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Clash of Souls [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Clash of Souls [P]

Fri Dec 24, 2021 12:01 am
The fortress of earth that Enishi constructed was quite effective, creating an environment where anything - from sound to sight - outside of the dome shelter wouldn't be seen nor heard. It was a great counter towards the Genjutsu that Zeo enjoyed to spam as a substitute to damaging jutsu, however, using a radial wall to protect oneself from attacks was a risky gambit. It was as if the earth dome separated Enishi from reality, allowing him to flee and think of strategies on the fly, but it didn't come without consequences. For one, he couldn't see - his only "replacement" to sight was his Chakra Sensory which only extended to five meters. Secondly, Rock Shelter was so tightly packed that no form of sound would be able to travel through the dome of Earth for Enishi to hear. Hell, he didn't even if his Rain Tiger at Will was working properly since he couldn't hear, feel, nor see rain, but he felt his chakra draining incrementally so it had to be working...right?

 In order to evade a Genjutsu, the understudy had to give up two vital senses. It was quite annoying to be in the middle of such a dome that obscured his vision so efficiently, but what the Kamigawa didn't know was that Enishi - even in his bulwark of earth surrounding him, could sense any source of foreign chakra within five meters of him...and five meters was a colossal amount of time to react to nearly anything. With that being said, the moment the Sage was able to protect himself in the dome of Earth, he'd seal his Kunais back into his Sealing Bands, seeing as there was no use for them anymore which freed up his left hand. Both hands now freed up, Enishi would take this time to take a deep breath before thinking of his next course of action. Damn, was it always so hot in this dome? Dark, damp, and soundproof - it was extremely suffocating to be in such an unfavorable area. Enishi was pretty much a sitting duck at this point, nothing that he could do to be on the offensive. He still hadn't used any of his preplaced seals yet so there was that...and he felt as though he was completely supplied on Nature Energy. He didn't feel very pushed at all...until...his Chakra Sensory picked up something.

Water Release.

Torrential waves of rushing water sensed by his Chakra Sensory would clash against and rush over the Rock Shelter, easily covering it over and moving upwards as if to flood the whole area. Even through the airtight dome that Enishi was currently situated in, water leaked in the Rock Shelter at rapid rates, and given the intensity the water was flowing at - in about a minute or so, Enishi would be completely submerged in water...the earth being his coffin. "Hmm... So this is your plan? Do you plan to drown me in water? I have to say, that's a very unique strategy, my friend. I never took you to be someone who would use cutthroat tactics such as these." Even in darkness, the understudy let out a wry smile, impressed at Zeo's intelligence. Then, his smirk curved downwards without skipping a beat, his eyes reverting to icy blue.

"Even still... It's useless. Absolutely useless."

Upon Enishi's command, the Rock Shelter would deactivate instantly, leaving suspended water from the waves in the air, three meters above Enishi which was about to drop down and ensnare him in the waves, however, just before the water could reach the distance and completely submerge the understudy, he would flow chakra through his body and consume two of his seals on his chest and solar plexus. A thin aura of red would surround him, resembling the heat of a star - but in reality, this aura was the power of two seals combined - the Chakra Barrier Seal and the Seal of Protection. The Chakra Barrier seal was an intricate seal formula that blocked foreign objects such as poison, jutsu, and physical attacks; the Seal of Protection was the inverse of the Chakra Barrier blocked everything else such as debilitating effects and paralysis. Effectively, both seals would block the damage of the waves and would let Enishi resist the push of them. However, the Sage of Pleiades had no time to spare! Holding his breath and without any handseals, Enishi would form his next jutsu while now submerged in the waves unharmed and resisting the push of them. 

Suddenly, the very earth below the understudy would rise. Five by five meters for a grandtotal of 10 square meters, a rectangular pillar of earth would rise below Enishi as if it were some sort of lookout tower, carrying the understudy as it rose upwards at blistering speeds. Five meters in length and five meters in width, the pillar would push through and above the waters as Enishi held his breath, forming an assortment of new handseals to prepare for his next plan. Since the understudy was a moving target...heh, it would be amusing seeing the Kamigawa react to these next developments. The pillar would stop extending once it was 16 meters above ground, 1 meter above the torrential waves. Finally, Enishi released his breath, being able to experience air once again since he was above the waves and standing on the tower-like pillar. Rain Tiger at Will was also a success, as the Sage looked up for a moment to see that the whole area was being drenched with violent rain.

It was time.

Enishi saw Zeo and a few...clones while he was underwater for a moment. It was time to begin their execution. Nature Energy would be released at this moment, as Enishi's eyes would flux to a beautiful indigo color before energy rapidly expanding outwards in a heavenly fashion - juxtaposed to the demonic expression that the Sage held. If Zeo saw above...he would see something that he wouldn't even imagine. Ten ethereal swords of water, as if they were pillars of heaven would circulate the area. Intangible and appearing as spirits, they were the manifestation of Enishi's Nature Energy - each "sword" representing each fragment of Nature Energy. However, the understudy wouldn't stop now, whistling for a few moments replacing handseals with the instantaneous form of whistling, a single sword would be "consumed" in a burst of purple, alerting Zeo for what was about to happen. Raising a single hand upwards and slamming said hand against the rain, something would appear just a foot above the hand.

"Illusions to illusions. ...In this closed space, the end and the beginning overlap... A chain of illusions can only trap illusions."

A mere mummer appeared from the Sage's mouth as if he was performing some sort of hymn, resembling something a priest would say to exorcise a vengeful spirit. Suddenly, the water would expand into an tangible shape but nothing yet. Ten meters long and five meters wide was the volume of the water, but it had no form. However, the Sage of Pleiades would give shape to those that followed under its doctrine. The water had no form, however...anything that had no form can become corrupt.

Foul, one could say.

"Foul Legacy: Rain Shark."

The water turned purple, the shape of the water turned formed into a ravenous shark - 10 meters long and five meters wide as the water turned into a shark. The water also gained a purple hue; this wasn't "Nature Energy", no, it was Foul Legacy, the ability to turn chakra into a foul energy that is poisonous to others.

"Execute them all."

Swinging his hand downwards and holding the Tiger seal with his left hand as if to begin capital punishment, the shark's teeth would gleam, before zooming downwards into the waves, swimming through the waves and tearing through them like a jet. Within the waves, it searched. The executioner on top of the earth pillar would watch, seeing how things would play out. He merely just wanted Zeo to move around, but there was still a threat that the Kamigawa had to deal with...

Anything that resembled Zeo Kamigawa would be executed upon Enishi's command.

