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Old Shin
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The Greatest of Feats Empty The Greatest of Feats

Mon Aug 23, 2021 8:57 am
The rather imposing form of Shin could be seen within his room in the Outer Heaven Inn of Sunagakure, the Missing-Nins eyes closed as he sat in a half-lotus position on his bed, a pillow resting beneath him. Meditation was nothing new to The Assassin, who regularly practiced it as a means to centre himself… but this was different, and that would be clear when one saw him and took note of the almost visible aura of chakra that was wafting off of him. This wasn’t a technique of its own, not truly, nor did it have any effects… no, this was simply him preparing the chakra he was going to need to perform what he knew would end up being one of the greatest feats he would ever perform. This feat? The creation of an entirely new dimension… something only done by those who understood the true intricacies of Space-Time techniques, those that devoted their lives to the rather esoteric art. It couldn’t be performed by those that simply dabbled… no, this was something that only the true masters of the art could theoretically perform, and while Shin was no master yet… he was confident that he could do it. He had studied the art for years at this point, he was a great deal more powerful than he had been only months ago… and he had the chakra reserves necessary for it. The Assassin would exhale lightly, centring himself one final time before unleashing all of the chakra he had gathered. 

The result was near instant, he could feel an immense burden on his chakra pathways as the energy was sucked out of him, the drain far stronger than anything he had ever felt before… no techniques he had used even came close to the amount of energy that this was taking… but this was all still within the acceptable parameters. This technique, if it could even be called that, continued to drain and displace the chakra reserves of The Hyuuga, but faintly… in the back of his mind, Shin could feel it. He could feel the connection forming between himself and a new slice of reality, and that connection was all he truly needed to know that this was the correct course of action. At the forefront of his mind was a mental image of his creation, the landmasses quite different from that of their world, but completely void of any life. He had only two structures that he wished to exist within the world that needed to be created with the world, as each had their own laws… anything anything else could be added later down the line and would function the same ways that they would in this world. One of the structures was a great tower that he wished to have floating within the sky itself, unburdened by the laws of physics or gravity… and the other was a grand Ziggurat, which he wished for nobody to be able to enter in the traditional sense, save him through what he would say was a type of astral or spiritual projection. 

Little did Shin know that his way of viewing the ability, spiritual projection, would end up creating a ‘flaw’ in his perfect little system and world, as the unconscious thought of only spirits and those without physical form being able to enter the structure would end up being the birth of countless spirits of a great many types within his unnamed world. The creation process would take hours, and Shin was left feeling extremely drained… but it was all worth it, because he could feel it… he was very aware of the ‘connection’ that now existed between himself and his creation, and with what felt like a miniscule amount of chakra… he would allow that connection to pull him in, his mind's eye focussed on the floating tower that he created… and more specifically, the room that he had envisioned existing at the top. In a matter of moments Shin was, rather than sitting on his bed within Outer Heaven and Sunagakure, sitting in his private chambers at the top of his tower… the very world around him was quite different from the one he had left behind. Where it was day in the real world, it was the dead of night here… the world's moon was shining brightly down upon the planet below, and without a word Shin would move towards the balcony that he knew was attached.

He would step out and give a tired yet pleased sigh at the extreme chill of the night's air, and simply look around at the world he had created. Down at the base of the tower was what looked to be a massive plain of blue and white grass, but he knew those to be flowers... he had been the one to envision them beneath his tower. The tower itself was situated above a rather large island, and his balcony was overlooking the ocean, which almost seemed to shimmer with the light of the moon. It was a truly ethereal sight, and Shin, although tired beyond belief, couldn’t bring himself to stop simply overlooking the world that he had created. This was all HIS, he had created every square inch of this… he had truly created a planet, it was a mind-boggling thought, and it was one that truly did render him both speechless and a little pensieve. This type of power… he could see why so many feared it, because if he was capable of this level of creation… then surely the destruction he could wreak if he wasn’t careful was apocalyptic. All it would take is a single mistake when performing a technique and he, or worse, someone else… could end up creating a Black Hole, which would effortlessly wipe out the entirety of their world. God… yes, he could see where the fear of Shinobi came from… they were mere men, but to think some of them had the powers that most would associate with gods…

And now he was one of them. 

