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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Dragonfly [P] Empty Dragonfly [P]

Mon Jan 10, 2022 3:19 am
Natsuki stood over the dead body of the tall man. The surgery room was as silent as a church, except for the sound of the scalpel on skin. The infused blade tore through the flesh like a knife through silk. They had put the body out of its frozen in the vault for more answers, but instead, it brought more questions. 

This was the third metal blade Natsuki was using. The first one had dented upon contact with the ragdoll's skin full of scars and stitches. The kunoichi had pressed the second one with more strength than the one before, but it ended up breaking in half. She reported a combination of chakra infusion and flying shallow in the surgical blade, and finally, she cut through.

The internal organs existed when she opened it, but their position made no sense, always human anatomy-wise. The bones of the creature were made of black thread. The most curious thing, however, was his heart. He had five of them in total. Stein had explained to Ayato how his bloodline worked right before betraying him. But it was another thing hearing about it and another seeing it with her lilac eyes. She put three hearts in a cooler and summoned a nurse. The girl almost retched upon sight of the corpse. Natsuki pretended not to notice.

"Take these hearts upstairs and have them packaged in special jars and delivered to Books Bodies and Beyond. Express delivery, Doctor Terumi is expecting them within the day." Akabayashi would know what to do with them. Natsuki knew from Ayato the truth that most didn't. Of the atrocities that Jack Skellinger had done to him during the year the Nova spent in his capture.

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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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Dragonfly [P] Empty Re: Dragonfly [P]

Tue Jan 18, 2022 12:12 am
Akabayashi simply accepted the box of hearts pulled from Stein's body.

Claims: All 5 of Stein's hearts one of each elemental nature.
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Dragonfly [P] Empty Re: Dragonfly [P]

Tue Jan 18, 2022 1:09 am
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