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Toshiro Senju
Toshiro Senju
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String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro] - Page 3 Empty Re: String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro]

Mon Dec 13, 2021 6:41 pm
Left. Right. Toshi moved with grace and poise as he tried to get back to the team to assist them in the chasing of the culprits. While he was slower than the rest what made him a good fighting was his intellect. Catching up with the others, more specifically Zunair, he would slide to a stop and pull the hood back up. Giving him a run down of what was going on he would nod and move with Zunair to catch up with Ash who had hopefully still had been safe. Whether or not this would end in a brawl but if it did he would trust in his partners to assist. The other two were definitely close range fighters and Toshiro was definitely a long range fighter in this regard so he would stay to the back and on the building. Thanks to the color choices he had, he would blend in perfectly. With the surface walking technique still in play he would hang in the darkness and wait. Ash had a good idea of getting them to show themselves and their positioning which only helped both Zunair's and his own benefit but now it was time. The moment Zunair had struck, Toshiro would hold out his right hand, point his index finger as if it were a gun. One of the basic moves that he had learned through the hozuki bloodline he would shoot a water sized bullet at one of them, taking them out. He wouldn't kill them but the bullet would put them in a position where they could no longer do anything. He would continue to lay down supportive fire through this technique until there were no more enemies left for them to fight. Once the signal had been given he would slide down the length of the building and head over to Zunair and Ash who should be done with the rest.

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Zunair Hyuuga
Zunair Hyuuga
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String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro] - Page 3 Empty Re: String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro]

Wed Dec 15, 2021 7:59 pm
Zunair watched As Toshiro took out a many with a measly water bullet. So, he did have some fight in him. That's when he heard Ash yell out to help him locate the rest of the targets. "Go to your right!" Zunair yelled as he came running up to another man that was close to where Ash was. He assumed the typical Hyuuga stance, envisioning an Eight Trigrams circle. "Eight Trigrams 64 palm!" Zunair sprinted towards him, proceeding to rotate and then strike him simultaneously with two of his fingers from each hand in the chest at once, twelve inches of range between his hands, which were now shimmering with pale blue.

"Two Palms!"

Zunair straightened his pose, lunging forth and proceeding to deal two more palm strikes with just his left hand in a quick jabbing motion. "Four Palms!" He dealt another four blows with quick succession, moving forth as he was gradually being pushed back from the chakra-infused strikes that struck him rapidly. "Eight Palms!" He'd deal more strikes, the momentum by his consistent palm strikes directed to the midpoint of his torso easily enough to keep him stunned as he sealed more and more tenketsu. "Sixteen Palms!" At the rate of his attack speed, he dealt another sixteen strikes in a matter of seconds, retracting his arms into bent position after dealing the final strike.

"Thirty-Two Palms!" the man looked up at him with wide eyes, he then suddenly upped the speed that he was striking the final thirty-two tenketsu of this mans. He launched thirty-two palm strikes in a matter of seconds at a new rate of speed that he had -just- managed. Upon dealing the final blow,  "Sixty-Four Palms!"

Zunair pulled his right arm back, retracting both of his arms and bending them inward, legs bent in him. Chakra stopped circulating to his ocular nerves, the veins beneath his pearl-white irises fading from visage as they turn back to mint-green. He huffed heavily, his pupils becoming less dominant. The essence around his forearms dissipated, returning to the center of his chakra circulatory system. Upon the final hit, the man fell to the ground and was not moving. Doing this move had inflicted heavy damage on him. 

Turning away to see how Ash was fairing when a machete came flying at his face, having good reflex speed, he immediately ducked down and felt the machete cut his hair."Byakugan," Zunair uttered, activating visual prowess one more time.

Veins protruded beneath his eyes, the pupils in each eye becoming more dominant and perceivable to the naked eye with them changing from the green color to white. The Hyuuga child looked at the man and saw the intensive chakra network and tenketsu. As the man came slashing down with the machete, Zunair would allow the chakra to course over his palms, immersing his lower forearms in a faint glow of pale blue chakra. He thrust his right arm out, palm striking at his father, who immediately dropped his machete upon impact, and retracted his arm to strike with the other. Building up with the momentum, he kept on palm striking and attacking with jab-like, brief and quick motions in an elegant manner, progressively getting quicker.

He twirled his right foot, gliding it across the gravel at his feet as he raised his right heel and proceeded to twist his body completely, thrusting his left arm out as his last strike was a right-armed one. The arm pulled inward, three of his digits cupping against his palm, leaving his index and middle finger extended outward. The focal point of his chakra within his palms was now the entirety of these two digits. With one jabbing motion towards the air, he focused chakra to her fingertips, and hit this man's tenketsu knode with chakra and plugging it. After that, Zunair jumped back as the next man laid in a shriveled-up position next to his partner.

"I think I closed about 34 of his tenketsu," Zunair said, thinking out loud. "Ash? Toshiro? Come to me," he said as he needed his partners to discuss what the next step would be.

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Zunair Hyuuga
Zunair Hyuuga
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String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro] - Page 3 Empty Re: String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro]

Sun Dec 26, 2021 3:05 am
The mint-eyed Hyuuga around and could not find Ash but what he saw was a shock to him as he saw his cousin, Kenton, coming out from an alleyway. What is he doing here, is he a part of this? Zunair looked to Kenton as he came to front and center. His heart jumped up into his throat hearing the syllabled word and made him feel even worse already. However, like a dog, he stood and approached him. Only this was not what he had hoped for.  That was his cue as they stood five meters apart, facing each other. He knew Kenton had issues with the main house in the Hyuuga clan, but he didn't know that he would resort to criminal activity. "Why, what are you doing here. Are you a part of this gang?" Zunair asked with a sense of sadness in his voice.

