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Jun Shibasaki
Jun Shibasaki
Ryo : 45970

Another day, another mission(s). Empty Another day, another mission(s).

Wed Sep 21, 2022 6:50 pm

 After some missions that involved some "drama" and bizarre situations, the day looked like it would be more peaceful for the young Jun Shibasaki. His superiors had assigned him two tasks for the day: 1- walk the dogs from the Kumogakure dog shelter so that their cages could be cleaned; and 2- stop by the Ninja Shop to learn more about and maybe acquire some ninja equipment for his inventory, which in the words of a village Jounin, was a total joke. The young ninja had already outlined his itinerary to fulfill his tasks: first he would go to the shelter to walk the dogs, something that shouldn't take long, and then he would visit the Ninja Shop.
After a few minutes of walking, Jun finally arrived at his destination: The Kumogakure Dog Shelter, the largest and best-known dog shelter in the village, a place that was known for taking kind and loving care of rescued dogs, as well as having a high adoption rate. The shelter was managed by Mr. Obanai Hikuraku, a well-known animal activist from Cloud Village, known for his love of animals, especially dogs.

The young Shibasaki then knocked on the shelter door and entered, pushing the heavy wooden door of the place. No sooner had the shinobi finished opening the door, he already smelled a horrible smell of dog feces and urine. "What the hell" - thought Jun, while covering his nose in the hope of protecting himself from the strong odor. Jun came across a rather chaotic scene when he finally took in his surroundings: the animal cages were absolutely covered in dirt, there were dogs running everywhere, being chased by an old man who must have been Mr. Hikaruku.

- It's a disaster, a big disaster! All my employees got the flu, and I can't handle all these dogs, help me boy PLEASE! - shouted desperately Mr. Hikaruku while chasing a runaway Chiuaua.

Jun didn't hesitate and also started chasing the dogs that ran from side to side to gather them and put on their leashes for the walk. After a few minutes of pursuit, the young ninja and the old man from the shelter finally managed to gather them all.

- Thank you, young man. As you can see, the lack of staff You must be the shinobi in charge of walking the shelter dogs, right?

- Yes sir, my name is Jun Shibasaki, and I received the mission to take these little devils for a walk.

- Good, good. Well, normally when we're with all our staff, a simple walk around the block would give us time to clean all the dog cages, but since it's just me'll have to take a longer journey, young man. – said Mr. Hikaruku, while passing to Jun a “master leash”, basically a metal ring that held all the leashes of the 11 dogs of the shelter.  – These troublemakers are Juno, Rex, Sally, Iruko, Tamagochi, Spike, Ochi, Taco, Buzz, Ito and finally Toby the chiuaua. - continued the old man, while pointing to each of the dogs while saying their names.

And so Jun set off on his long walk with those 11 dogs. Despite the young man firmly holding the "master leash", the high number of dogs, in addition to the fact that each one wanted to go in a direction really made the task difficult for the young Shibasaki, but after a few minutes the shinobi got the hang of it and started to guide the dogs more easily. And they walked and walked and walked. By Jun's count, they’ve walked at least 7 laps around the village, and always after returning to the shelter, the young geninwas informed that Mr. Hikaruku needed more time to clean up. Over and over again. And so Jun walked the dogs for almost the entire afternoon…

Upon returning to the shelter after many times, finally Mr. Hikuraku said he was done cleaning.

- Come in, my boys! Your temporary homes are finally cleaned and habitable again! - Said the old man as he received a warm "welcome" from the newly arrived dogs, who licked his face all over.

- These little troublemakers are adorable, I’m sure they will find a new home soon!

- Yes they will! And if you ever want a dog for yourself, don’t buy, adopt! Thanks for the help!

- Your welcome, sir! See ya!

