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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
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Missing Merchant Empty Missing Merchant

Thu Apr 07, 2022 1:19 pm
Mission Details:

Ise had been woken up at the butt-crack of dawn for a rather particular mission. Apparently, a well-known (as well as wealthy) merchant has been reported missing for a couple of days now. Apparently, the commissioner who requested this to be looked into had found the merchant's house completely wrecked from top to bottom. Isemori was at the house now and judging by the looks of the place, there was clearly some kind of struggle. Fortunately, as Ise further examined the area, there was no signs of blood, which led Ise to believe that the merchant who had lived was more than likely captured alive. There obviously had to have been a reason for keeping him alive, rather than leaving him dead on the floor in his own home, but Ise didn’t know what that reason could be.

Ise had also had his Sharingan activated, just in case he spotted a vagrant’s chakra somewhere in the house. He was also fortunate in that department, as there was no one around except for him. While Ise had searched the place from top to bottom, Ise had decided to wait for his mission partner to show up. He wondered who his mission partner was because normally the missive would state such, however, this was probably conducted at the last minute and due to the severity of it, chances were they had assigned someone at random like himself whose skills would be suitable to be able to complete the mission.

WC: 247
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