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Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?  - Page 3 Empty Re: Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?

Wed Jun 29, 2022 9:51 pm
Noboru Kaito’s legendary sword did not wait for his subordinate to offer him an opportunity at a final farewell to his former comrade. Before Elias had a chance to react, he had been struck with a decisive blow, the flames of the Sakegari no Tachi now piercing through his sternum, his heart, and his spine. Elias knew immediately that the battle was over and was clinging on to the few remaining moments of life he had left. The flames of the sword flowed through Elias and although he was paralyzed and dying, his body was numb and whatever pain he felt before, was now fleeting. The same smile he wore earlier at the beginning of their battle, he wore now in the wake of death. “Thank you…” Elias would mutter as his physical body would be pulled towards the gourd like a liquid and sealed. His consciousness was now transported to a world where he would live out the rest of eternity, stumbling about with blurred vision, calling out the names of his wife and children.

[Claiming death of Elias Uchiha]

TWC: 2470

Claims for Fu:
12K Ryo = 28800 New Total
60 AP = 769 New Bonus AP Total
49 Bonus AP (Max Stats) = 818

2470 towards Nature Energy Storage Seal (Hoshi Archived Jutsu) 2470/2500

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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?  - Page 3 Empty Re: Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?

Sun Jul 10, 2022 10:27 am
He felt dirty.

As he looked in his dying friend’s eyes, he hoped the pain and shame could be seen before his friend’s soul dripped along the blade, to be trapped in a drunken stupor within the gourd. Withdrawing the burning sake into the container and stoppering it with the cork, he watched the lifeless body of his friend fall, and making use of the still enabled gates, he quaked a few quick steps to catch him in his arms, then dispelling the enhancing power of the gates. He held Elias Uchiha in his arms, against him, allowing the lifeblood of his friend to spill and stain his arms and lap and he knelt. Staining his hands.

Hands born to destroy and kill.

Carefully, he laid out his friend on the ground in front of him, stretching his body as if letting him finally rest. His right hand moved to his face, leaving bloodstained streaks across the brow and eyes as he closed the eyelids, taking the Uchiha’s hands on his own and resting them over his stomach to hide the hole in his abdomen. He repressed the sadness, steeling his heart and reigning his emotions. He looked up to Hiroki, his own hand stained in blood from the kill he had secured. With a span of his fingers, Noboru produced two scrolls; one empty, the other containing one of the eyes of the bloodline of their mark. “Here”, he said, extending one of the scrolls to Hiroki. “It contains an eyeball, one with the prowess of the Uchiha, similar to Elias’. It’s unused, so you will need to train it and figure out its secrets on your own. Visit Ichigo, he will help you with the details.”

Once Hiroki took the scroll, he would wave his hand as if shooing him away. “You are dismissed, Hiroki. Don’t be seen leaving the area.”

He looked once again at his friend, the blood across his eyes and the one that spilled across his mouth. He didn’t have the cloak of the Raikage, so instead he ripped part of the sleeve of his armor, wiping away the blood around his mouth. It was pointless though. The fabric was too rough, and it only managed to take away most of it, leaving behind streaks, staining the wispy beard of his old friend. With Hiroki out of sight, tears would blur Noboru’s vision, and he grasped at his friend’s hands once more. Shutting his eyes, he would offer him a small prayer. “Raijin, let his battlecry be heard once more across the skies. Let his fury be reborn in the spirit of the new warriors. May his memory quake the earth. Fuijin, let his impetuous spirit rustle the mountains once more, let his tenacity spread the storm across the continent, let him course swiftly through the ages. I beseech thee. Let him not be just a memory.”

Opening his eyes, a single tear would fall from the one eye not covered with the patch. Taking the second scroll which he had kept on his person, he would open it, and unfurl it over the body of his friend, facing him. Placing his palm on it, the body disappeared in a poof of smoke, his trail forever disappearing from this world. The scroll was rolled back, closed neatly, and displaced once more onto the pocket dimension of Noboru. Looking to his side, the fire kept creeping, closer and closer into the forest. With a few handseals, Noboru would cast and spit a ball of fire, which whirled through the night until it reached the flames, and in a swift and wide explosion, the sudden burst of the technique burned up the oxygen in the area, causing the fire to subside. That would have to do it. Inspecting the zone for further pockets of fire, he decided to perform a few more handseals, and the earth quaked and swallowed the trees, causing the area to look broken and deformed, but with no chance of the fire rising once more.

