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Vretyel's Training for Taijutsu Specality (P) Empty Vretyel's Training for Taijutsu Specality (P)

Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:03 pm
Vretyel always knew that he was going to be a Taijustu and Ninjutsu specialist; he found out at an early age that he excelled in hand to hand combat and that he would be most powerful with the Bo Staff as well, but he also knew that his jutsu would combine the powers of lightning, and maybe fire to exponentially increase the power of his Taijutsu. When Vretyel was younger and discussed topics with older members of Konoha, they told him that they knew the name, Inazumahi well, saying that the name reminded them of legendary warriors for Konoha long ago, amazingly strong and swift in hand to hand combat almost always with weapons, using lightning to give them the advantage, but that these warriors began to disappear for some reason around the time that Vretyels father was born, suggesting that they were around for one generation, and then the next they were all gone. They also mentioned of a book that one of warriors would always be carrying a book that had written in it the skills and jutsu that that Inazumahis had learned, discovered, and thought to others, but that book has disappeared as well. Vretyel would often hear these stories as he would look up at the sky with the elders of the village, and was inspired often of the tales that they told of people bearing the name Inazumahi, and why after his father was born they began to disappear, did they all die in a great battle? Vretyel’s father is an Inazumahi, why is he not one of these great ninjas, and could one of the many books that he keeps at the house be the book of Legend, the one with all of these great skills and abilities? This all swirled through Vreteyl’s mind constantly, he searched for the answers time and time again, but the story ended the same every time, nobody knew what happened to these Inazumahi Ninja. Theories raced through Vretyels mind constantly wondering about what happened to these fighters and if what these elders said was true we would become a great Taijutsu fighter.
Vretyel decided that until he could find the Inazumahi book containing these jutsu that he must train his hand to hand combat, for if he was going to be like the others to bear his name he must be a great Taijutsu warrior. He decided early on that his weapon of choice would be the Bo Staff, strong and swift the staff would help him ward incoming jutsu and would someday be used to augment his growing power. Although he could do some limited training as an academy student, he would be able to accelerate his training when he became a genin, and that was all that he wanted to now, train with this Bo Staff and become the best Bo Fighter and Taijutsu master that the leaf village has ever seen. When Vretyel finally reached Genin the first thing that he did was buy a Bo staff from the ninja shop, just a normal Bo staff a little higher than his height because he knew that he was going to go into the Bo Staff. Vretyel was excited to start training Taijutsu with his new Bo Staff, and he was also excited to experiment with the Bo to make it his own, using lightning to make it, and Vretyel, stronger one day, but that was not the time, for now he wanted to spend all his time training. He started with some basic skills with the Bo Staff, using it to hit trees constantly for days, he wanted to gain more strength and speed with his Bo staff in hand before he tried to use it in actual combat along with using it enhance his skills further. At first for the first few days of constant Practice it was hard for Vretyel, having the feel for the staff proved to be difficult for him, as he knew that the staff was not only weapon designed to kill, but that using the weapon was also an art. If he just tried to use raw power and strength he would only get so far with that, because he might put all of his power into an attack that was not aimed correctly or the form was off, so that he was not using the staff’s full potential to his advantage, no, if he wanted to use the staff to his full potential he had to train balance, form, and increase his overall skill, and if he wanted to be a great Taijutsu warrior he would also have to train his body without the Bo Staff, and by learning his Taijutsu more he would be able to use those skills to help him with his use of the Bo.
At the Beginning of his hand to hand combat Vretyel went to same spot in the grounds that he always trained in, because it had a lot of trees that he could practice on, but it also had a lot of fields that he could practice on as well. He decided that it would be best to test out his strength first by using the trees around him to his advantage. At the beginning of the first day of him training just in hand to hand combat he said that he would not use any chakra at all, instead he would just rely on his physical strength alone to whittle down ten trees around him, completely. These trees were 10 feet all with 5 feet in diameter, and once he had whittiled away enough at him so that they fell he would continue to whittle down on the trees until there was nothing left. He knew that this would take days, weeks even to accomplish, so that at the end of every day of training for the last few hours he would train with the Bo staff, he would practice balance, speed, and control of the Bo. After this challenge he looked up at the sky for a good minute or two, thinking about all the ninja before him and the ninja who will come after him, he knew that this was his starting point on his path to becoming a great warrior, not like many others