WC: 1356
TWC: 6686

Gang Shit:

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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
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Clash of Souls [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Clash of Souls [P]

Wed Dec 29, 2021 5:53 pm
Enishi was not messing around, and now Zeo could see it. Even under the water, his chakra was like a flare that was clearly visible. It was a constant, sky-reaching pillar that blinded most else. It was sickening in color, very unnatural for a 'sage', so it was clear to Zeo he was no where near showing his true talents. Still, this was growing more serious. Zeo had to put aside any reservations of a fair, friendly fight-- and start to fight as if his life was on the line. He couldn't afford to hold back any longer. His plan-- was to have Enishi show his hand and wear himself out in offense, which still worked depending on how he would go about it. Still, the pressure of the seeking shark was starting to cause problems for them. Enishi was using the earth pillar to make himself a suitable landing for himself, but now he was no longer hidden from behind his earthly prison.

I have no choice but to further expend my chakra to keep up. Zeo thought while he and his clones were under the water with the rabid shark. He didn't know what that jutsu would do, but it would only make things worse if Zeo didn't make a move. He formed hand signs while holding his breath and soon-- finished with a defining move. "Water Clone Jutsu he thought. In addition to the bubble clones floating in the water, one of which started to go with the shark's attack (now 6 bubble clones remain, since one is only confirmed)

From the water around Zeo, it shaped and spun, creating two more clones to the mix-- these more capable of combat, unlike the bubble clones. With that done, Zeo set his plan into motion, keeping close to the water clones so they wouldn't fizzle out.

From Enishi's point of view, he couldn't see Zeo's clones from under the water-- but soon they started to rise up. No longer able to stay hiddein in the water, they rose up a few at a time, surrounding the environment of Enishi's earthly tower, about 5 meters away from the tower. AMong them, where the two clones Zeo had just conjured to act. All of them had starry eyes aglow, looking to Enishi as they now could see him again.

"Charge him!" One of the clones ordered, and several started to run towards him. Jumping wise, they could possibly reach him, but one of the clones helped-- forming signs and made contact to the water's surface. "Suiton-- Water Shockwave!!" The waters began to churn despite the shark, causing it to rise and raise waves to allow the clones to ride the surface and reach t owards Enishi upon his raised island. They would attempt to ambush him, 3 attempting to get in close. Enishi wouldn't know what each clone was capable of, but if he tried he would get a few surprises. The truth was Zeo's chakra was infused to each bubble clone, capable of being just as dangerous as any of his bubbles... not to mention the actual combat capability of clones.

However, what Enishi also didn't know, among the rush, other jutsu were in effect the moment he set eyes on the clones-- one on the left of the pillar casting a Genjutsu... one he had seen before. The one who cast the wave cast it, having done easily with hidden casting the hand signs for his wave attack. The other, on Enishi's right, kept in wait... prepared to act if need be.

But all was not what it seemed... further pushing Enishi's abilities to be unaware of the real threat to come.

Hidden from view... (shouldn't be able to be detected):

Actions: 785/ 1121 AP Total -- Paid upkeep for Uchugan, Wandering Oasis  Total active clones-- 6/7 bubble clones duration 3/4, 2/2 water clones.

Water Clone B Rank 30>23  (2 water clones)

B Rank - Water Shockwave AP: 30>23  . Used to create waves from water to help clones move and transverse over the pillar to reach Enishi moving at jutsu speed: 45 power/speed. Height threshold able to now reach Enishi for clones to close in riding on the wave.

Mist Servant D-Rank Genjutsu AP: 10> 8 . Power/SPeed : 35

Suiton: Bubble Drift A Rank : AP--40 > 30. Use to fly out of water and into the air upon a bubble. Health/Speed --85
Ryo : 14500

Clash of Souls [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Clash of Souls [P]

Mon Jan 03, 2022 12:30 pm
As the Rain Shark created by the understudy sunk underwater to search for any threats to eliminate, Enishi would notice that water began to swirl underwater; he couldn't discern nor see the Kamigawa - and the clones - due to having a lack of a dojutsu - however, he did have an extremely useful perception. He had the feeling that Zeo heavily underestimated his intelligence - probably for good reason since the Sage didn't necessarily use elaborate strategies, he merely used his jutsu and arsenal in ways to crush opponents through insurmountable advantages; it was an extremely reactionary and counter-esque playstyle that didn't really rely much on tactics - rather, it relied on efficiency, combat sense, and perception. Though, this way of fighting couldn't beat everyone. It defeated Zeo during the Chuunin Exams of yore, but Enishi knew that the Kamigawa must have gotten used to his fighting style by now, most likely creating an elaborate strategy that could put the understudy in a tight situation or simply win. As much as the understudy wanted to prove to Zeo that he was indeed not some musclehead who fought with his chakra rather than his brain at this very moment, Enishi had a bigger strategy instead: let him do what he wants, let him perform all of his preparations, but at that very last second...

Crush him.

There was no arrogance in the Jugo's mind, he was completely calm and studying the field around him. It seemed that Zeo formed Shadow Clones, and those clones would rise above water - about five meters away from the Sage of Pleiades and the pillar he stood on. There were about eight of them, and three of them seemed that they were about to rush Enishi just by looking at their footwork. Well...the understudy was pretty confident in his defense at this point; and given that he was basically on a small island - being the earth pillar in the midst of waves that Zeo could manipulate, it seemed that it was best to simply defend. As the clones rose from underwater, the understudy would quickly sit down and enter a meditation stance - eyes closed; this stance would be slightly altered as his hands would hold the Tiger handseal in order for the Rain Shark to be freely manipulated. He also activated his Breath Seal to allow him to breath underwater should Zeo attempt to drown him in waves. Zeo would probably be insulted at such a lackadaisical way at combat, but it was all part of Enishi's plan. His Chakra Barrier Seal and his Seal of Protection that surrounded his body like a skin barrier would most likely be enough to destroy and defend anything the clones possessed; it additionally made his body immoveable unless something had a greater strength or power. 

Enishi's eyes were closed to prevent any visual Genjutsu from activating as he knew that the Kamigawa enjoyed usage of Genjutsu. Chakra Sensory also allowed him to sense anything within five meters of himself as a replacement to sight. So for the meantime, Enishi was simply meditating while maintaining his jutsu, taking this time to gain Nature Energy, fusing both of his chakras to become an indigo color. No longer would Zeo view his chakra as green, orange, and purple - but rather, a singular shade of indigo.

However, the Rain Shark was a different story. About a meter under the clones and underwater, the purple shark would be stationary until it saw an opportunity to attack...freely manipulable and equally as deadly.

