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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Markets at the Boarder Empty Markets at the Boarder

Tue Jul 19, 2022 7:23 pm

After helping the elderly get home with her belongings, it was like a long day. All he wanted was some fruit at the market, he ended up helping someone find their cat, an old lady get home, and now, time to enjoy the fruits. Without being a savage, he ate through his berries in only a few moments. It was the fruits of his labor, and the enjoyed fruit.
A man shouting from his window alerted the young vampire. Not knowing he was being called but knowing someone was, he diverted his attention. Unfortunately, he was being called. “Hey! Come closer!!” A businessman yelled out from his window. A visible shrug let out, he wanted to fight it but he was too tired. It was easier to see what the man wanted. Without saying a word, the young vampire waddled over. Looked blankly upwards, towards the man. “…” no word.
“I NEED your help! I have seen you help everyone, I can pay you! All I need to do is shop.” Kinko returned a blank stare, “Why do you need me then?” He knew there was something else to it. “Well…” he said, knowing he had to disclose. “There are many bandits after me, they see money and want to do whatever it takes. We just need an extra person to help.” Kinko struggled to say no to people who needed help, it was possible to say no but he liked to help people. Usually, in a way that only he could help someone. “ughh…” He said, visibly, unhappy. “My name is Genji, and my wife’s name is Diva, she will accompany us. Look happy!! You are being paid!.” Most businessmen think the world revolves around money, which is true, but not like the way Kinko sees the world.
Without asking about the pay, and assuming he would be generous, Kinko agreed as he a waited for Genji and Diva to retire. Waiting at the gates, the young vampire was quickly met by the grateful couple. While Genji was grateful, he came to the realization that this was NOT going to be fun and it would be long. His eyes told his feelings as Kinko knew this man owed him one. Kinko was expecting this man to reward him handsomely. We will see, it really isn’t much work but it’s time, and his time is worth more than money. Gleefully, Diva looked over at Kinko and realized how handsome he was. A smile overcame her older face as she blessed him with a kiss on the cheek. Now, the trio were off, to spend so so so much of Genji’s money.
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Ryo : 29000

Markets at the Boarder Empty Re: Markets at the Boarder

Wed Jul 20, 2022 2:31 pm
The trio walked casually and leisurely towards the markets. Kinko could see the happiness in Diva’s eyes. It really looked like the duo had not left their home in ages. He wondered if the bandits after the businessman were of any threat. Kinko had some ability but he did not know what he signed up for. He did not know much of any bandits, imaging that most around here only have basic weaponry and basic forms of attack. Some of these missing ninja with jutsu tend to do very well here; the depth of ability of shinobi here was shallow. Most actually do more with their abilities than extort, rob, and steal. Most had no sympathy for these, including Kinko.
Still, the smile coming from Diva was almost enough to bring Kinko to a smile, and it was clear that her smile made Genji happy. Soon, the trio would be upon the markets. The fear still could not leave the body of the two, it was going to be long, and almost not fun. He hoped he wouldn’t need to carry too much, but a fruit smoothie sounds good right about now, as the sun continued to beat down on the three.
The first stall, Kinko took a deep breath in and examined his surroundings. He was here for a job, not that he needed the money. Diva was easily distracted, looking at the trinkets, the jewelry, and the gems of the first stand. Kinko stood close enough to make sure anyone looking at them would know he was covering and protecting them. He hoped his presence was enough of prevention measures needed to stop any engagements, but he maintained his diligence. He figured he would most likely encounter scammers, pick pockets, and sleight of hand thieves while in the deep pockets of the bustling market; the physical stuff would be after, on the way home carrying goods and being physically tired. He figured the walk there may make them targets due to the perceived money they had and the amount of cash they brought. Luckily, there were no such events, something to help bolster the confidence of the trois.
Kinko was not paid to haggle but saw a few items that he could see himself with. Unfortunately, he imagined the next time he would come back the items would be gone, fortunately, they would be replaced with something else, maybe better, maybe worse. With her gazing eyes, you inspected almost every item on the stand, making small talk with the merchant before strolling past and moving on to the next stall. She stood longer than most and occupied the space without standing too long to compel herself to buy something. It was the perfect combination of no self-control but amazing discipline. Kinko’s eyes went to see how many other stalls there were, at this rate, he would expect a few thousand ryo…He might have to shake it out of Genji too.

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Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Ryo : 29000

