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Taini Hyuga
Taini Hyuga
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Taini Hygua Basic Taijutsu training (solo) Empty Taini Hygua Basic Taijutsu training (solo)

Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:57 pm
The morning was clear and a slight chill tainted the air in the valley it was a moist morning as Taini watched the sweet sun pop over the tops of the trees. The sun was being quite shy this morning as it began to warm the village hidden in the leaves. Taini was just finishing his cup of coffee as he sat on the eaves of his roof and watched observed the sight that so many members of the world took for granted. The coffee had at first warmed his bod in the cool morning now the heat had dissipated from his beverage. Taini thought better of finishing the cold drink because he had plans today to do some training and his training today would not go very well if his belly was full of liquid. Taini again had a plan today much like his plan that he made for training every day since he had finished and passed his genin exam. It had been about two weeks and his training had gotten very methodic and planned each day consisting of working towards a goal that would help him to become better and better eventually allowing him to be a jonin. Today’s plan was practicing a couple taijutsu that he had been working on since before his genin exam. The current task was just to get to the training grounds.
So Taini made his way off of the roof the dawn was still in full bloom now his sleep had faded fully from his body and Taini felt energetic for the day to begin. He had mapped his new route for his morning runs with his destination each time ending at the training grounds. His new route had him running in and out of random alleys and back streets all through the village to extend the distance. Taini gradually increased his pace to a run and kept pace for a while. About one fourth of the way through the duration of his new routes he began to sprint counting the steps he took as he went: 100 steps sprinted gave him 1 point his goal was to reach 300 pts before he reached the training grounds. His new route was more challenging because he had chosen to take all of the slopes and small hills and towns, every small incline was along this route, large hills, across rivers Taini had personally planned this route to be the most challenging to help him warm up before he reached the training grounds. Taini continued his pattern until he was within sight of the grounds and when he reached the edge of the clear fields of nothing more than packed dirt he remembered his count, sporadically sprinted in place for three hundred and seventy three steps just so he could reach his goal and keep his promise to himself.
Today’s training regimen will be to master two taijutsu that Taini had been working on for a couple weeks both are simple strikes that would not do a lot of damage but when used on an opponent or in a sparring match could turn the morale in his favor. Tirelessly for the past two weeks Taini had Running at a full sprint up to trees that he had seen across the training grounds and smacking them both forehanded and back handed. His training had first started before his genin exam because this attack had been used on him several times during his training at the Hyuga compound. His teachers would smack him as a form of discipline when he was out of line or when he had been caught getting into one of his usual scuffles on his way to train. The forms used for this attack were very basic in form the open handed strike could deal damaged if used properly and the use of it could aid him in his future training. Each attack Taini would focus his energy and strength into his palm and he would smack the trees with all of his built in rage that he held against the elders of the Hyuga clan for always treating him differently and looking down at him. In his mind he pictured himself using this simple maneuver on them one by one letting them fill the sting and pain that it had shown him. Without flinching Taini smacked the trees repeatedly his anger growing with each strike. Before he attempted his last attack on this particular target this time Taini activated his byakugan allowing him to see his chakra flow and giving him a little more energy for this last attack. Sprinting across this field Taini rushed the tree and allowed his chakra to flow in to his hand and upon contact he felt his chakra ebb from his body into the object and the tree’s massive trunk gave under the force of the slap. The tree began to fall and Taini stood there feeling his anger inside of him wash away and he let his byakugan fade as well looking at himself and hearing the rushed in and out of his breathing Taini thought that was no way to feel but when that power was his he felt good knowing that if he kept training he could one show the elders of the Hyuga clan that he deserved the name Hyuga and the powers and responsibility that it entails.
Taini felt really well about his last attempt at the simple taijutsu, confident that he could imitate that same result in combat he decided that It was time to move to his next training goal for the day. His next technique was quite a rare and taboo taijutsu that he had only seen performed once and he reveled in the fact at how completely it could demoralize an opponent and open them up for several techniques to follow. Taini had heard the name of the technique and had also heard it called several other crude synonymous titles but his next training would be to execute the taijutsu maneuver one thousand years of death. Right after lunch because the sun was now high in the sky and Taini noticed that he was barely casting a shadow in the openness of the training field. He had brought with him a simple sandwich of pork that he had made earlier his morning and his own concoction to drink which was a combination of milk, two beaten eggs and extract of soy that was mixed well together to create a beverage high in protein and very delicious.
After lunch Taini resumed his training by first preparing a couple buckets of sand placing them out along the outer edges on opposite sides of the training grounds Taini would begin by running back and forth between the buckets and executing an attack of clasping his hands together and forming a conjoined fist followed by extending his two index fingers. Now when he approached a bucket of sand he would jab both fingers into the sand push outward extending his body to fling the buckets as far as he could using his fingers as the point of contact. This seemed strange at first but after a while of slinging these buckets around the field Taini could see how when this occurrence was aimed at a specific spot on an opposing target it could be very helpful. Now to try his technique out on an actual target.
Having always run through his known jutsu before his training Taini focused his chakra in a very familiar way gathering it, feeling the ebb and flow inside of him and almost effortlessly produced an exact clone of himself to test his new attack. Taini would let the clone run free around the grounds letting it attack him to get his heart rate up and to simulate a real situation where this particular jutsu would be used. After fainting an attack that he knew his clone would dodge Taini quickly transferred his body with a pivoting step to the side and crouched preparing to initiate the attack. Taini focused and remembered his training and quickly grasped his hands together extending his index fingers into the rigid point he had practiced repeatedly. Using his body much like a spring Taini let himself unfold with all the strength his body had to offer his grounded feet pressing down on the ground and his body extending upward until he felt the rapid transfer of energy reach his core and it continued upward into the extension of his arms and his guided fingers aiming for their mark pressed home into the sphincter of the clone. The look of surprise on the clones face surprised even Taini as he kept lifting and eventually brought the clone off the ground now Taini finished the maneuver by pushing and letting the clone take flight soared for about five meters in the direction of the shove and when it contacted the ground it popped into a small cloud of smoke. Taini smiled at the jest of the attack but used in the right circumstances it could prove useful to him. It was possible that it could confuse his opponent and force them back to a distance if it was executed properly. The smile on Taini’s face soon faded as he looked around and saw some of the other random ninja who had been training across the field looking at him with disgust while others were laughing at the techniques but Taini had been used to such ridicule and he began to proudly saunter off of the field feeling happy that he was finally able to pull off both of the techniques with the force and ferocity that would satisfy him and aid him in future battles.
Taini started his short journey back to is flat he began at a leisurely walk but after a few hundred meters began to jog then run again along his course, counting his steps as he went. In his mind there was still sunlight left in the sky even though it wasn’t much but he had to become better so every effort he put forth helped him reach his goals. IN his mind Taini knew he had done well today and as he ran home his thoughts drifted to how warm and welcoming his soft bed would be when he got there. (Exit, TWC-1727) (Jutsu Claim: 1000 years of death, Discipline.) ( Claim Stats: 8 stats for word count)
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Taini Hygua Basic Taijutsu training (solo) Empty Re: Taini Hygua Basic Taijutsu training (solo)

Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:23 am
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