WC: 583
TWC: 7269

Gang Shit:
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

Clash of Souls [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Clash of Souls [P]

Mon Jan 03, 2022 2:01 pm
Zeo's eyes were focused on Enishi, but now the seemingly violent 'sage' did something unusual. Nothing. Absolutely nothing-- but that filled Zeo with far more urgency. He had thought the violent 'monster' inside Enishi would be thrashing at his clones, but instead, he did nothing, which was not a good sign. Zeo's soon saw the draw in of energy. Something he really couldn't see completely but felt it all the same... it was then his eyes widened. He is preparing for Sage transformation?! he thought in alarm. There was no time to use stealth or subterfuge. Even with his Genjutsu, he wouldn't be able to stop him if he choose to unleash his full power. To make matters worse, he was avoiding eye contact. Did he catch on that fast?

Zeo prepared his hand signs. He had no time to wait, as Enishi was now starting to play a deeper game, even with his finned friend swimming below. He ended with a clap of his hands. "Fuuton-- Kaze Wakagaeri" he said with determination. A gush of air swirled around Zeo, causing his hair, kimono jacket and surroundings to swirl with air. The wind was now under his control, feeding his power and offering a significant power boost. It was the only enhancement he knew but the one thing that could help him do lasting damage to Enishi. It was time-- to release his full power against the sage/monster.

The clones used the wave to close in-- while the sage used some kind of seal to prevent movement or water damage-- it wouldn't protect him from this. With a simple flick of his fingers, Zeo relased a jutsu-- causing the closest clone to Enishi to violently 'pop'.


Each bubble clone, was in essence a bubble in disguise, allowing Zeo to use them to cast his ninjutsu through them so long as he was in range. For the clones, being able to move, allowed more control. Originally, Zeo hoped Enishi was foolish enough to attack them blindly and thus trigger their effects, but that was out the window now if he wasn't going to do anything. Thus, Zeo went on the offense causing two of the clones to explode! with vicious explosive force and causing a smoke-bomb effect in the same time. If any luck, the sheer blast, plus the boost from Zeo's Wind Rejuvination would give him the energy to do some damage.

But that was a prelude to the real show as Zeo stood atop his bubble. It was time to embrace what Zeo had learned from his eyes-- and from Yasha's help.

A few days ago...

Zeo and Yasha were at the same training grounds , the water gardens, in the more rural area, overlooking the large lake. Before Zeo had his eyes active as he turned to Yasha, observing his strange, blue and green 'chakra' or 'soul'. There was a calm but chruning force behind the man's calm demeanor, but something swift and soothing at same time. A man of action, courage, and conviction... or so Zeo interpreted. He was finally beginning to understand the nature of his doujutsu thanks to Yasha's help.

"I'm still unsure how this Spiritual Energy can be used in a fight though," Zeo expressed to Yasha, looking at his hands through his eyes. "I get I am seeing things like chakra, but not sure how to understand the spiritual energy. How can this be applied to help me in a pinch."

Yasha had an expressionless look on his face, something his mask certainly made it hard to show any emotion at all. He let his words convince though as he looked to Zeo with folded arms. "Spiritual Energy, is a natural part of chakra. Without it, chakra wouldn't manifest properly. Normally, that is a balance of power. The two have to be in sync to form, and thus the jutsu takes shape into our world from fraw energy. Be it fire, transformation, or any other technique we know. The fact its a fundamental element in our world, means that you have a diverse control over it. " he explained. "However, I want you to try and focus your spirit into your jutsu. Allow your eyes to freely see and channel ytour own spiritual essence into your jutsu. Such a thing should be possible. While seemignly flimsy, yin chakra requires great inner strength that can affect the world around you. So try-- try to focus it in a jutsu. In fact... I have a jutsu that I think will suit you perfectly. "

Zeo paused as he looked up to Yasha, seeing him extend a hand out. From his hand, a swirling sphere of bright chakra came into being-- something Zeo seen and used pretty often by the most seasoned of shinobi. A famed jutsu coming from the world's saviors-- the Uzumaki's . Specifically the 7th Hogake of the leaf.

The Rasengan.

"The Rasengan was gifted to many villages as a sign of trust in ancient times. While a powerful jutsu, what made it strong was not in its simple power. If so, it would never evolve to anything. However-- what made it special was its infinite potential to grow into other, new and impressive jutsu. The technique I am about to show you... was a style I invented incorporating the Rasengan with Water Style. Something I feel will be of great to use to you. Are you ready?" he asked Zeo.

A show of excitement showed behind Zeo's starry eyes as he stood up in attention. "Yes, Yasha Sensei!"

Back in Present:

Zeo finished his long-winded signs, as the bubble bomb went off-- and gave him a golden opportunity. With his chakra now charged by the wind release around him, he finished the last dragon sign and grasped his extended wrist. A swirling ball of blue light appeared before his extended palm. As he did, despite the rain under Enishi's control, water began to be pulled from the air around him-- from below as well gathered upward. He drew his arm back-- and as he did, the water that clung to the Rasengan began to spin, becoming curved shapes of water. But there was more going on than that. As each second past, the once pure, blue color began to change....

... it turned black. The once pure blue waters began to darken as if something was corrupting the waters as it drew in more, growing behind Zeo while Enishi was sitting there.

WHile all this happened, Zeo's clones got to work! The one that cast the Wave from before-- reached Enishi and used his own bubble pipe-- using the smoke screen as a diversion to blow out bubbles. However, while covered by the smoke-screen of the Bubble Bomb, it would hit his mark just sitting there...


Immediately, the bubble formed, this time directly surrounding Enishi! Zeo's Bubble Prison! While on a far lower scale, thanks to Zeo being otherwise preoccupied, the clone had ever means to control the bubble as well. The prison bubble was no different from water prison. Enishi would require great strength to break out of the chakra-enforced bubble. Even if he did, it wouldn't allow an easy escape for what was to come...

With each passing moment, Zeo felt his chakra-- his very spirit fuel his jutsu. Not just his, but the spirits around him, almost the same as nature energy in a way. It wasn't just Enishi. The spirits of nature themselves were helping now to fuel his power, and giving Zeo's next jutsu a serious boost as he focused. The swirling mass of chakra behind him, while unseen by Enishi, had now completely changed. Specks of starlight shined through the moving wings of the sphere that was held behind Zeo. If one would see-- the once maelstrom of destructive water now became a spiral galaxy-- stars radiating in its form around a luminous core of chakra....

Clash of Souls [P] - Page 2 2npPJXB

"Suiton..." Zeo spoke with a deep, determined voice as he readied his strongest attack. Fueled by his enhanced state and the amplifying power of the Uchugan, he knew this would not disappoint Enishi in what he was capable of! "Stardust Maelstrom SHURIKEN!!"