In the end The Assassin could do little more than smirk proudly as he overlooked his creation, his eyes memorising it all in as vivid detail as he possibly could. Everything from the slight scent of flowers in the thin air, to the chill that he could feel from a stray breeze causing the goosebumps to rise across the nape of his neck. He would explore his new creation tomorrow, and test out whether or not the rules he had tried to impose upon his Ziggurat were actually in place… but he had high hopes given that he was currently standing atop a giant tower floating within the sky. With that thought in mind he would make his way back inside the tower, smiling at how accurately the room itself had been made, before making his way towards the rather simple king size bed sitting in the corner of the room. He wasn’t one for pointless luxuries… but he was a damned tall person, and he needed larger mattresses than most. When he laid down he could barely believe how soft this was… he would release a light chuckle of disbelief… oh this wasn’t good, after this he wouldn’t be able to handle the spring-filled mess that he was sleeping on in Outer Heaven. Heh, the boss would likely kill him if he burnt it… but maybe that would end up being worth it. 

With that last thought, the pale eyelids of the Hyuuga would close and he would be lost to the world. 

WC: 1265
Old Shin
Old Shin
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The Greatest of Feats Empty Re: The Greatest of Feats

Mon Aug 23, 2021 10:18 am
Shin’s eyes would open slowly as the next morning hit him, and with a light stretch he would marvel at the softness of the mattress… it almost felt like a cardinal sin to leave, but alas, he needed to return to Suna and do some contracts, earn some more money and get stronger… but he would return here later, whether to sleep or explore was simply up in the air at this point. With a decent application of chakra he would follow the connection he held to his dimension back towards the real world, and with a small groan he would sit up… yup, he wouldn’t be able to sleep in that cheap springy mattress again after his last night's sleep… just great. 

The rest of the day felt wholly uneventful, and The Assassin completed a few minor contracts that would allow him to pay the rent for Outer Heaven without dipping into his savings in only a matter of hours. The next destination was the training grounds… but with his Byakugan he noticed something strange. He was being followed… but not by a human or even some type of pet, no… there was an unmistakable glint of intelligence in the beady eyes he saw watching and following him in a manner that most would miss. It was curious, and Shin himself was a rather curious man… so he would proceed to the training grounds a little faster than usual. Upon arriving he would scan the area, and after confirming that they were free he would turn to face the bush he knew his follower was lying within.

“There isn’t any hiding from my eyes… Come out, you’ve been following me for awhile now and I wish to know why.” The Assassin would call out in a semi-loud voice, only loud enough to ensure the creature within the bushes could hear him.

“Interesting, I should have known those eyes of yours weren’t simply defective, but you didn’t have the veins of the others… you’re certainly an interesting specimen.” It would say as it slithered out of the bush almost proudly, revealing the horned brown head of a viper, one that almost effortlessly blended in with the sandy earth. 

“Heheh, yes, a rather handy ability I’ve developed over the years. I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with a Viper. I’m curious, why were you following me?”

“Oh that’s a simple matter. I am sure you’re aware that I am no simple snake… we wouldn’t be having this conversation if I was. I am a summon, specifically, the contract holder for my clan. It is my duty to search for those worthy of holding our contract, and to offer those people the chance to sign… and you… I can sense your connection to another realm. You, my friend… would be quite the summoner” The Serpent would reveal with what Shin would assume was a grin, earning a feral smirk from the imposing man.

“Oh now that is interesting… ya know… I think I’ll take you up on that offer. I’m an assassin, and a summoning contract like yours would be perfect for me. So… what exactly do I do now? You gonna bite me or something?” He would ask, earning a small series of hisses from the snake that he took to be laughter.

“Oh no child, my clan is not quite so primitive as our cousins… our clan has evolved further, simply sign your name in blood in my scroll, and imprint your bloody fingerprints below. It’s, quite literally, a contract, signed in blood.” The snake would explain, before regurgitating a scroll that seemed far too big for its own body. 

Shin would grimace a little, and the snake would laugh more, before he unfurled the scroll and did as was instructed, using a small knife he was carrying to cut his thumb for the blood. Once this was complete the scroll would seemingly roll itself up, and the snake would swiftly swallow it once more. 

“Excellent… It was a pleasure to meet you, Summoner. I am known as Au, and the race you have chosen to align with is the Vipers of the Red Sands. We’re not the only clan that goes by such a name… but our cousins are quite a bit weaker than us. We are the ones that have shut ourselves off to all save those that dabble in Space-Time Ninjutsu… we cannot properly be summoned by others.” It would explain, earning a small nod from Shin, before it slithered off into the brush once more, and Shin would watch as it burrowed effortlessly into the ground. 

WC: 774


TWC: 2039

237 words towards Water Release, claiming

999 words towards Vipers of the Red Sands (Mythical), claiming

750 words towards Reverse Summoning: Wraith, 2000 words remaining

2000 words towards 40 AP, claiming
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The Greatest of Feats Empty Re: The Greatest of Feats

Mon Aug 23, 2021 10:21 am
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