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Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
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Basic Conditioning {Training/Solo} Empty Basic Conditioning {Training/Solo}

Thu Feb 10, 2022 4:32 pm
~ Just like the moon, half of her heart will always love the dark. ~

Meika was uncertain of the reasoning that woke her up during the late hours. She sat up from her comforter, the cat laid fast asleep beside her feet. The window nearby the bed welcomed the light of the moon, as it showered over the kunoichi's room. Casting its gaze lifted gaze over the dark room. The moonlight was both eerie and beautiful, all wrapped in a combination that Meika adored for.

But it was very likely that the lass wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep anytime soon. She felt a stir of unsettlement within her. Maybe she should get up and put this unwelcomed energy to some good use. It was late, but Meika didn't mind the night. It was when her mind was at its peak for creativity.

A sigh left her lips. "Bless it. . I might as well get some training in. If I don't . . I'll probably find myself getting into some trouble again." And she was only half-joking. It's been a wonder that the lass has avoided another incident for this long. Better not jinx it.

Her feline friend wasn't very pleased that she was leaving its side so soon, and at such a late hour. But after a snack of baked salmon on its ceramic plate, Meika was able to win over the feline's approval.

A quick shower was taken care of before the Kamigawa even bothered going out. She preferred having the water scorching hot like the hell itself, but the lass had heard of samurais who would condition their body with brutal temperaments. Some of them would wade in a freezing cold stream in the nude. Even though such a thought seemed like a very spiritual experience, Meika was unsure about the idea of being a public nudist. With her luck. . someone would be bound to come across at the wrong time.

So instead, she turned the handle as far as it could go for the cold. Pelting her body with the brutal water as a shiver worked down her spine. It was a painful experience for a hot - blooded lass like herself, but after a few minutes, Meika found her body becoming used to the temperature. In a way, she had to admit that the cold water was refreshing.

Meika really was an odd one. But that did not make her any less determined to make it through the ranks. The process was a slow one, but the Kamigawa felt as if she was getting closer to her goal. 

Meika headed back into training her ass off. She revisited the Advanced Training Center to work herself into a hot sweat until she felt satisfied enough. Meika’s current attire was casual and fitted to her form. Nothing fancy. She let her wild hair fall freely behind her and didn’t bother to pin it up today. Looking almost like a ruffian as she entered the training center with her untidied hair and a determined expression plastered upon her face. 

It was time to begin the day with some simple warmup and work her way through. Her eyes glanced around the place while briefly chewing on the bottom of her lip. So far the place was pretty dead, no one else was currently occupying the place. Meika kinda expected this. The sun has not even come up yet to welcome the skies of Kumogakure. 

Meika moved to one of the walls of the training center. Siphoning her chakra to her feet as she surfaced walked up along the wall and onto the ceiling. Her black hair dangled freely like a curtain as she stood upside down. Meika allowed herself to gaze at the floor from her position, before closing her eyes. She positioned herself to start meditating on the ceiling. 

Now of course anyone would consider this display to be goofy, but Meika thought that it would not hurt to make mediation slightly different. Complicating herself with keeping her body and mind at ease, while keeping the chakra siphoned at her feet consistently. If she failed to do so, the kunoichi would probably experience landing on her head.  

It wasn’t so bad having the training facility all to herself. 

The surface walking technique didn’t really require much chakra to hold up, but concentration was important. It was interesting for Meika to have herself keep up the Jutsu while meditating. It was also intimidating as well, knowing how easily she could receive some neck injury if something was to go wrong. Of course, that wasn’t something she was going to let happen. 

One final concentrated exhale breathed through her slightly parted lips before the kunoichi prepared herself for the drop. Letting the surface walking technique end as her body allowed the laws of gravity, and dropped towards the floor beneath her. 

Meika flipped her body over during her fall, timing her landing to be precise as she landed on her feet. Nothing to worry about. 

The raven - haired woman could not help but feel satisfied with her mediation, but now it was time to move on to some more physical training. It is always important to keep a ninja's body conditioned, or they may grow lazy and weak.

