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Jirou Joski
Jirou Joski
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A day for coffee - Page 2 Empty Re: A day for coffee

Mon Oct 31, 2022 8:32 pm
"Why me?" Joski questioned, though, despite the tone of the question, the traveler wasn't prepared to neglect this new assignment; this meeting had been the first to enlighten him in even the slightest means with regard to his ancestry though there existed a small amount of trepidation at the notion of having to deal with some sort of spirit. "I don't think I'm well equipped to handle fighting something from the spirit realm."

"Then you should find yourself in good fortune, for this being is not native of the spirit realm. Its body rests at a distant point beyond even the closest of stars- it uses the realm of spirits on as a partial existances- a means by which its twisted form can exist within a realm that the mortal mind might comprehend." Zu explained as they walked, though the spirit would come to a pause in the midst of a rather large clearing within the roads. It seemed they had managed to find themselves almost directly in the center of the village where there stood a small monument and a little forested area. "This is it. The point at which the boundary is weakest." From the depths of its robes, Zu produced a black tendril that would bring forward a strange, multi-tier stone that shone with a rainbow hue. "You will need this to cross the boundary."

Accepting the stone, Joski would take it and looked over the gem. It was cool to the touch and tingled against his skin almost like it didn't want to be held, yet Joski found a notion of still calmness within it. "I see. And will you be there with me?" He asked, looking back up at Zu.

There was an unnerving sound like the being attempting to chuckle. "Of course, my fledgling. I am just behind you."

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A day for coffee - Page 2 Empty Re: A day for coffee

Tue Nov 01, 2022 11:10 am
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