"Now Zunair, you shouldn't be here, maybe you should go on home and forget what you saw here, but this is time to get my revenge on you and your father," Kenton said to him, his smile fading as he activated his Byakugan. He's going to have to take down his cousin for the sake of the village. He couldn't believe this was happening but it goes to show that anyone can turn on you. Zunair took his typical gentle fist stance and then activated his Byakugan, the area around his eyes tightened and the vessels expanded causing him to see the channels of chakra that moved through his body. It was perhaps the easiest way for him to battle his father. Zunair took a deep breath and kicked off the ground with his left leg, heading straight at his elder cousin. As he neared him, Kenton was already ready to defend against any strike that Zunair was going to throw at him.

As Zunair was heading towards him, he saw the kunai that was pulled from Kenton's pouch and where he had placed it. Zunair immediately thought that he was battling someone else for he thought his cousin would fight him using the gentle fist style, a look of determination crossed Zunair's face while he focused on building chakra into the palms of his hands. Still, he sped forward towards him, and just before he would be within his arm’s reach, Zunair jumped up and forced himself into an aerial front flip with only one rotation, then to land on the balls of his feet behind him in a slightly crouched position. As he spun, he’d aim to a chakra-filled palm into the center of his back while using the Gentle Fist technique. 

However, his cousin was ready for him as he immediately turned around by falling on his right knee quickly spinning his left leg out in an attempting to it to swing at his calves. However, even that close to him, there was no way that Zunair was able to move from the leg sweep that had forced his back onto the concrete below. Zunair landed with a hard thud but even while he still landed on the ground, he still held the concentration of the chakra within his hands. Zunair had to immediately hold in the gasp as his cousin closed a chakra point in his shoulder with his tenketsu needle technique. Zunair's eyes looked up to him and with speed, he’d tried thrusting his palm into his chest trying to place a burst of chakra into him through palm bottom. 

"Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body!"  His cousin exclaimed. The young genin clenched his teeth as he saw every chakra point open up and blow at him, being pressed into the ground more, he struggled to take a breath. Zunair thought how would he be able to fight against his cousin? Once the force of his body blow had released, he stood and rubbed his should where his father jabbed him at.

Leaving nothing to chance he quickly acted, he regained his stance, as his cousin was already on him as he was a meter or so away. Zunair bucked his knees when Kenton got in arms reach, throwing his left arm up as his cousin went to strike at him, deflecting his tenketsu needle. Zunair's hands then took a closed shape with only his index and middle finger extending, unleashing a flurry of flows towards his target in front of him, five blows in all, each blow aiming for a different chakra point in his father's upper body/torso, each time a blow would land he’d be able to force a little bit of his chakra into his body, slowly blocking his chakra ways making it hard for him to summon or mold any chakra whatsoever. 

Kenton then tried to bring his elbow down on him, but Zunair was quick to notice this tactic as he brought his right hand back once more and pointed the first two fingers of his right hand and thrust upwards towards the underside of his right arm as it flew over his head. Poking his fingers at five key points in an attempt to seal off those tenketsu points in Kenton's right arm. He’d then push a thin coat of chakra to cover the soles of his feet before dashing backward and looking to Kenton once more. He then got into his Hyuuga stance once more awaiting his cousin's next move. His eyes focused upon his father and his extensive chakra network as he saw that he actually has closed off a few chakra points. Zunair then watched him come to the ready stance as well, slowly circling around him.

As Kenton came closer to him, he could see him inching closer one step at a time, and as he became within four feet of him he saw the start of his strikes, he let his chakra run through his hands and was prepared. His movements are seen still with his byakugan still activated. He had become efficient at keeping his byakugan activated for long periods of time through his daily practice. Soon, his cousin began to start spinning which he clearly saw, he knew the Jutsu and was well aware of what he was doing, but even if he wasn’t his Byakugan would have seen his move. Zunair watched him start to rotate, seeing everything through his eyes, seeing the amount of chakra released to a creature such a jutsu, he had no clue he knew such a thing, he was quite shocked although he wouldn’t show it.  Zunair immediately jumped back as the crater making jutsu start to ascend in size towards him. 

This was Zunair's chance, as he began making the hand signs Tiger → Horse → Rabbit → Rat → Dog, activating his chakra scalpel. As his rotating cousin slowed down to almost a complete stop, Zunair launched him towards his cousin combing his chakra scalpel with his gentle fist, making for a deadly combination. Zunair gave no warning as he then struck his cousin in the shoulder with all for his finger extended. Knowing the younger Hyuuga sliced open the inside of his cousin's shoulder and closes off a tenketsu. His cousin immediately jumped back, grabbing his shoulder. Leaving nothing to chance, Zunair followed him and slide to his knees, and swirled around his cousin's leg, slicing the calves in his back legs, making him fall to the ground.

"I can believe, you would do this," Zunair said with sorrow in his voice when his cousin only just spat at him. That's when the Konoha police came and took everyone into captivity, even his cousin. With that, Zunair went and turned his missions in, feeling like he completed them. Hopefully, ash and Toshiro, wherever they are, met up with him and at least go their rewards for completing these series of missions. With that, he was off.

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String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro] - Page 3 Empty Re: String of Assignments [Ash & Toshiro]

Fri Dec 31, 2021 11:40 am
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