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Simple guard duty Empty Simple guard duty

Wed Nov 10, 2021 8:12 am

Mission Name: Guard Duty Intern
Rank: D
Mission Location: Major Village

Challenges: N/A
Task: Being a Guard at the village gates is one of the most basic jobs a ninja can be tasked to do. Today you'll be shadowing an experienced gatekeeper as he shows you the ropes. Inspect papers, check for contraband, and do whatever else needs to be done to get through your shift without hassle.

Word Count Requirement: 1000
Reward: 2000 Ryo / 10 AP

Character Requirements: Village Ninja
Character Exclusive: -

Link to Legacy Mission: -

Return to the Mission Directory

Madara was having one of her average days off. Walking through the gates area with a more senior village guard and letting her body rest from all the training it was being put under was essential to developing into a strong fighter. At least that was what her teacher had always said. Had she not been forced to rest every once in a while she would just keep training and training so it was very helpful that she had found someone that could show her the right path. She was even starting to think about fixing her diet to be proper like she’d been suggested many times. This was much harder to do though, since she enjoyed eating whatever she wanted. She would only consider it if she ran into a road block where she wasn’t getting any better. Her mind was so focused on getting back to the ring that she had to slap herself awake. “Don’t even think about slacking off today you idiot!” In her inward rage her arms rustled and started to itch to be opened up. “And you hush up!” she growled at the arms. Sometimes it seemed like they had a mind of their own with all the attempts to form jutsu and such. Madara kept them in check though, much to their dismay.

Even Madara’s walking pace was leisurely. She took slow steps and enjoyed the scenery even though it meant people would get mad at her and push past her. She tried not to get angry at anything at all since that was a good way to get into a fight. In the less populated parts of town she even let her arms relax a little and stretch out to release all their built up tension. They begged to be used to fight, but she wasn’t going to take it that far. Being peaceful and mindful of her mission, that’s where she belonged now.

After making her usual walking path around the area, Madara started to head back home. Along the way, she noticed a group of teenagers not much older than herself that were huddled in the corner of a street. At first she thought nothing of it, but as she got closer she noticed that one of the teens was getting beaten up. This was bullying if Madara had ever seen it before. Madara stood back a ways and just watched and tried to figure out what was going on. She had beaten up quite a few people herself that deserved it. If this guy did happen to deserve it then she wasn’t about to intervene. Fortunately for her, the insults and unreasonable demands that were being spouted were enough to cue her in on the true nature of the confrontation. “What seems to be the problem here,” she asked with her innocent voice. “Go away, this is personal,” the lead bully said with a shove. “Yeah, don’t be sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong or you might find it smashed!” Madara fumed and spat back, “more like if you don’t stop you’re about to get beat down!”

Madara honestly didn’t know what was coming over her. She was a not a good-dooer by any stretch of the imagination at this point in life. Maybe she felt that the power she felt from this made her feel responsible for defending others? Or maybe she thought that if this bullied kid just learned how to fight then he wouldn’t have to put up with these childish thugs. Or maybe she just wanted any excuse to fight on her mission. The bullies all laughed at her and taunted, “you hear that? This little girl is going to save you.” Madara was far past the point of being angry so she crossed the point of no return. She chambered her right arm then threw a full powered punch right at the lead bully, striking his shoulder. She should have aimed for the head, but something in her wanted this to be painful. She was pushed back again by the cronies but now she was in her fighting stance. She threw a quick jab at all of the bullies, not necessarily hitting them but still showing that she meant business. “You really think you can take all of us at once,” the leader said as he held up his own fists, “your funeral.”

Three versus one. Madara was outnumbered by a long shot but she wasn’t that worried. What was the worst that would happen? Her superior could have steeped in to break up the fight or maybe she’d get beaten up. These people were about her age and they certainly weren’t murderers. Madara didn’t even think they knew how to properly fight either, judging by how awkwardly they held themselves and threw punches at her. It was actually quite easy to bat and weave her way through the punches. Any hits that they landed were soley by virtue of them having three times as many arms. Even those were absorbed by her body or arms and weren’t able to make it to her face because of the illusions she threw up. This was probably the first time that having all that genjutsu experience was starting to pay off. Madara backed up to make some distance then decided that she was going to take out one at a time. Ignoring all strikes from the other two, she focused on the cronie to her left, smashing him with as much power as she could muster. Over and over she struck until the other two had to literally pull her off of him.