With his cry, he threw forward the Shuriken, now a mass of starlight and outer space molded into the form of the already ridiculously powered jutsu!

IT flew forward with tremendous speed and power, looking like a projectile of pure cosmic might as it flew right for where Enishi was-- trapped inside Zeo's bubble. As if that was not enough, Zeo was far from done.  If Enishi was determined to defend against it... he was going to be in for a hell of a surprise...

While death was not Zeo's intent, this was the power he had desired to show just how far he come. If this wouldn't shake Enishi to his core, very little would. But he wouldn't accept anything less than Victory now, with his pride, and Enishi's soul on the line... This was what Zeo's Kekkei Genkai was capable of!

WC: 1523

Actions: 555/ 1121 AP Total -- Paid upkeep for Uchugan, Wandering Oasis, Mist Servant, Bubble Drift  Total active clones-- 5/7 bubble clones duration 4/4, 2/2 water clones.

Fuuton Wind Rejuvenation A Rank +50 Speed/Vigor to Zeo. AP: 40 > 30 AP. 20>15 upkeep.   Zeo's Enhanced Stats -- 175 Vigor, 96 Speed.

Suiton: Bubble Bomb A Rank -- 40 AP> 30 AP. Causes two of Zeo's bubble clones to erupt, causing blast damage to Enishi. Power/Speed :110  

Suiton Bubble Prison B-rank  (Used by clone) Traps Enishi in bubble-- Power/Health : 45. Strength must be that high to break free. But mere diversion to keep him busy Razz AP: 30 > 23 AP

Yaska's Touch A Rank  Amplifying next Jutsu to Zeo-- AP: 50> 38 . Add's +50 to Next jutsu's Power. Applies additional effect to jutsu. ..

Suiton: MAELSTROM SHURIKEN!! S RANK!  -- Zeo's signature jutsu. AP: 100> 75. Releases a powerful, cosmic-powered projectile of spinning high-pat Enishi with powerful anti-fortress specialties. Enhanced further by Kamigawa's Yaksha's Touch. Power: Vigor +50 = 225 Damage. SPeed-- 175. + Power/Health of a jutsu it comes into contact with will immediately reduce its value by -35. The environment of lower health doesn't stop it or slow its trajectory...[/color]
Ryo : 14500

Clash of Souls [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Clash of Souls [P]

Fri Jan 07, 2022 3:29 pm
Eyes closed with resolve, Enishi's meditative state would only be short-lived; the moment he sat down on the earth pillar with his defensive seals triggered, a disturbance of chakra filled his was round, but it didn't have any sort of shape or volume - quickly it expanded with a popping sound giving the understudy the sense that this was some sort of...explosion? The seals deflected any sort of damage or pushback explosions on two sides inflicted on Enishi which was good news, however, any sort of explosion had something that an opponent could exploit! Smokescreens were the most effective way to catch someone off guard even if that person could defend themselves from an explosion; Enishi opened his eyes, yeah, the explosion created a smokescreen of bubbles that surrounded him in all directions. Standing up from his meditative position within the smokescreen, the Jugo scion flew through his assortment of handseals in a flash - four to be exact. However! At the same time, his mouth subconsciously began to whistle another set of handseals - four as well. Both handseals would be completed at the same time, but before he could trigger them...


"Tch!" The understudy grunted in exasperation; the smokescreen assembled into a singular bubble, becoming a prison of absolute detaination that easily entrapped Enishi from within. Despite its appearance, the bubble was as hard as steel, unable to be broken out of even with the help of his barrier seals. Not to mention, the jutsu he weaved the handseals for couldn't be activated at this moment due to the small fact that the bubble hovered slightly above ground...they would have to be used later. But, Enishi couldn't focus on that anymore...because, right above him, a spiraling - yet celestial sound echoed throughout the battlefield, right above him.

He looked up.

It was Zeo, holding the fate of the battle with his hand.

An orb filled with stars similar to the Rasengan technique, with a shuriken of water-infused cosmic energy spiraling around it like helicopter wings, cut through Enishi's rain, slicing through is akin to a knife slicing through the air. However, it wasn't even in motion! Just by being created, it distorted the laws of the world. It wasn't even a large shuriken created by water anymore, no, it was quite literally - a celestial body created by Zeo. The two shinobi's eyes met with each other, both blue yet they were different shades of it. The ice blue of Enishi contrasted the cosmic blue of Zeo...Enishi's eyes only bore hesitation, yet Zeo's eyes bore only confidence... Suddenly, a small smirk emerged on the Sage's expression, no sense of malice nor anger was etched in the grin...was it, happiness? Jubilation? Joy? Admiration? He was definitely at Zeo's mercy since, at that moment, the Kamigawa trapped him in his strategy so it wasn't as though Enishi had a secret plan he could unleash at any time...

But who decided that it was only right to smile at moments of advantage?

Life was full of ups and downs. In its purest form, combat between two individuals was a clash of souls. Because of that reason, allowed two individuals to understand each other's motives, reasons to live, and ideologies without a single word. Understanding people was the modus operandi of humanity, and at that moment - without a single word being exchanged between the two...

"I understand you, Zeo Kamigawa... I've always held you in great respect and admiration ever since we first met each other. You've never stopped impressing me with your strategies and heart. You are true, a splendid shinobi." Enishi spoke calmly to Zeo as he was charging up the starry technique, with a genuine smile; it was as if the past few months have never happened, almost as if he reverted to himself from the Chuunin Exams. Soon, those words would morph into mere thoughts. "Even still, you want to save me from my fate, but it's fine... This world is cruel, some people will have to suffer at the expense of others or shoulder the weight of humanity's sins. You believe that being a monster is someone that kills and harms for fun, however, some monsters have to kill for the sake of the greater good. This village showed me what hope truly is...and I'll protect that hope, I'll protect those villagers...even if I have to slaughter people who threaten the peace of Hoshigakure. I didn't ask for the bloodline of a berserker, but I'll use the power that turns people mad into a blessing that can protect others!"

"Suiton..." Zeo's voice was deep and his eyes only resembled the nebula of infinite darkness at this point, fueled by an aura of wind that showcased his erudite expertise in nature transformations, Enishi was impressed and honored to fight someone as resolute as Zeo. True strength wasn't based on talent and, it was based on resolve. There were many ways to attain such a resolve, but the most straightforward route was to abandon all sense of humanity and become a force of nature that only desired a single goal. Many call those people monsters. But looking at Zeo's strength, a sense of doubt crept into Enishi...

Maybe there was a different route he could take...

"Stardust Maelstrom SHURIKEN!!"

