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Two Breakfasts [Solo] Empty Two Breakfasts [Solo]

Tue Aug 17, 2021 12:35 am

After collecting on his previous mission, Koutaku had asked if he could temporarily keep the get-up and to his great surprise they said yes so long as he didn't use it for anything illegal or especially immoral. Happy with this, Koutaku had wrapped the mask in the cloak and then fastened the two to his belt before making his way elsewhere. While he'd cashed in he'd decided to pick up two more missions. Looking them over once more he found that he was doubly glad he'd kept the hunter get-up. After all, it was going to make this eviction leagues easier. Stowing away the paper that denoted his two missions, Koutaku took a deep breath and began to figure out what sort of 'hunter-nin' he'd play this time around. He figured the gruff and vicious one he'd chosen before might be a bit much for this particular incursion--especially considering that it was likely to become a great deal more public even if he was particularly careful. That said, it wasn't as if any attention levied his way would be traced back to him as he'd be thoroughly covered and masked.

With those considerations he decided he'd be somewhat gentler and with that in mind, he began to sculpt this new persona in his mind's eye. A man, yes, but soft spoken with an unassuming air and a slightly uncanny litheness to his every movement. As he thought, Koutaku entered an alley and then ascended a stairwell to the roof, too deep in thought to do anything more fancy. Reaching the roof his frown of concentration eased as the gentle caress of the wind passed him by. He almost smiled, and as he did the persona clicked in his mind. Almost lethargically, Koutaku removed the hunter garments from his belt and then lightly tossed them into the air, followed by several wires. With an almost lazy--yet deft--manipulation, he pulled the cloak down onto himself and then caught the mask in one hand, carrying its momentum down in a sweeping motion that found the mask affixed to his head as before.

He took a step forwards, the dust of the roof rippled faintly and then streaks of green chakra flashed over his cloak and he vanished in a lunging Body Flicker. Having plotted his way before its use, Koutaku blurred across the rooftops like a comet before coming to rest all at once, his cloak settling around him in a hurry as if heavier than it seemed. Performing several handseals, the disguised shinobi walked through the air and down to the ground.

Wind Release: Step on High Ladder
Transformation Technique

Promptly he felt subtle changes in his body and knew that his voice would sound different. Ever so quietly he tested his altered voice out until he was comfortable with it. By the time he had finished he was on the ground once more, allowing him to release his first technique. Though he noticed the attention he was drawing to himself, he took no mind of it, slipping into his role. Taking their cue from his utter disregard of their attention, everyone soon began to ignore him, particularly as they noticed that he was heading to a specific house. In his periphery he saw a great many expressions--and sometimes sighs--of relief and it made him chuckle slightly, the sound ringing hollow within his mask. Reaching the door, the hunter placed a hand on it and ran his chakra through the wood for a moment before smiling beneath his mask and casually taking out a key and unlocking it.

He'd gotten it from the landlord of this property, as the man had rightly assumed that the family would do almost anything to keep their home. How unfortunate really, he hoped that they would find residence somewhere else, somewhere cheaper. It wouldn't do to have people ending up homeless after all.

Opening the door, the hunter let it remain that way, going so far to flick a single shuriken down into the ground where it lodged in the doors path, stopping it from closing at all. Without looking back to check, the man progressed into the home, hearing the sounds of a family bustling about, and smelling what must be their morning meal. This considered, the hunter stopped in place and then remained there in the hallway that would bring any visitor to the rest of the house's interior. Smiling to himself, the hunter waited and then waited some more.

Quietly, in the back of his mind, Koutaku considered other matters, theorizing about techniques, about future conquests and most importantly about the path they would take. He concluded that the very crux of all he did would be in rendering his adversary's environment and even their very actions their enemy. It would not be about area denial, but instead about controlling their movements--and his own. Tactics, ever-shifting plans. Action, reaction.

Smiling beneath his mask, the hunter nodded his agreement just as the sound of water turning on and the light clatter of dishes being washed began. It seemed they were done with their morning meal. Wonderful. Perhaps they'd be in a more agreeable mood now.

Striding forward silently, the shrouded hunter stepped into their dining room and its adjoined kitchen. "Good morning," he said, and the woman jumped, dropping her plate. However, before it could clatter to the floor, the man was there, catching it and setting it on the table next to her. It was almost as if Koutaku had always been beside the woman. The way she looked at him--first with shock, then with fear, and then with anger--told him a lot about how this was likely to go.

"Why are you in our home, hunter-sama?" She added the last on to seem respectful, though her tone spoke volumes otherwise. The hunter ignored the woman's bad tempered nature, his eyes twinkling lightly within the mask. Calm and implacable.

"Ah, I'm on terribly unfortunate business I'm afraid. It concerns your, ah, living situation."

The woman's expression went from merely annoyed, to terrified, and then like a whipcrack it went straight back to anger as she went red in the face. Acting quickly, Koutaku read her body language and reacted, gently grabbing her hand before it had a chance to go for any piece of cookware at all. With barely any force, he whisked her backwards and whipped a wire out, pulling a chair up behind her. In a fraction of an instant she went from attempting to assail him, to rather unceremoniously sitting in a chair.

Regarding her for a moment as she reassessed he situation, the hunter decided once more to take the initiative. "I don't mean to be unpleasant, believe me ma'am, and I mean you no disrespect, but the owner of this domicile states that you simply have not met the demands of your contract for some time now. I don't want you destitute or on the street anymore than your loved ones do, but I must insist that you calmly vacate the premises." That said, he withdrew his wire from the chair and it slithered back up his sleeve like some infinitesimally narrow serpent. Seeming entirely unsettled, the woman nodded stiffly and then called out. She was swiftly joined not by a husband or young children, but three more adults who eyed the hunter with angry wariness before noting the rather out of place expression on the woman's face.

"What did he do to you Haru?" One of them asked, scowling at Koutaku as he did.

Haru simply shook her head, "We should go," she said, rising from her seat. They tried to protest, but she grabbed one's arm and began to make her way swiftly down the hall towards the door, whispering. "It's not worth the trouble. We'll find somewhere else."

The disgruntled man glared at the hunter for a few moments more before narrowing his gaze and spitting at Koutaku's feet. The shinobi chose not to react, instead waving. The man cursed beneath his breath and then begrudgingly followed after his companions.

Once he heard the last man's footsteps change in sound as they moved over the stone and gravel of the paths outside, Koutaku tugged on a single wire, retrieving the shuriken he'd left at the door. In a not-too-subtle slam, the door shut behind the man.

The genin was fairly sure he heard a small yelp from the fellow. Laughing lightly, Koutaku searched the rest of the house top to bottom, ensuring that no one else was lingering. That done, he locked every window and door, and then exited out the entrance he'd entered. Pleased that things had gone so well, the genin slipped into an alley, wrapped the mask in the cloak once more and affixed them at his belt before exiting the other end of the alley and picking up the item he needed to drop off at the penitentiary. Once he'd picked that up he casually walked towards the Maximum Security Prison and made his delivery. He was even allowed to pet the dogs a bit while they ate, before he bid the staff adieu and made his merry way elsewhere. He figured he'd do some training after he cashed in one more time.

If he was feeling up to it, maybe he'd even manage some more missions later in the day.


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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Two Breakfasts [Solo] Empty Re: Two Breakfasts [Solo]

Tue Aug 17, 2021 2:07 pm
Same deal. You have to make claims on here. DM me when it's done
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Stat Page : Two Breakfasts [Solo] S02EsjX
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
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Two Breakfasts [Solo] Empty Re: Two Breakfasts [Solo]

Tue Aug 17, 2021 2:19 pm
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