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Interlude to the plot (travel) Empty Interlude to the plot (travel)

Thu Sep 16, 2021 3:34 am
*squelch* *squelch*

The sounds his wooden clogs produced from the damp land hadn’t gotten any less annoying over the last several hours.  Rice fields where a damp place, Asahi would give them that, but that didn’t explain why the road had to match.  Muddied wooden clogs, splashes of filth moving up his smooth pale legs…..the site irked his nerves, but there wasn’t much for it.  His hands wrapped within his sleeves of the long Sakura blossom kimono he wore, hair tied up with a pair of chopsticks.  The last several weeks had went by fast, perhaps much quicker than they should have.  Last he’d seen Yasahiro they had made their plans to meet up, and that date had come and gone much quicker than he’d meant for to happen.  Still he’d close his eyes and it was as though he could see his cousin, always in the distance.  The aura of his chakra like the fading shadows at the raising sun.  Hard to find, but present.

As he continued to walk he reflected on the past several days.  It had been his intention to move swiftly and adeptly to meet on time……but after about an hour of leaving his cousin he’d found the most lovely tea house.  It wasn’t his fault, the gentle aromas were to blame.  Yes that was it……then there was the matter of the flattering men who had mistaken him for a female.  Would it have been polite to crush their spirits with the cold grips of reality?  Surely not.  Surely it was kinder to stay and give them the joy of his company.  It was good for the soul to give, and as he gave his time, they gave him drinks and food.  They each shared the sustenance of life, that had lasted for some time until the argument.  Something about them desiring the female touch, still he’d have to thank Yasahiro for the kendo lessons, despite his admitted fragility, a couple drunkards where not much of a challenge.  

Then there had been the beautiful temple he passed.  It had been in such a disarray he could not leave it in such a state.  The monks were kind, and for an exchange of service he had a bed, and food, as well as a place to pray.  He’d beautified the area over the course of the next week.  Breathing life into the shrine, an invitation for the kami should they choose to come.  Really it had been a civic duty to take his time.  Alas that to came to an end after an unfortunate squabble over some missing sake that the chief monk had some how denied owning, but accused someone of stealing.  Taking out a ceramic jug and taking a sip of totally unrelated sake Asahi would reflect on the dichotomy of such a situation.  Perhaps it had been better to part the sake from the holy man, setting him back on a path of perceived righteousness.  Yes, that made the most sense after all.

Still, detours are temporary, and they make the destination all the more enjoyable.  Taking one last sip to finish off the jug, he’d look forward, Yasahiro had to just be dying to see him.

(Exit, travel to rice country from borders)

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Interlude to the plot (travel) Empty Re: Interlude to the plot (travel)

Thu Sep 16, 2021 10:19 pm
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