With a roar of absolute determination, the starry mass rushed forward at light speed towards the Sage of Pleiades currently entrapped in the Bubble Prison. It cut through the rain, air, dust particles in the air, even the waves that Enishi was hovering upon. Anything this dimensional slicing Rasengan shuriken came in contact with, it would rend into an eternal stupor. Purple and blue light enveloped the area, the crowd watching the two "ooohing" and "aaahing" in perverted joy. Enishi had no defense other than the smile of happiness he had in his expression. Even in the bubble prison and even with the seals defying any sort of outside interference, his clothes and berserker mask strapped on the right side of his billowed from being near the Rasengan. It crept nearer and nearer as the understudy could do nothing but watch as the spiraling shuriken cut through the prison and was now...only three meters away from Enishi. But even still, the Sage entered a blocking position, holding out both of his arms in an "X" formation as his last attempt to block his body. His Chakra Barrier Seal and Seal of Protection would cushion the ripping force of the water, but they would be smashed instantly. Even still...

"Kakugo, Zeo!"


The waves collided into nothingness. Reality shattered. Time stopped. Life stopped. It resumed. An explosion of starry devastation erupted from the Rasengan, enveloping Enishi's area in a five-meter eruption of distorting water, slicing through anything that touched it and soon it dissipated instantly in a few droplets of water. Even the Rain Shark dissipated from its force.  Stardust Maelstrom Shuriken was a technique that would cut anything it touched without any sort of error. 

So why was Enishi still standing?

Still standing on the earth pillar that was fifteen meters above ground, the understudy bore an unreadable expression once the explosion dispersed. His eyes spoke, with words that were akin to "bro I expected better" towards the Kamigawa who was currently about twenty meters away and now in front of where he was looking at; due to the Earth pillar's incline, the real Zeo would also be five meters above him in terms of elevation from the ground, floating on a single bubble in that twenty-meter distance away. No matter, he would assault the Kamigawa on all sides. Without a single word, Enishi would form three handseals with the sole use of his right hand, as well as whistle five times with his mouth. Suddenly, three Kunai attached with Proximity Explosive Tags appeared on Enishi's right and left hands - three per hand which added for a total of six Kunais currently displayed. "Temple Style: Discovery of an Incomplete Truth." Quickly, all six of these Kunais would gleam with Lightning Release Chakra, all gaining an elemental advantage towards Earth Release but an elemental disadvantage towards Wind Release. Now, aiming the six Kunai webbed between both hands towards the floating Zeo, chakra flowed through his body!

"Tsunoru...Tenohira!" At lightning-fast speeds, the six Explosive Tag attached Kunai infused with Lightning Release Chakra would release from his hands, darting towards Zeo with little to no space between them. Should the Kunai reach within a single meter of the Kamigawa, they would all explode in a three-meter radius, combining to ten-meter radius of full explosions within Zeo's range... At the same time that the Kunais were being launched from Enishi's hands, the understudy would utilize the jutsu he was weaving handseals for by whistling, using his rain as a water source... Five meters to the right and left of Zeo, two corkscrewing pillars of water a meter in width would erupt from the rain and rush towards the Kamigawa on both sides, attempting to pincer him and set him up to take a direct hit from the Kunai and Explosions. Taking so many attacks at the same time could result in an untimely defeat.

The clone would watch the scene with disinterest.


"...Fucking hell, when did Zeo learn such a strong technique? My body feels like it's ripping apart by the second... Don't tell me that perverted dog of a master is actually skilled in combat..." The true Sage of Pleiades spoke while coughing up blood. His body was nearly torn to shreds, blood flowing from the cuts and lacerations evident on his clothes and body hidden away by the earth. The Stardust Maelstrom Shuriken impacted Enishi on a major level, dealing cellular damage that would be impossible to heal without some sort of Medical specialist; he managed to dampen the force of the Rasengan through his Chakra Barrier Seal and through his block, but he had to take at least 80% of the technique's power head-on. However, he managed to trick the Kamigawa, just a little bit. As the Maelstrom Shuriken created a small explosion that would envelop Enishi's body, after taking the hit - Enishi would utilize the techniques he weaved handseals and whistled for just before he was struck - two exactly. Hiding Like a Mole was used to hide himself underground once he was done taking damage, and the moment the explosion subsided, he used the Shadow Clone technique to replace his position as a makeshift substitution. The clone was used to trick Zeo into thinking that Enishi tanked the whole thing with absolutely no damage as the real Enishi would tend his wounds underground. This meant that the Enishi that Zeo was currently fighting with was a mere Shadow Clone, while the real Enishi was inside of the earth pillar, using Hiding Like a Mole to hide inside it.

Without wasting time as the clone was buying time, Ensihi would weave hand seals before activating a technique - a Sage Art to be exact. "Sage Art: Ganyu!" He said quietly while inside of the earth pillar. An aura of healing water surrounded him as most of his severe wounds began to close, bleeding ceased, and portions of his cells began regenerating. It would take some time before he could fully be healed however so he hoped the clone bought him enough time...and when the time arrived...

The true Clash of Souls would begin.

WC: 1899
TWC: 9188

Gang Shit:
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

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Fri Jan 07, 2022 11:59 pm
Zeo's Maelstrom Shuriken-- or rather Stardust Maelstrom Shuriken, had made contact with a rather devious and destructive result. Far more than he planned as the impact caused a literal explosion from the overcharge of Yin chakra and impacting water with the target, causing a massive discharge and flash. Zeo braced his arm against his face as bits of water and air stung at his face, but added to the downpour of rain around him. He looked through his eyes to see the results. Debriss clouded his vision for a moment, but soon Enishi was there again, still composed. At first, Zeo furrowed his brow. He somehow made it unscathed?

No, zeo corrected in his mind. No way he would of just avoided that powerful a jutsu. Between him trapped in his bubble prison and how fast the attack was in his enhanced state, there was no way he could do it. His starry eyes looked down upon Enishi calculatingly, seeing his now changed demeanor completely and the smirk that came. His eyes widened, catching the flicker of the situation at hand.

I see, now... Zeo thought to himself. Despite the reality, Zeo remained composed, but his chakra was starting to grow low. Too much of diversions and lengthy draw outs was going to get them no where. While Zeo was feeling his chakra deplete, he knew he had to strike true-- and he had to get close enough to Enishi himself, as Zeo and Enishi squared one another off with their eyes.

(Oh, It's on...)

Enishi went on the offensive as he soon released a barrage of attacks-- first enhanced lightning and explosive tag kunai that flew right for Zeo from a barrage of directions, followed by a series of blows from the rain in the form of water bullets to hail down on him from all sides. Zeo was surrounded, standing upon the bubble, even from below as he soon was struck.

