'wet bandits' or the  'sticky bandits' because when they rob homes they turn on all water faucets letting them flood the homes of who ever they rob. The Wet Bandits were a duo of criminals, comprised of Marv Murchins and Harry Lyme. And After escaping prison, Marv decided that they become the Sticky Bandits after wrapping his hand in tape to steal money from a donation bucket. It seems like they tried to break in to the McCallister home but were meet with a series of traps rigged around the house by a young boy, leaving both bandits in critical conditions. Onabi laughed at the situation. Maybe this trip wasnt so bad after all.


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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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The Malevolent Hour - Page 2 Empty Re: The Malevolent Hour

Sun Jan 15, 2023 11:53 am
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