paths, but similar. He began at the first tree, punching it with hooks, jabs, uppercuts, kicks, and flurry of other skills, and Vretyel began to realize the pain that he was about to endure in order to become a great shinobi, he would have to scar and damage his skin, constantly bleed from his body in order to get the strength that the need, and he understood that. Vretyel was only doing justice to himself, but he was doing justice to all the Inazumahi warriors he had heard so much about, even if all of what the elders had told him were false, he was still going to do justice for them, for the sacrifices that they made, and for the sacrifice that he was making now. After a few hours his hands started to bleed, and as he stopped to look at this blood only for a moment he decided that he would do something, he would not clean his hands at the end of the day before practicing with his Bo, instead he was going to paint it red through his blood, staining the beautiful wood to the color that Vretyel thought was justice for himself. It would be a symbol of his hard work and determination. As the hours on the first day winded down to the first hours of the night he found that he had only done some damage to his first tree, not enough to even make the tree lean a little, he had puched maybe only an inch into the base of the tree. But a deal is a deal, Vretyel said to himself, I am going to put all of these trees to the ground, they will become nothing, there sacrifice will not be forgotten. Vretyel took his bloodly hands and took the Bo, staining it for the first time the crimson color of blood. After looking up at the red sky for a few minutes he began to train for balance by standing on his Bo staff with his eyes closed without falling over, thinking. For the first while he didn’t even come close, he would jump up to the top of Bo but he couldn’t get the landing right, he would just fall over front or back over and over again. Hitting the hard pavement, after awhile however he began to get the idea of blancing on this thin object, he had to focus his point of balance not to his feet but to this center body, by focusing his balance there he still feel time and time again, but each time he would stay balanced longer, one minute, to two minutes, to five minutes each time he tried to balance on his Bo. Vretyel decided that before he could go home for the day and rest he had to stay balanced on his Bo Staff weapon for two hours. Vretyel knew with this goal he would be up the entire night, but that is what he wanted, he didn’t want to quit so early, he wanted to continue trying again and again. It was hours of trying to get balanced on there, and by the time that the moon was center in the sky he would be able to stay on the Bo staff for as long as one hour, half of his goal completed. He was focused on his goal, to become a great Taijutsu and Ninjutsu ninja. Then he finally completed his goal, his attempt when the sun was just about to rise was the one, he was finally able to find the center of balance on the Bo and on himself, and once he knew that he had found that point of finding that true balance, he decided that he was going to stay there until he fell off. The hours flew by for Vretyel, often looking up at the sky, breaking his concentration to look at the cloudless sky, beautiful, but by the time that the sun was directly overhead he had been on the Bo Staff balancing for over six hours. He wanted to go more, but he was exhausted, and when a large burst of wind came, he could not find the new center fast enough and fell on the ground. He was soar on his legs because of all the training and balance, but he knew that he would finish off today and then go home. He decided that he was going to use a combination of leg attacks and punches to the tree, along with moving around the tree to increase awareness of moving targets, with his speed he would to two and five attack combos at a time, punching then kneeing then punching the tree three times then running around the tree, giving it a good side kick then stopping, and doing a few hundred roundhouses or straight fisted punches to the tree. Continuously doing this caused pain to his knuckles, palms, feet and legs every single time he performed the technique but he had to continue for more practices. The second day he improved on the distruction of the tree, making the tree lose one inch on all its sides more, but with the few hours of daylight that were left and after looking at the sky for inspiration he continued with his Bo training. Today he would use his training for the center of balance to jump up with the Bo supporting him and doing a virety of kicks and strikes to an invisible opponent. Vretyel soon learned that finding the center of balance while standing still was easy compared to doing it fast moving, it required strength and trust with himself and the Bo, otherwise he would just have the Bo fall over or he wouldn’t have enough air time to complete the set of kicks. It was getting dark now and Vretyel had not eaten in over two days, he needed rest and some time to treat the wounds he had, putting some bandages over his hands when he was not training so he didn’t cause infections. He then went home knowing techniques, knowing full well that through more training he would become a great Taijutsu shinobi.

[For the Taijutsu specialty, 2079 words]
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Vretyel's Training for Taijutsu Specality (P) Empty Re: Vretyel's Training for Taijutsu Specality (P)

Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:18 pm
Word count; 2,087, +10 Stats +20 JP Taijutsu Specialty Approved.
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