Markets at the Boarder Empty Re: Markets at the Boarder

Wed Jul 20, 2022 3:55 pm
The next stall one of spices, teas, and honeys. Not a bad idea, most those items do not perish quickly, easily stored and transportable, do not suffer in most weather conditions. His mind wandered for only a bit, he wondered what their life was like. He knew most were putting on their best salesman face, despite the economic and financial hardship their lives must suffer from. He imagined it was hard work, the stress and desperation of hoping the market stays up. Lightning Country is relatively stable. He had to shake his mind, he was here for a reason, and that was to keep Diva safe, and Genji safe enough to pay. His eyes continued to survey the crowd and conducted ocular pat downs of those around him, and far from him. He knew even some of the merchants allowed and helped the thieves and they would get a cut so he could not trust all of them either.
After sampling a few items and a cheerful smile that no one could get mad at, Diva proceeded to the next stall. Here, some more clothing, leather goods, and an assortment of other useless items. Seemingly, with some interest in everything, the next stall would soon come. Fruits! Actually, the same fruit stand Kinko had bought from earlier. His eyes watered over the fruit as he hoped Diva would get some, at least to snack on through the day. His eyes widened as he watched her hand enter her purse, assuming to pull out some coins to pay for a handful of fruit. Shocked, his mouth dropped to the floor, and an internal alarm and desire to stop Diva. Seemingly, her cheerful personality was equally matched to a complete unawareness of the world. The coin bag she pulled out was seemingly full of bills, so much it couldn’t fit. Bills were popping out, almost flying out as she stumbled to find the smallest bill. With almost no care in the world, and an absolute lack of a sense of security, she handed the bill over to be returned with 3 small fruit snack bags providing a refreshing variety of fruit.
Kinko eagerly grabbed the fruit, as she thanked her. However, did not appreciate the amount of attention she caused. He watched everyone else’s eyes widened as they saw her as an opportunity, everyone liked an opportunity to get rich fast. For most, the temptation was not worth it, but for some, they would not be able to look away. It’d be enough money to settle their life somewhere new, start a new business, or secure the drugs they need. Either way, Kinko would not let that happen as he stood in a more defensive posture, to deter the daring.
Genji noticed it as well, as he tried to guide her to a more secure spot with less people around. Trying to locate a good place to regroup, regather, and most importantly, reassess their situation. Unfortunately, this move only caused the inevitable to happen. No wonder why he needed help in the markets, Diva was the reason why these threats occurred. She makes being a victim so likely and the temptation of easy money fuels many. An audible gasp left her mouth as Kinko’s eyes quickly reacted; she was in shock. She ran over to a stall and asked the merchant if she could further examine the piece. “True platinum, no fogging or clouding, clear engravement, spectacular polish, all with Dysart cut emerald.” Kinko understood passion, and this was it. Not only did he know she loved jewelry, but she knew parts of the trade. He wondered if she would be able to barter, knowing that she pulled out more money than most of these people’s annual salary.

[WC: 626/1559]
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Ryo : 29000

Markets at the Boarder Empty Re: Markets at the Boarder

Wed Jul 20, 2022 4:49 pm
The jeweler secured the pair of ring back into his guard before offering the number.  “This is most likely the most expensive item here, only a princess Is worthy of obtaining it.”  The jeweler said directly towards the man, who he knew was paying.  However, this brought more attention.  Kinko watched a group of several men pointed and started to talk about them but also the lonely gangly thief in the corner looking to snatch and run.  He turned his body to get a new gaze of anyone around him and in the process, flashed his weaponry around his belt to the group and the person, a signal that we were armed and we see you.  Naturally, they were shocked that Kinko could spot them but also that they realized the job was not as easy.  It is hard to keep the prize in front of so many people when it becomes messy.  There was still security around, while often not as willing to get their hands dirty, they were still very present.  Kinko reached into his pocket and pulled out a headband, one that he rarely uses due to the intimidation it brings.

For anyone else he missed, the headband was a symbol of a prominent organized crime syndicate that was growing.  The one that Kinko was born into, his clan.  He did not want to use this, almost immediately, the mood shifted.  Genji looked at Kinko in complete shock and any question of being reasonable paid was now a guarantee.  Even Genji got a little uncomfortable, most people will not mess with the lightning branch, for good or for worse.  Kinko turned his body to face the jeweler who was having a good time trying to convince Diva to pay more than it's worth, (which it is worth a lot but not that much), until he got a gulp and his attitude suddenly got more cooperative.  This was not entirely the intended effect that Kinko was going for but he expected and knew it would be so. The jeweler quickly reduced his offer to something much more reasonable.  Honestly, Kinko had not want the man to lose money on this.  He was sure the merchant was hoping for a big sale on this jewelry, especially because people could afford it.  Additionally, it seemed like Diva was negotiating more for the fun of it, rather than the necessity of saving.  Regardless, it seemed that the threats were neutralized, Genji swiftly paid for the jewelry as Diva put it on immediately than bragged about her skills to reduce the price.

Kinko had to admit that it did look good.  Diva mistook the massive amount of respect and fear shown to the group as they continued to walk towards their home.  People got out of their way, she assumed it came because the ring was fit for a princess but more, the fear of the vampires.  Kinko would continue to eat his fruit as people imagined it was raw meat, everyone is still afraid of vampires.  Soon, the three would be at the gates they met at.  Diva seemed to have enjoyed the company of Kinko, never really noticing why he was there.  Genji quickly dismissed Diva to show off her jewelry to the assistants in the house, where Genji would take the opportunity to pay Kinko in private.  Pulling out his own wad of cash, he pulled some bills out and handed them to Kinko, who was grateful.  “I hope this is enough.” He said with a smile, which was worth more than the money.  Kinko smiled in return, dismissing the man who quickly took his leave.  Hoping to not meet another vampire again…Kinko knew that he was going to be able to rest tonight, he had a good day.  A day where he really feels like a hero, even though it was not dramatic or life changing, it was what he needed to do.

[WC: 656/2110]

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Markets at the Boarder Empty Re: Markets at the Boarder

Sun Sep 04, 2022 4:48 pm
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