Noboru left the area, a calm and quiet pace, using his Byakugan to keep tabs on the environment around him, to make sure no one was around to see him leave the area.
WC: 706
TWC: 3305
Claiming Elias' body as B-Rank Bounty, 12000 Ryo, 60AP
+100AP for Sakegari no Tachi, making current vessel 350AP
Using 2101 words towards Deployed Switching mastery of Drum Strike, previously worked on here
Using 1000 towards Temporary Paralysis to bump it from D-Rank to B-Rank.
Discarding rest.
-1 Sharingan and Corpse Scroll, given to Hiroki
Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
Stat Page : Mementos of Noon - Hiroki Shimada
Mission Record : Hiroki's Mission Log
Living Clones : Mementos of Dawn - Hiro Shimada

Mementos of Dusk - Ki Shimada
Familiar : Shichiro
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Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 150580

Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?  - Page 3 Empty Re: Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?

Sun Jul 10, 2022 1:14 pm
And so, the deed had been done.

The now lifeless body of Elias Uchiha would proceed to go limp around the hand that was still inside the abdomen of the man as Nobo’s firey blade had pierced through his once beating heart. A glance that was exchanged between the two in question was seen by Hiroki as he would calmly remove his hand from the body while the Kage would also quietly walk over and grab it, before placing it upon the earth beneath them. Everything went silent for nothing but more than a moment, as no words could express the confusing grab bags of emotions that the beefy lad was probably feeling right now. Feeling that there was the need to offer some form of condolence, the Shimadan youth would speak up to him, his voice in a hushed whisper like that of a parent trying to lull and comfort their child, ”He’s in a better place now. The fleeting and fickle storm of death must come for us all, and now was his time. But, something tells me you two will be seeing each other in the future, beyond the borders of this mortal coil in our realm.” The small speech acted as a foil almost to their first encounter with one another where the roles had been reversed; it was Nobo who originally had to consul Roki, but now things were the other way around it would seem. But still, the youngin’ wouldn’t make any further comments upon the somber tone of the ordeal.

It would then be seen that Noboru would procure two different scrolls from underneath his garb; the explanation that one of them contained a Sharingan was met with somewhat widened eyes. Looking onwards to the guy who handed this over, Hiroki was almost at a loss for words with this. To be entrusted with a dojutsu eye by someone in which he considered a teacher was beyond delightful and joyous. It meant that all the effort and hard work was paying off, so to have these efforts noticed by the man in charge, absolutely jaw dropping. ”Thank you, Lord Raikage. I’ll make sure the eye goes towards good use. And, as you wish.” Before leaving, the prankster would bow to express his immense feelings of thanks and gratitude to the Lord for giving him this reward.

Then, under the cover of night, the newly-spirited Chunin would disappear into the neighboring tree line, and head back towards the village hidden in the clouds.

[Thread Exit]

WC: 419
TWC: 3287


Thread Exit
+1 Scroll containing Sharingan, +1 Corpse Storage Scroll
Total Ryo, 22000 (12000 from Mission + 2000 Chunin bonus + 8000 Ryo Bounty)
60 AP
2000 WC towards memorizing Nobo’s Chakra Signature

1185 words to Equilibrium Release: Witherbloom, was previously 878/2063 from here, completing it for A Rank w/ 25% max stat discount
2063 words to Yin Yang Particle Disruption Beam, completing it for A Rank w/ 25% max stat discount
Dropping the remaining 39 WC
Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
Stat Page : Stats
Mission Record : Missions
Remove Ninjutsu Remove Default
Wind Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Otogakure
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Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?  - Page 3 Empty Re: Where'd you go, Cotton Eyed Joe?

Sun Jul 10, 2022 6:29 pm
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