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Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Survived 2021
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Novice Commentators In The Booth! Empty Novice Commentators In The Booth!

Wed Dec 15, 2021 7:48 pm

Kita drummed his fingers impatiently along the desk that they had given him. Bored eyes stared at the microphone placed in front of him, which had been very purposefully flicked into the off position for now. Kita's gaze drifted slowly from the microphone on his desk to the arena below, where performers stood doing their opening act as the crowd waited for the main event to start. Air exhaled out of the young boy's nostrils as he leaned back into the rotation leather seat he was resting within. He pushed his feet against the ground, sending the chair into a slow twirl. As Kita spun around and around, the boy gave only a single remark.

"I'm bored."

Kita and one other person had been hired to commentate on the latest fight in the Grand Stadium, though so far both his fellow commentator had yet to show up, and the fight had yet to begin. Instead the boy had been sitting alone in this room for the past twenty minutes, bored stiff out of his mind. In truth he was also a bit frustrated too. He had attempted to schedule a fight in the arena himself not too long ago, though it had been cancelled due to maintenance issues. Now he was expected to commentate on a fight instead of participating for ryo. Life could be so unfair sometimes...

Kita's chair eventually stopped spinning, slowly settling in place facing the glass pane dividing him from the arena. He was getting very antsy by this point. Kita's eyes closed and he began to calm himself down, preparing himself for a long wait for his co-commentator to arrive. Hopefully the fight would start soon after that...

Word Count - 283
Hafuma Pendragon
Hafuma Pendragon
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Novice Commentators In The Booth! Empty Re: Novice Commentators In The Booth!

Thu Dec 16, 2021 2:09 pm

A Pendragon must have patience
My eyes are bound by truth

Donna, was a shy girl that was just learning to recently find her voice but her nerves got the best of her as she was only able to handle so much people in the same room around her at one time, her mother being her best friend was able to find her a paying gig as a commenter for the stadium, as a Uchiha she had a way of keeping up with the fights even at higher speeds so her mother thought she would be great for it while allowing her daughter to become more used to speaking out loud. 

Her mother giving her a pep talk by walking all the way there with her Donna entered the stadium as her mother waved her goodbye, Donna following building directions to the commenters section, she was running a few minutes later and she hoped she wouldn't be in too much trouble for it, but she was determined to prove her mother right. "Please excuse me, I'm the other announcer!" Donna said barging into the room trying to steel her  her nerves with a headfirst walk in

Hafuma could remember vividly the last time he was at the stadium, his first match with what he would later discover was a women, a kunoichi named Ban ending as she fell into a pit after he used a explosive tag, the match ending with them having to dig her out as she had a moment where she could no longer continue the match declaring him the winner, he didn't much enjoy winning like that, scratch they he actually hated it. 

So here he was nearly two months later, he cut his hair short now and although he still wore the Lightweight bodysuit and face mask, he now wielded two obsidian tables and using those with his diligent speed training and physical conditioning he felt more confident in himself, his repretra of jutsu also still growing as did the esse he could use them with, his training lead him to the discovery he has enough control and chakra know to use only one hand, although it was still easier to use both. 

"HAFUMA PENDRAGON AND MUROKO ZUNOTO, PLEASE COME INTO THE RING IN THE NEXT THIRTY SECONDS '' an authoritative male voice boomed from the speakers. Hafuma getting up from the side wall bench he was sitting on as he made a walk forward into the inner circle of the stadium as he stepped back into the light, sending the crowd into a uproar as the other competitor, a boy with hey black hair and regular clothing came into the stage, the arena a 100 meters across with a 75 meter diameter, the two walking to the center point, leaving only five meters between them. 

  • Health 300
  • Chakra 52
  • Vigor 55
  • Speed 100(+25)
  • Reflex Speed +30
  • Strength 53
  • Attack Damage 25
  • Lifting Limit 315 Kilograms (694 lbs)
  • Jumping Distance/Height 89 Meters
  • Weapon Damage(Sharp) 63

Total Post WC 500

Total WC 500
Total WC Needed N/A
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