The blows hit in bloody succession as Zeo was struck-- the kunai and explosions causing him to fall and the water gutting into him. He looked like a bloody mess as he was struck and explosions tore at him. As he startred to fall back, the bubble started to disperce into smaller ones, littering the air as he was about to fall. He soon breathed out a single word, as he would start to descend to the ground...

"Dreamwalker... he breathed.

Poof! In that instant, the form of Zeo vanished before Clone-Enishis's eyes, Zeo reduced to a seemingly strange shroud of the starry-colored mix-- like a nebula cloud that cut through space itself. As it dispersed into the air, it was clear Enishi fell for substitution via Zeo's eyes. A genjutsu-- one unique to Zeo's Uchugan! One that Zeo, himself, only recently became aware of. The moment he looked at his eyes, was the moment he fell prey to it, and allowed Zeo to escape lethal death.

In the midsts of such Chaos, Zeo had used his bubble to get away-- and his clones were in wait-- as Zeo repositioned himself at another angle to Enishis and his clones' left--- 10 meters away. Still upon his bubble and infused by the wind chakra-- he wove his signs fast and focused on his 'target'.

"Water Style-- WATER DRAGON BULLET!!" He roared, causing the water vapor and moisture to come to his aid and shoot out around him-- firing through the air in the shape of a massive water dragon. Empowered by his enhanced state, the dragon came with more ferocity and power than before and came towards where the clone stood-- distracted by the genjutsu. Should the clone see the dragon-- it wouldn't look as mere water, but a similar starry avatar of a dragon like Zeo had with "Stardust MAelstrom Shuriken"-- a dragon like creature from the sea of stars itself!

Meanwhile, the clone of Zeo too got to work as he jumped up towards the dragon and wove signs of his own. "Raiton-- Thunderclap Arrow!!" He shouted and threw his arm forward-- launching another lightning bolt like before. It made contact with the dragon, the lightning now crackling all over the empowered dragon. INfused with lightning, the dragon roared again, this time with renewed vigor as the beast lunged to the clone...

or so it seemed... If the clone tried to meet it head-on,  the dragon would snake around, for its true target.

THE EARTH PILLAR WHERE ENISHI HID! With any luck, the dragon would hit them both, but the goal would be to meet Enishi hidden inside the pillar.

Moments before...
The sight of Enishi was clear as the two squared each other off... but Zeo's eyes flinched as his spiritual visual prowess noticed something... this Enishi's chakra-- or so he saw, seemed far dimmer. As if it was less of him. But his eyes drifted down further, to find a stronger flare of his essence. His soul-- and there it was, a silhouette of Enishi hidden in the depths of the pillar he stood on. His aura flickered far more erratically... far more realistic to what he just endured.

I see, now... Zeo thought to himself.


While Earth STyle was far stronger than water, Zeo with his stronger vigor and the added boost of Thunderclap Arrow-- would give just enough boost to bore through that earthly tower and strike Enishi underneath, ensure to expose him and with any luck, add more damage to him too. While Zeo wasn't aware of his healing jutsu, there was no way he was going to allow him a chance to recover and counter-attack.  

WC: 949

Actions: 435/ 1121 AP Total -- Paid upkeep for Uchugan,  Bubble Drift  2/2 water clones. Wind Rejuvination

Uchugan-Dream Walker Rank B  -- AP: 30 > 23  -- Cast Enishi clone under Dreamwalker to substitute out 1/2 times used., avoided 0nslaught of damage. Power/Speed -- 75

Reposition to a new location still atop of flying bubble, and lock on to the target.

Suiton- Water Dragon Bullet A Rank  40 > 30 AP Fires and aims for clone-- but deceptive targeting pillar where Enishi is hidden. Power/Speed/Health --  110 VS. 95 Earth Pillar .

CLone uses:  Thunderclap Arrow -B Rank  , 30 > 23used in combination to boost Water Dragon Bullet: +30 Power . New Stats: 140 Power to Water Dragon Bullet vs. 95 Earth Pillar --- -25 from elemental advantage = 115 vs. 95--- Destroyed pillar, and proceed to attack Enishi prime!
Ryo : 14500

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Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:11 pm
The shrapnel of lightning cut through the air faster than the rain could continue its deluge, with Explosive Tags attached to the handles - the main purpose of the seemingly brutal attack was to hamper Zeo's movements and force him in a tight situation. Obviously in strategem, one shouldn't expect a singular attack to create monumental change - but rather, a coordinated attack could bear fruit to devastating results. That was why alongside the frontal assault in the form of a kunai barrage - Enishi's Shadow Clone also tried to flank the sides and blind spots of the Kamigawa with drilling corkscrewing water bullets that could pierce through skin easily. Hopefully, this would make the Kamigawa distracted and move away at high speeds so that the true Enishi - rather - "Enishi Prime" could heal his wounds in the comfort of the earth pillar's protection. The shadow clone expected Zeo to dodge an intentionally telegraphed attack, as the main purpose of the clone was to buy time - not actually harm Zeo.

So, why did Zeo let himself get hit?!

Eyes widening in utter bewilderment and the neutral expression on the Sage clone's visage contorting to complete shock, Enishi's Shadow Clone was near paralyzed in bafflement. Was...Zeo dumb? Like seriously, did he just stand there and let himself get hit by a bunch of Kunai and water drills that were obviously meant as setups? Well, I guess that was how the cookie crumbles. It was strange and the clone thought that it was some sort of Genjutsu at play, but Zeo did not weave any handseals for a Genjutsu to be I guess it really was Enishi's victory. But suddenly, Zeo's form disappeared! Falling down from his bubble, his body became nothingness, resembling the mist of a nebula if anything! "Damn! Kekkei Genkai substitution?" The clone relayed such information to Enishi Prime in his mind due to being a Shadow Clone, making the real Sage understand that Zeo was planning something...but where even was Zeo? His silhouette couldn't be seen through the rain, his substitution was nothing more than mist...there were absolutely no leads!


