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Stat Page : Ryu
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Village : Kumogakure
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Scroll Sortage [Vlad, Kit] Empty Scroll Sortage [Vlad, Kit]

Sat Aug 14, 2021 6:32 am
Scroll Scuffles:

Several weeks had passed since Ryu's return to the village and today would be the first day back to normal missions. The sun had barely shown itself in the morning sky as the newly promoted chunin prepared himself for the day. Ryu clothed himself in casual clothing, given the contents of the day's mission he decided it would be best. Ryu wore a pair of black, knee-length shorts with a belt wrapped around his waist and secured through the loopholes of the shorts. Over his torso, he wore a dark grey t-shirt that had the village logo printed on the front. Ryu hung both his village i.d. badge and his Nara clan ring that was held on a piece of string was around his neck and tucked under the t-shirt. Clipping the weapon pouch to the back of his shorts Ryu checked the contents, although this was going to be a non-combat mission he decided he would take at least a few bits of equipment anyway. Finally, Ryu wrapped his village headband around his forehead and headed for his apartment door.

On the way to the mission location, Ryu stopped by a local deli and bought himself a breakfast burrito, which consisted of bacon, egg, sausage, and cheese in a pita wrap. Ryu scoffed it down in far too few bites. As well as the food he bought a bottle of water to go in his weapon pouch. Ryu then continued along the street until he reached the Thunderpeak Campus. Ryu pushed his back against the outside wall near the entrance, his foot resting up against the wall and his arms crossed. He would then wait for the other two to arrive, altogether they would be completing the mission of sorting a set of scrolls that had been found in a decrepit part of the archives.

WC: 306

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