She spent some time doing some pull - ups and situps, with some other strength and core exercises, before moving on to one of the targets. The Advanced Training Facility always made sure to be very beneficial for the shinobi. They made sure to have plenty of equipment for their disposal. This included training kunai to use for target practice, as long as no one tried to leave with them. The training kunai wasn’t like the real deal anyways. 

Meika took possession of some of the training kunai that was available, her phantom eyes gazing at the training target with full intent. Her hand gripped the kunai within it rightly for a moment, before righting its hold. Drawing her hand in before flinging the training kunai into the direction of the target. 

The metal kunai hurled through the air, closing the gap between the kunoichi and the target in mere seconds, before burying itself deep into the target. She had aimed for the bullseye but struck a little hair too far to the right. She wasn’t very pleased and continued with her target practice. More kunai danced through the air like dangerous swallows, that aimed to shred the bullseye mark. 

Her mark was almost dead on, but she didn’t stop until she perfected the throw. The thump of the kunai hitting the target began to sound like an upbeat rhythm. 

Meika even took the time to work on her flexibility. Since she wasn't really considered a hard hitter when it came to physical aspects, the raven - haired woman relied on being nimble with her movements and reflexes. It would only benefit her more if the lass took time in her training to maintain her body's grace and easy movements.

She couldn't be letting herself grow stiff. The Kamigawa was not looking to be an easy defeat.

An hour of conditioning her body's flexibility felt endless to her. But after she was done, Meika found her eyes narrowing at one of the sand sack dummies. It was obvious that she wasn't wasting any time today. Quickly moving on to the next objective.

She approached the dummy with her head cocked to the side. Running her hand across the surface of the rough, graining fabric that held all the sand together. The texture felt scratchy beneath her touch.

The lass moved into stance, her hands held up close as she began some controlled breathing.  The air rushed into her lungs. A hard, solid kick landed against the side of the dummy as the breath sighed from her lips.

Again, another breath was taken in. Another kick swiped to cover the distance between her and the dummy. Another solid hit that followed in rhythm with her breathing.

After a few kicks where landed, Meika gracefully switched to landing blows with her fists and elbows. Until she was performing some sort of dance with the sand dummy as her unfortunate partner.

A bead of sweat trickled down the nape of her neck, traveling down along her defined collarbone. Teeth bit into the bottom of her lip as the impact of hitting the dummy sent an ache through her body. Each blow didn't feel so good, as Mieka was sure as hell that her arms and legs would be kissed with some brutal bruises by tomorrow morning.

This was what it meant to be a shinobi. The lifestyle wasn't meant to be pretty. It was a reality that not everyone would be ready for death if someone was to ask of it, but it was something they had to be prepared for. To give their life for the loyalty they declared to have.

No. . Meika didn't have the scars to tell a story of strength. But she had determination. She had the prowess of a she - beast that did not mind getting down and dirty. It wasn't a quality that many would be able to witness, but it was something she knew that she possessed and was proud of.

Another strike hit the dummy at full force, a hiss of pain escaped from her parted lips. Her waist twisted as she pivoted from her toes, as she curled herself into a ferocious windmill kick.

Meika was panting like some dog stuck in the desert, but the controlled breathing had done its wonders and helped the lass not get too winded.

Maybe a quick water break wouldn't be a bad idea.

Meika let herself indulge in some cool aqua. It was refreshing. She could already feel a difference in her body temperature as the water cooled her down a bit.

"I'm doing my best to succeed. If that isn't enough. . then I'll learn that the hard way." Meika spoke the words to herself in a harsh tone, before taking another heavy swig of water.

Dawn must be approaching around this time now. The sun would soon be peaking over the mountains with its golden glaze. That may be the case, but Meika wasn’t finished just yet. She was simply taking a break.

She unpacked the simple meal that was prepared before coming to the training facility. Her legs were crossed as she sat down, the small bento box balanced upon her lap. Removing the lid revealed some rice balls sprinkled with some vibrant salmon roe and seaweed flakes. To the side were some veggies and baked salmon.

Meika was not a really big fan when it came to vegetables, but she still was able to choke it down for her health. Making sure to wash it down with some more of the water.

Everything else in the bento felt marvelous to devour, even if it was simply prepared. It was a good thing she made sure to feed the feline before leaving. Meika did not really expect to spend that much time training, since she belgian at such a crazy hour, but right now the lass felt as if she had the stamina of a sexual stegosaurus and wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to take advantage of it for more solid progress.