That voice snapped the clone back into reality, with absolutely dumbstruck and shocked eyes - it looked left, and ten meters away to that left - the boy of twist and turns reappeared on top of his bubble, attacking from clone Enishi's blindspot. But crazier enough, created from mere water vapor even in the deluge of rain from the understudy's Rain Tiger at Will, a giant dragon made completely from water emerged in thin air - having a starry mist similar to the Stardust Maelstrom Shuriken unleashed from earlier, snaking its way towards clone Enishi, but Zeo wasn't done yet. "Raiton-- Thunderclap Arrow!!" Striking the Dragon with a ray of electricity, the dragon electrified itself and became a snaking overlord of Water and Lightning Release, surging with absurd amounts of chakra. "Damnnnn ittttt Zeeoooooo!!!" The clone roared in shock, agitation, and utter surprise at the situation, dispelling itself immediately in a puff of smoke as though not to be hit by the brute force of the Thunder Water Dragon; restoring the real Enishi's chakra; and also, now that the clone was dispelled - any Genjutsu that Zeo put on the clone no longer had any medium to be activated towards, so it was essentially dispelled since the clone was dispelled - similar to how when someone faints, the Genjutsu put on them deactivates. However! This wasn't the time to think about such things; gaining information from the clone - it was clear that Zeo was trying to stage a counterattack. The Water Dragon was only about ten meters away from Enishi at this time...meaning, he barely had any time to think, he had to fight back! Forming six handseals with his hands while hidden in the earth pillar as soon as the clone gave Enishi the memories of seeing the water dragon while also whistling five more handseals at the same time, the understudy felt something revive from within...

The Sage of Pleiades awakened.

The "monster" inside of Enishi emerged.

It was time to use it.

It was the supreme form of utilizing natural energy.

Kept away in esoteric text, only a single clan was able to harness its power from its birth.

The thundering dragon of hope was mere inches away from impacting and tearing away at the earth pillar, and it did, ripping it away into nothingness...and in that instant...

"True Sage Mode: Suzaku."

The Knight of Dread, the monster that Zeo yearned for Enishi to not give into emerged.

The earth pillar was absolutely shattered in an explosion of water and lightning chakra destroying earth, and when the explosion subsided, all that was left was nothingness for Zeo to see...but once the smoke cleared up, all it remained was a single individual, floating in the air.

Enishi Kurosawa, the last living member of the Jugo Clan.

Crimson-white wings made out of pure natural energy sprouted out of the Sage's back, having a wingspan of about two and half meters - their feathers being nothing more but incredibly durable shards of chakra fragments. The understudy's eyes were unrecognizable, once being an alluring ice blue were now dominant gold - resembling the vermillion phoenix of myth - Suzaku. A single horn was on the Sage's forehead akin to that of the Sage of Six Path's...but more noticeably, a radiating aura reminiscent of the sun's flames radiated a meter out of Enishi's body similar to the cloak of a jinchuriki. This, this was the pinnacle of Sage Transformation that a Jugo could unlock - True Sage Mode, unlike normal Sage Mode where people absorb natural energy to bolster their strength, the Jugo take properties of all possible natural energy from all of history, and convert it to gain properties of a mythical being. This was why the Jugo's true title was the Sage of Pleiades; Pleiades - the timeless star cluster that reigned over the cosmos. Enishi was currently suspended and floating in the air; that was because he had achieved true flight with the use of the Light-Weight Rock Technique utilized by the Tsuchikage of legend. Enishi also took no damage from the Water Dragon as the Wings and Cloak of Suzaku blocked it laughably easily.

Allowing Zeo to gawk for a few moments, the Sage's expression was completely calm - in fact, he was emotionless. He bore no happiness, arrogance, excitement, nor anger. It was the same emotion one felt as though they were crushing an ant they saw before them, it wasn't as though they couldn't feel emotion - rather, there was no reason to. Unhindered by the Dreamwalker Genjutsu as his clone took the brunt of the jutsu, the Sage of Pleiades would outstretch his right hand before channeling chakra - utilizing the jutsu he whistled handseals for moments prior. 

"Diamond Release: Adamantine Mirror Dragon."

Directly from his hand, a serpentine dragon emerged from it...however, it was made completely out of Diamond. Yes, this was Hoshigakure's secret Kinjutsu - Diamond Release, an ability that Enishi was trusted by Ayato Hyuuga himself to utilize. It was the highest form of Earth Release, having reflective properties that allowed it to cut through and reflect most jutsu. Its properties? Well, Zeo would have to see it. Red eyes and a scaly crystalline body, resembling a Chinese Dragon - the dragon would grow to its full width - three meters wide and a four-meter wide head, it would rush towards Zeo while escaping the clutches of the Sage's hand, roaring and opening its mouth wide to utterly crush and ram the Kamigawa.

WC: 1276
TWC: 10464

Gang Shit:
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

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Sat Jan 22, 2022 8:57 pm
Zeo's enhancements, finally reached their limit as his water dragon smashed into the stone pillar and exposed the true Enishi from his hiding place. Zeo was exhausted as he felt his chakra fade more and more with all the exercise he put into his jutsu. He was pushing it as soon his wind aura faded-- the air surging around him dying down and even his bubble he was on would soon burst. While skilled, he didn't have the same endurance Enishi possessed. However, as he gasped, showing clear exhaustion he soon looked up-- and was genuinely surprised by what he saw.

His chakra skyrocketed once more, and now the mixes of orange and green-- was a fiery red, as if looking at sun. Wings spread from Enishi as he now assumed a new form altogether. It was his Sage mode, the true Zenith of his clan's power and his own. Sweat clearly showed on Zeo, to realize how truly up against the wall he was. He swallowed a lump of fear in his throat as he soon saw the new intimidating form, but more than that, his eyes could sense how far stronger he had become. It was almost unrealistic. Did Zeo make a huge mistake thinking he could hold his own against him?

It was then he simply made a simple comment-- and released his next jutsu! A massive dragon made of diamond stone emerged as if from nowhere and lunged for Zeo, attempting to smash into him. The reflective surface of it alone wouldn't do him any good, as it could repel attacks-- providing a powerful offense and defense.

Snapping out of his fear, Zeo formed hand signs with one hand, and raised his bubble pipe quickly. He blew out a single bubble for the dragon, his own hope riding on this!


Once more, Zeo's bubble erupted upon contact with the dragon-- and released a massive swarm of foam and bubbles! Zeo's Wild Bubble Wave again-- a perfect camouflage to hide and escape as the bubble-white outreached as far as Enishi (Covering 20 meters easily). Even with his speed or power, the bubbles would easily mask his vision as well as his sensory power as all of it was part of Zeo's chakra.

Without sight, Enishi wouldn't be able to see his target, or anything else even with the clones afoot. Where there were not foam-- there were bubbles that now floated in all directions... adding to the confusion but Zeo wouldn't be where he was previously. As Enishi could clearly see, he was surrounded by bubbles and each one held its own margin of risk.

However, he would soon notice ones were attention-grabbing-- different, as their naturally iridescent colors became brighter and noticeable to the eye. They would form in many directions, surrounding Enishi in his general location. Other bombs? Sensory aids? Who knew! Another example of why Zeo's bubble-style ninjutsu was beautiful but dangerous... As for Zeo, he was there, and yet nowhere...

