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Taijutsu Training Empty Taijutsu Training

Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:29 am
Han wakes up in his room, and starts looking around. He rubs his eyes as he struggles to wake up to start his day. He has to wake up, he keeps telling himself. He needs to get stronger so get up and get to the rest of the day. He prepares for the day, taking a shower, eating breakfast, and then running to the training grounds. 

When he reaches the Training Grounds, he opens up his Jutsu Encyclopedia. "Let's see here, what should I work on? I think I'll train Taijutsu today. Oh, what's this? Wind Natured Taijutsu? I think I'd like that. Let's see what we have here. Ok, this sounds about right. Fuuton: Kaze Sutoraiku or Wind Release: Wind Strike. The user focuses wind chakra in their hands and feet and perform a quick strike, releasing the stored up Wind Natured or Fuuton chakra. This usually ends up with the opponent flying. Ok, that does not sound too hard. I think I'm ready for this." He says as he stretches. He keeps his Jutsu Encyclopedia back into his back pocket and he walks up to the training dummy. He starts practicing by using multiple combinations of Taijutsu. He goes for an elbow, using the momentum he follows it up by using a spinning kick, then ending with a spinning backhand. "Ok, that's enough of a warm up. Let's try this technique." He says with a smile. He starts charging up his chakra and begins changing his chakra into the Fuuton or Wind Nature. He focuses this Fuuton Chakra into his hands and feet and prepares to strike. He goes for a kick but the chakra disappears. "Huh? Weird. I guess this technique needs to be done quickly before it disappears. Alright, that's interesting. Let's try again." He pushes the chakra into his left fist and goes for a quick jab. He hits quickly and the chakra disperses and expels out of the fist, sending the dummy flying off its post. "Alright! I can get the hang of this. Let's try a kick now." He then proceeds to do a spinning kick. He jumps in the air and starts spinning as fast as he can. He uses the momentum of the spin to push his leg down to deal great amounts of damage. Before he lands the kick, however, he charges the Fuuton chakra into his leg, causing the wind from the kick to push downwards on the dummy, causing its post to break and the dummy to fall into the ground. "Alright! I got the hang of it! Let's do this some more!" He starts to do more combinations again but the difference is each time he ends the combination, he uses the Wind Release: Wind Strike. He repeats the combinations earlier. He goes for an elbow, using the momentum he follows it up by using a spinning kick, then ending with a Wind Release: Wind Strike in the form of a spinning backhand. The dummy goes flying off its post again as it looks beaten and broken from this technique. He goes for a jab then a straight, followed up by an uppercut with the left hand and using the momentum a backflip kick, using his Fuuton in his legs to use the Wind Release: Wind Strike technique. The dummy flies upwards from the strike and it falls to the ground in pieces. He starts doing multiple exercises and drills using the Wind Release: Wind Strike trying to use it at its maximum capacity. He manages to hold the jutsu longer than it was before so he can use it in the middle of a combination of strikes and even manages to lessen the time to build up the chakra required for the jutsu. He decides to use this technique in conjunction with others. He first uses the Body Flicker Technique in conjunction with the Wind Release: Wind Strike to make an incredibly fast strike to an opponent that sends them flying and reeling from the hit. The dummy flies farther and breaks into more pieces as the momentum of the Body Flicker Technique adds to the force of the Wind Release: Wind Strike. He then uses the Flicker Movement Technique and everything slows down as his mind sharpens and becomes focused and clear. Everything slows down as he moves, he even sees after images of his own body. He starts running towards the next unbroken dummy and uses the Wind Release: Wind Strike technique to do an open handed push to the center of the dummy. He sees the wind slowly release from his body as a small shockwave of wind causes the dummy to dislodge itself from the ground and the wind slowly pushes it as he sees a ball the size of his hands made of pressurized, condensed, concentrated, chakra-infused air and wind slowly pushing the dummy like a bullet of air. "Woah. That's really cool." He says as he