The light meal resulted in being refreshing. Meika placed away her small bento box before stretching her arms over her head. Like a kitten giving a good stretch after its beloved rest.

Meika was starting to run out of things to do, or maybe her creativity was lacking to come up with something. She went back to doing some more meditation, but this time on the mat instead of upside down from the ceiling. *Snicker*

After completing another meditation session, the lass decided to improve some of her kicks. She worked herself with some more windmill kicks and the kick - up handstand. It took good balance to pull both of them off. She swung kicks, twisted her body for the windmill, and pivoted herself up in a handstand to deliver deadly blows upwards.

At one of the corners of the training facility, there was a basic weapon rack that was ornamented with wooden weapons and swords. Even though the Kamigawa did not have much experience with swords, she didn’t see a problem with becoming at least a little familiar with one. She withdrew one of the smaller swords from the rack, one that was simply the length of her arm and no more, and stood back in front of the sand dummy.

She practiced trying out different stances, seeing as to which one was more comfortable for her form. Holding the wooden sword at a comfortable position as she finally decided on the stance of her choice, that suited her most. Then, with her practice of concentrated breathing, Meika swung the wooden training sword at the dummy. She repeated this movement for a good while. Sometimes changing the angle in which her sword was swung, or attempting new stances to mix things up a bit.

The wooden blade of the sword beat against the sand dummy. Her arms were beginning to ache from all this training, and trying to control her breathing for this long was putting a toll on her lungs. Meika’s chest burned. Her control breathing was slipping.

The wooden sword dropped at her feet as Meika collapsed in a resting position. Her chest grew and fell as she focused to catch her breath. She’s done a handful of physical training but has not done much with her chakra and Jutsu techniques. Maybe Meika should get some in before she finishes for the day and leave the training facility.

The Kamigawa was aware that she recently learned a complex Jutsu technique that would be a big turning point in her battles. It was an enhancer that could increase her speed and chakra by a wonderful amount. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to become familiar with the technique before her hunter mission.

The enhancer technique did not require any hand signs to perform, instead, the user was to focus on sending their chakra through their tenketsu points, which was also known as the chakra points of that person. Each person had access to three hundred and sixty - one chakra points within their body.

The chakra would release from those tenketsu points to form a shell around the user. This is how the user gained their enhancers to both speed and chakra control.

Meika stood from her resting position. Her arms raised to be level with her chest, as she placed one fist against one open palm. This wasn’t required of her for the technique, but it helped her concentrate with her chakra flow and her chakra points. Her eyes closed as she imagined the chakra points, and her yin-yang chakra flowing through them.

Five minutes passed as she continued this stance, and nothing seemed to be happening. There was no change of sensation or anything that would indicate the success of the enhancer. Meika pouted in disappointment but continued to work on the Jutsu. She practiced with the same stance, but still nothing. Then decided to add on breathing control along with it.

There was a faint tingle, but still no solid results.

Meika closed her eyes again. Her breathing was still controlled as she envisioned her chakra flowing from their pathways like a soothing, consistent river. She worked with Suiton quite a bit and hoped that maybe it would encourage a little help.

Then there it was. The sensation felt faint at first but seemed to grow as the enhancer placed its spell upon her. She could sense a change in her chakra control and her body.

There, that was enough to have her feeling confident and accomplished with the day. It was only the evening, but Meika was already spent from training so early. It was time to close the book and call it a day. The rest of her time would be used for resting and preparing lunch. Her feline would perhaps require some attention as well, she did not mind the idea of giving her a nice coming to keep up with her fuzzy little coat.

Meika gathered her things, being sure to not forget her bento box from her meal earlier. She hydrated herself with some more water and then exited the training facility.

Her face tilted up to the sky as she walked outside. She squinted her eyes as the sun shone in a clear sky. “Eh. . a little too bright.” But it was not too bad. The lass did prefer the night hours over daytime, but it was nice to have the sun shine down on her.  -Exits-

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Basic Conditioning {Training/Solo} Empty Re: Basic Conditioning {Training/Solo}

Sun Feb 13, 2022 8:10 pm
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