WC: 481

Actions: 357/ 1121 AP Total -- Paid upkeep for Uchugan,. Wind style ehancer and bubble drift now on cooldown.

Uses: Suiton-- Wild Bubble Wave 15 AP-- blankets entire area, including Enishi in bubble white out .

Hiding in Bubbles B rank - 24 AP -- Hides in the bubbles to escape enemy attack and move with bubbles.

Suiton: Bubble Ninjutsu --cast to control new bubbles. 30 AP.

Suiton: Bubble Wonderland! A Rank 30 AP-- causes bubbles to glow and entrance enemy Razz
Ryo : 14500

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Sat Feb 12, 2022 1:47 pm
As the Dread Knight released one of his trump cards in the form of the esoteric Adamantine Mirror Dragon, the golden eyes of Enishi - and the dark blue of Zeo's met. He could see it, Zeo could no longer recognize Enishi as the same person from just moments prior. The Enishi Kurosawa before was a young adolescent who while having a dark past and was capable and committed various cruelties reminiscent of what he called himself - a monster, he still wanted to help others in his own way, he still desired for most situations to have a positive outcome. This version of Enishi, the one that possessed a fiery aura and golden eyes with his hair darkening to a scarlet color, this was the berserker side of Enishi...the original Enishi that did not possess the surname of Kurosawa. This was the side that the understudy desired not to feed into, the side that could kill thousands in a single breath...this was the same Enishi that burned a town and orphanage to cinders. The Dread Knight of the Tundra, embodying all of the sins and evils of humanity. If Zeo peered into those eyes, he could see that this was no longer the friend he knew for the past year and a half, rather...this was the monster that he said that Enishi could "never become!" 

That wasn't to say that the Dread Knight was particularly bloodlust nor in a state of mania as he was completely calm, but he was willing to show a demonstration to Zeo, that monsters should never be taunted, lest a fool desires an untimely death. However, the Dread Knight was feeling particularly merciful today, so he would get the Kamigawa fool off easy with a painful lesson. If one desires to enact authority upon those that dare challenge them, they do not kill the challenger...instead, they destroy the challenger's pride and self-worth, crushing them psychologically until they break - then the challenger spreads word of the monster that destroyed their psyche, spreading fear all throughout the area. In essence, one does not shoot a hawk, instead, they clip the wings of the hawk and show the mutilated hawk to the family to send a message.

"I wonder how a Kamigawa will react when I clip their wings..."

The deluge of rain ceased.

After firing the Diamond Dragon towards the Kamigawa, attempting to cover the ten-meter gap in a matter of seconds, the blue-haired Chuunin formed handseals in response - to which Enishi would form handseals as well with his hands, five to be exact, while whistling four handseals at the same time; waiting for the right moment to unleash these backup techniques to apply pressure. By the time that the Dread Knight finished forming these handseals, the Kamigawa already blowed out a single bubble towards the dragon; remembering what his alter self had to fight against...he knew that Zeo's bubbles were the ultimate exemplary of trickery and deceit.  The bubble made contact with the dragon with a single popping sound, releasing a swarm of additional bubbles that expanded, attempting to cover the Dread Knight's vision. However, Enishi already planned for a countermeasure against the same technique that Zeo unleashed earlier on in the battle. Deactivating his dragon since it had no use to him, he would soon begin his plan. Without any handseals while closing his eyes the moment the bubble exploded in a swarm, his vision...simply stopped existing. For a temporary amount of time, Enishi became blind. There was no need for any sort of vision in this situation, so making himself blind helped him focus on his Chakra Sensory which could sense any forms of chakra within five meters of himself...while also unknowingly defending himself from a Genjutsu formula that Zeo imbued in some of the bubbles.

However, Enishi was not finished yet. After he cut off his sense of sight, the Dread Knight released two jutsu at the same time that he formed the handseals prior to. "Foul Legacy: RAIGEKI!" Suddenly, a burst of violet electricity roared outwards from his red cloaked body, expanding at supersonic speeds in a fifteen meter radius sphere, erupting in all directions similar to a lightning explosion. Using the Foul Legacy amplification technique along with the Gigavolt technique, this was the combination of both jutsu used in tandem to create a violet lightning storm that would drain chakra at all levels upon contact while dealing serious damage, expanding to a maximum of fifteen meters in all directions and attempting to dissipate the bubbles that surrounded him. Once reaching its maximum range however, it will dissipate...

"Entertain me more, Onmyouji." 

WC: 742
TWC: 11602

Gang Shit:
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

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Sat Feb 12, 2022 2:20 pm
Zeo was not present in the physical sense as all of him were now in a sense-- bubbles. His use of jutsu hid him effectively among the chaos of it all. However, Enishi was keeping his sense of wit even in his--- different state of mind. Zeo now faced 'the beast' in Enishi, and he was not about to let him win. When it came to fighting a beast, mind trumped anything else.

Enishi had somehow closed off his vision-- preventing him to fall prey to the effects of "Bubble Wonderland". Had he seen any of the bubbles, he would of fallen into a dream of pleasant thoughts, wonder, and happiness. One of Zeo's personal creations he was proud of. However, whether it was sheer dumb luck or mocking ( OOC evading Razz ) Zeo's jutsu no longer had any effect. To add insult the injury as it were, Enishi released a lightning style move of his own-- gigavolt. The violent discharge of lightning raked and ran through the air, striking multiple bubbles in the air to prevent further use of Zeo's numerous bubbles...

... however, that only worked to Zeo's advantage as all those bubbles popped, dropping water and vapor all over the place as it splashed against Enish...

... and Zeo now had him.

In that moment of contact after his eruption, that tiny bit of water suddenly appeared with the bubble's pop-- and Enishi soon had a bubble wrapped around his head!

There was more than one way to trigger a genjutsu by sight alone. Having been patient, Zeo used the destroyed bubbles to use another one-- one that caused a bubble to form and soon-- the bubble wasn't just empty air-- but was a literal sphere of water. Zeo had hoped not to resort to such a grizzly genjutsu, but now that THIS Enishi was out, he was going to stop him no matter what it took.

WC: 317

Actions: 290/ 1121 AP Total -- Paid upkeep for Uchugan,. Bubble Jutsu , Hiding in Bubbles.

Zeo is just out of range of Gigavolt via his Hiding in Bubbles, just out of range. The attack devistates majority of Zeo's bubbles-- now down to 5/15 left. However the destroyed bubbles cause water vapor and soon hits Enishi afterward.

Zeo casts's Suffocation by Water--A rank 40 > 30 AP. , Causes burst bubble to reform around his head, simulating drowning and suffocation.

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