And so Jun left the dog shelter, finally fulfilling his first task. But the young shinobi realized as he left that it was almost night and soon all the shops would close. "Dammit, this dog walking thing took longer than expected, I must hurry or I'll not make it in time!" thought the young shinobi as he increased the speed in which he walked, almost running, towards the Ninja Shop. When approaching the store after a few minutes of travel, Jun saw that the storekeeper was about to close the store, when young Shibasaki entered in a rush:

- Sorry sir, sorry. I know you were about to go home, but I need to buy some things! I swear I will be as quick as possible!

The shopkeeper looked at him from head to toe, and then questioned him with a rather grumpy expression.

- You better be, boy. What do you need?

- So, my superiors told me to come here to learn about the ninja tools and weapons, maybe buying a few things for myself…

- Oh, and why didn’t you said so before? My name is Abe Makito, and not only I sell ninja tools, but I’m also an expert on it and today boy, it’s your lucky day BECAUSE I’M GIVING YOU THE ABE MAKITO MASTERCLASS ON NINJA EQUIPMENT! OOOOOH YEAAAAH!

Jun looked on stunned with such excitement from the salesman "That guy is weird, but ok" - said the young shinobi to himself. And so the “masterclass” started, and boy it took forever. Mr. Makito showed and talked about every single piece of equipment on that shop, from senbons to warhammers, he gave a detailed explanation of the history and functionality of each item there. It went on and on for hours, and that really bored the young Shibasaki. “I don’t deserve this, I want to die…”Jun lamented to himself as Mr. Makito lectured on the proper use of the Wakizashi. Certainly, a lot of information was useful to the young shinobi, who now knew everything about ninja equipment...but the shopkeeper was too wordy and went on to explain the equipment in too much details, which made his lecture boring and monotonous. As Jun was about to die from boredom, Mr. Makito finally finished his “masterclass”:

- And that’s pretty much it about the Nagitana! And that’s it, I’ve covered every equipment in here! So, what do you wanna buy, boy?

Jun was so confused by the excess of information that had been poured into his brain that he simply had no idea what he was going to buy...  

- I…I don’t know honestly…I’m just a mere Genin, I don’t know what I’m going to…

- Oh, you’re a genin? I see…we have just the perfect offer for you! The Starting Ninja Bundle - 5 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, 2 Explosive Tag, 2 Smoke bomb…all of that for just 500 ryo! It’s a limited offer for Genin only!

- Well, that sounds amazing, I’ll take it! Geez, look at the hour, I’m must get going otherwise mom will kill me, thanks for all the knowledge, Mr. Makito! - said Jun, as he left the 500 ryo on the counter and took the box that contained the bundle items and at the same time already gave an excuse to finally leave the store.

- I see you around, young man! If you ever need another MASTERCLASS ON NINJA…

- Alright, thanks sir, I must leave bye bye! – said Jun swiftly before another endless lecture could start.

Jun than finally left the Ninja Shop and looked at the hours…it was already 23:45 PM… “Mom’s gonna kill me FOR REAL” thought the young shinobi while rushing home after a very, very long day.

TWC: 1355


OFF: Can I like, accumulate the unused WC to learn some jutsu in the future or will I just lose it?
Ryo : 42800

Another day, another mission(s). Empty Re: Another day, another mission(s).

Fri Sep 23, 2022 1:50 pm
You can partially claim things with unused WC, but you cannot bank the WC to be used at a later date. Use or lose. 

You will need to list the partial claim on your page and cannot use the jutsu until the WC requirement has been completed.

When putting WC towards the partial trained tech, you must link the thread you previously trained the WC, when making additional WC claims towards said partial trained tech.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Jun Shibasaki
Jun Shibasaki
Ryo : 45970

Another day, another mission(s). Empty Re: Another day, another mission(s).

Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:07 pm
Thanks so much for the explanation! So, if it is allowed, I would like to claim the remaining 105 WC toward learning Shadow Clone Jutsu [105/1500]  Another day, another mission(s). 1f601  Another day, another mission(s). 1f601
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