releases the Flicker Movement Jutsu and everything speeds up and returns back to normal speed. "That's a rush. I'm still not entirely used to it." He says as he shakes his head, getting reoriented with the regular flow of time and space. "Ok, I'm back to normal. Now, what next?" He says curious about what he should do next. "Maybe I should spar with Ryu." He says as he walks over to Ichiraku Ramen to talk to his best friend. "Hi Ryu, how's everything going over here?" He says casually, itching for a fight. "Everything's going well, cooking's great. How about you, if I know you, you wanna spar with me, Am I right? It's my break right now, so I'm ready for it." He says stretching his arms. "Let's do this Han." He says confidently. They both run back to the training grounds and prepare to fight. "Get ready to lose, Ryu. I didn't stop training like you did." Han says confidently. "Ha, Who said I stopped training? I'm gonna wipe that smug smile right off your face." Ryu says in response. "Bring it!" Han says as he rushes in Ryu's direction. They exchange blow for blow as they are equal in skill. They run at almost the same speed and punch at the same strength. "Pretty good Ryu. I see you weren't lying." Han says as they clash. "I never lie Han, you should know that by now." He says with a smug smile. They continue exchanging blows as they are matched hit for hit. "Not bad, but I have learned some new things." Han says before using the Body Flicker Technique and disappears behind Ryu. "Hah, don't think I slacked off now." Ryu says before using the Body Flicker Technique as well. Han uses the Flicker Movement Technique to get an edge over him. "Haha. I see you now." Han says before he lands the first real hit of the fight. He uses a left hook and charges it with Fuuton and uses the Wind Release: Wind Strike. Ryu takes the brunt of the attack and gets sent flying. He lands on the ground with a thud. "Ow. Ok, I'll admit it. You got me there. What is that anyway?" Ryu asks rubbing his face. "It's the Fuuton: Kaze Sutoraiku or Wind Release: Wind Strike. It's a really cool technique. Let me show you." Han says as he applies Basic Medical Ninjutsu on his bruised face. He starts to demonstrate on a few dummies and they are sent flying once again. Han and Ryu keep talking about everything they've learned recently, with ninja techniques for Han, and cooking techniques for Ryu. "Well, it was really good to see you, Ryu but I gotta go, it's almost night and I have to be home by dinner. See you tomorrow! Oh, and don't forget to bring me that salmon sashimi you promised! Bye!" Han says as he takes off running. "I won't and bye! See you tomorrow!" Ryu says as Han runs very quickly back home. Han makes it home just in time for dinner where he talks with his father about his day and his father in turn talks about his. They exchange stories and they help each other out. They give each other advice as Han tells his dad to talk to so and so to help with the shop or to make weapons that go to the Ninja Academy as an extra source of income. Han's dad tells him to focus more and train hard to get stronger. At the end of the night, they both go upstairs and prepare for sleep. Han takes another shower to wash away all the sweat and dirt from today's training. He grips his mother's charm tightly as he says once more. "Thank you, mom. Thank you for another beautiful day of being with friends and getting stronger. I hope that you're proud of me up there, and I hope that you will always guide me. I love you, mom." He keeps the charm on his heart as he slowly drifts into a deep sleep.

Claims: Wind Release:Wind Strike+ 7 stat points
Please check
With all 20 points +5 from these topic, my chakra will be at 50 to be able to use the A rank jutsu.
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Taijutsu Training Empty Re: Taijutsu Training

Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:38 am
approved. Any chance you can try to separate paragraphs so your training is a little easier on the eyes next time please?
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Taijutsu Training Empty Re: Taijutsu Training

Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:39 am
Ok will take it into account also my exams are this week so I didn't really focus on those things sorry.
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Taijutsu Training Empty Re: Taijutsu Training

Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:41 am
Its not really an issue lol just makes it easier on us to check the trainings for you.
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