Now they tried to wrestle her to the ground which was definitely bad news for Madara. She didn’t possess some kind of superhuman strength that could have her throw two body weights off of her. Plus she was no wrestler. She struggled to break free but it was fairly simple for one cronie to hold her down while the other took pot shots at her stomach to make her lose her breath. “Do something,” Madara coughed as she turned her head to the guy who was being bullied. Was he really going to just sit there and watch? “He won’t do anything. It’s been over ten years and he hasn’t thrown a single punch. He might as well not even be here anymore.” The bullied kid just looked down at his feet and dropped what he was holding, causing everyone to stop and look at him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife then brandished it at the bully. “Just go,” he said under his breath. He waved the blade threateningly but poorly at the leader and even feigned throwing it. The bullies seemed to realize that this was all getting out of hand and decided to leave before things got really messy. “You’ll pay for this,” the leader yelled back as they turned the corner.

The name came to her as soon as she heard the name of the technique. Two kunais came towards her, approaching from her right side. It was then that on her left appeared another enemy, katana well in hand. Madara put her hand on his, ready to draw. She was about to take it out of her sheath when she noticed a slight bluish color surrounding her enemy’s katana. Taken aback, she preferred to opt for a defensive maneuver. The girl found herself a few meters away, escaping a guaranteed failure. She was surrounded by two weapons attached to the kunais of the first, but quickly got rid of it by cutting the nylon with the blade, and left immediately in search of the uchiha. One pursued Madara, uncovered. They got owned without seeing it, because being hidden behind a tree, it went unnoticed in the eyes of the two accomplices that Madara was hiding there waiting for them to cross by.

The girl started to run to catch up as best she could, rushing between the trees. At one point, after a few turns and a few landscapes already seen, too much came out of the thicket of trees and found itself forced to attack in the open. Madara aimed at the leader as best she could.

She launched herself at the enemy but the young woman had beyond foreseen her attack and threw herself on the ground while catching the legs of one cronie who, trying to attack Madara wth a sword, rocked forward with his katana in hand, gathering his chakra at the same time the young uchiha who fell backwards onto the dusty ground of the training ground. They looked at each other, then Madara laughed. Even the enemy, however serious, smiled a half smile, looking amused. They stood up dusting themselves and tried to remove all the dust from their hair, which was unfortunately. Impossible. All of them were out of breath in this chase, but their fight was far from over. They seemed evenly matched enough but Madara needed to win. If she wasn’t on a mission she might have just walked away, but she had a job to do.

“Shall we?”

Madara scooped up a blade and thus began the sword duel between Madara and the leader. She got ready. The 2 faced each other, arms out. Madara was waiting for her enemy to launch the assault. Concentrating, she reflected on the weak points of who she faced. He also had a large katana, maybe slightly smaller which suited his size very well. Fluid and powerful movements, pure kenjutsu. Tight as the girl appeared, the loose clothes prevented her from spotting where she could strike. She had to get started. So she went from defensive to offensive. Finding an opening, she stung suddenly, oblique. It was then that images came into his head. A scene she had already experienced. Two katanas. A 17 year old young man. A town. Two blades. An oblique blow. Silver hair. A village. Laughs. Tears. Then she struck and ended it all.

Madara got to her feet fairly easily. She regularly took more punishment in her training spars than she had here which was surprising. “A knife,” she asked quizzically, “why didn’t you just use that at the start?” The boy put the weapon away and started picking up his things. “I was going to stab with it after they walked away,” he admitted, “ten years and it’s only gotten worse. It’d be worth it just to never have to deal with them again.” Madara smacked his face silly, “That’s how you get thrown in prison you fool!” she shouted, “the way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them and fight. Not commit murder!” She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation with someone her age. “Why don’t you come and learn how to box? If they found out you packed a punch then they’d just find someone weaker than you to pick on. It’s not the perfect solution but hey, it’s better than being driven to lawlessness. Or better yet, just go get them arrested!” Madara felt like she was rambling but her point was made. “Okay okay,” the boy said just to make her be quiet, “just tell me when and where to show up and I’ll be there.”

Madara mouthed off some instructions on how to find the place and sincerely hoped that this guy showed up. It pained her to see anyone getting picked on like this when it was so realistic for people to man up. If she had just saved this kid from becoming a murderer then all the power to him. To wrap up this day of good deedary, Madara told her guard superior about what had happened and described the bullies as best as she was able to. It probably wouldn’t do much, but it’d help if people around here would watch out for local thugs. The guard was only a block away and some good attentiveness could have prevented this altercation all along. When Madara finally arrived back home, she realized that she very much looked like she had gotten into a fight. “My teacher is going to be furious to find out I didn’t rest today,” she admitted as she got into bed. “Hopefully he’ll understand.”

2049 wc


put 2000 wc towards tomoe 3 sharingan
2300/6000 wc learned here:

+2100 Ryo
+10 AP

+20 speed
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Simple guard duty Empty Re: Simple guard duty

Sat Nov 13, 2021 3:08 pm
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