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Akiorama Senju
Akiorama Senju
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Never give up Empty Never give up

Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:27 pm
He could feel it. The sweat running down his face as it started to moisten his shirt. The blood on his hands and feet from the repeat of his current activity. His shortness of breath from his massive exertion. Akiorama could feel every bit of his fatigue all throughout his body. It's always like this. Every day. He trains so that his body doesn't succumb. So that he isn't viewed as unfit for the job of Shinobi. He is always fighting, every single day. He needs to push back the disease. Akiorama was a symbol of hard work. He couldn't do the fancy things like others. Not yet. All he could rely on was his Taijustu at the moment. But If the was all then that was alright with him. He'd find a way to make anything work. No matter what it was.

He looked straight ahead at the battered training dummy. Blood had covered it and there were many broken and cracked areas all over it. Akiorama looked behind him in his momentary recess. He saw the other dummies, all broken and destroyed. He saw the long path farther from them, a dirt road that lead to this little training area set up by Akiorama. Miles on miles of running just to get here. He couldn't feel his arms, his legs, and he was sure that the moment he'd rest it was going to hurt bad. But Akiorama flicked his nose and smiled. He never gave up. No matter what. He assumed a combat stance once more. He stared at the dummy and closed his eyes. A moment of silence had taken place. Dramatically, his eyes had opened up once more and his opponent was no longer a dummy, but an enemy ninja. He rushed in, without hesitation. His opening strike? A cross towards the jaw however the ninja had passed his fist to the side and attempted to retaliate with his own strike. A kick towards his left side began to fly towards his head. A devastating attack indeed. However, This gave Akiorama an opportunity. He stepped forward, turned to expose his back, and pushed with it. All his might followed the attack. With the opponent left with on foot he had no choice but to take the fall. Akiorama would attempt to follow up immediately but this opponent was far too reactive. A kick was sent towards his face, forcing him to stumble back. There was distance now. This next exchange would decide it, Akiorama knew that. He needed to be on the defensive here as he was still recovering. However, an aggressive play from his opponent was what he wanted. And it's what he got. The ninja didn't let up and took the opportunity to launch a nasty haymaker at the poor boy. This would have ended it all if it wasn't for Akiorama's next move. As the ninja attempted to connect the blow, Akiorama slipped past it and countered by grabbing both of his legs and slamming his opponent down to the ground with his technique. This was it. Akiorama needed to make his move now or it could be too late. He balled his fist and launched the fiercest punch he had everthrown towards the man's jaw. His face looked determined, his eyes focused, and his fist held all of his inner tenacity. This was the final blow. The fight was over. Akiorama closed his eyes for a moment to breathe and reopened them soon after. Finding himself in the real world. The dummy laid before him, with a cracked face. His hand definitely had tenacity but not enough durability. As if the bleeding wasn't enough but now it was dislocated. ;;Too much...;; He thought to himself. Something needed to be done about his fighting style. It didn't fully suit him. But for now he simply stood up. He wasn't giving up. Not yet. Time for a little more training. Maybe something mental rather than physical however....

WC: 663
Akiorama Senju
Akiorama Senju
Stat Page : Akiorama Senju's Stat's
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Never give up Empty Re: Never give up

Mon Dec 20, 2021 9:50 pm
He'd take a deep breath and sit cross legged. He sat in the middle of a lush and beautiful forest. He needed to achieve a calm state of mind and attempt to open that mind up further. He needed to think clearer, Understand better, analyze faster. He needed to understand this feeling of 'Battle Calmness'. He didn't want anything to get in the way of his thoughts like his feelings or more intrusive ways of thinking. Tactics. Strategy. In a battle between ninja these are as important as skill and power. And battle between ninja is entirely unfair by their nature. Many would be led to believe Akiorama is honorable. That he may be a sort of boy scout. However Akiorama understood the path of the Shinobi. He was kind and caring but battle was cold and heartless. There was no room for hesitation in that field. He didn't fully understand what it was like, however. What it was like to take a life. To fight in a battlefield. To experience war. He knew that he wouldn't be a complete shinobi without experiencing these horrible things. Because once one understands the weight of taking a life, one will understand the value of duty. And that is what Shinobi value above all else, duty. However Akiorama found himself valuing more than duty. Valuing things like family, the villagers, and his potential friends in the future. Sure, duty can go hand in hand. But it was not duty itself that he valued. Should he have to choose between those he loves and the home he was born in...Wait...Could he even make that choice? Doubt began to set in. No...No. No! He was here to train his mind. And that was his goal. This was the exact distractions he needed gone. How annoying...

WC: 300-963
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