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Enyo Gushiken
Enyo Gushiken
Stat Page : Enyo Gushiken
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 500

Teaching an upstart (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Teaching an upstart (IO)

Mon Jul 26, 2021 4:07 pm
Memories flooded the mind of Enyo like rushing waters of a river bank. Filling her with a mixture of emotions and desperation that was not of her own recalling. Unfamiliar territory and unknown faces and struggles. Conflict of life and death found her and her heart pounds and flutter as if she was being hunted. She saw a face amongst the haze of confusion...a face that brought her ease of mind and heart. “Telantes” her sister? Or was it the sister of another? Anaphiel’s sister? Village insignias could be recognized — kirigakure and konohagakure... What was this? What was the meaning of any of this??? There was a fight going on and there were some wounded. Enyo- no, Anaphiel’s sister took to healing the wounded as the memory faded. 

It was a mere instant that replayed the vision to her. Her eye would sit stead on the remaining of the mist. She knew that feeling, she would know it all too well. That was indeed a loved one of Anaphiel, his sister. But what’s more confusing was the insignia that she possibly could have been wearing... “Anaphiel...” She spoke, her words would fill the void like the space techniques that were clearly at the hands of the Chuunin. The air about her changed. Grew denser than before when she first arrived. Her mind was racing as she tried to piece together the fragments of the broken puzzle bestowed to her. Only Kiri and Konoha were there. No Kumo headbands or insignias. It was all still but of a haze, but even so she knew something was off. 

Anaphiel! What are you not telling me!?” He heavy, raspy voice boomed over the training grounds as she peered at the mist, knowing full well that he was within it, concealed looking back at him. “Where...where are you and your sister from? She did not sport the insignia of this village? Why were Kiri and Konoha after you both?” Her chakra aura was ceased and her hands immediately formed a set of seals. A poof a smoke manifested 1 meter to the left of Enyo and as it was summoned it formed a set of seals of its one. While Enyo formed a set of her very own. “You are hiding something from me. I’ll just break you until you talk.” 

The clone scan the mist from its position as Enyo did the very same. With nearly have the mist removed from the sheer force of the wind that was erected her and the clone moved simultaneously moved 16  meters towards the mist. Stopping and looking onward from all sides. Enyo placed her right index finger to her forehead as a teal glow formed and marked her point of contact with a teal diamond seal. Her hands formed a few more seals right after. Her hand crashed into the very ground as she bends the earth to her will. Raising 3 walls of solid earth at the speed/power/health of 52, 5 meter to the left, right and front of Anaphiel. Before him, directly underneath her and her clone. The wall that they were on would rise to be 10 meters high, 20 meters wide and 3 meters thick. To his left and right it would rise to be 10 meters high and only 5 meters wide to close off any escape routes leaving only up and over as an option. It was also 3 meters thick as well. Enyo looked down at the pit that oozed the mist. Anaphiel now only had a 5x5 meter box. 

The clone would. Run along the edge as it made its way to the fork where the 20 meter wide section connects with the 5 meter section. This gave the 20 meter wide wall some overlapping. Once it reached the fork it would stand at that point facing the opening. From the clone a sharp , crackling burst of electricity radiates from it outwardly in a dome at a speed and power of 67 due to linked mastery of this technique. The range of the dome would reach up to 15 meters . It would leave the clone and the original unharmed for to the same chakra nature. Should Anaphiel be caught in this wave he would experience a severe electrical burns at jutsu power. Any projectile weapons or jutsu with impact force that is weaker than this jutsu will fall harmlessly to the ground when met with this dome, or dissipated. 

Upon that taking place the clone would remain where it stood as Enyo would kick back only a meter from where she stoon and defend towards the lower ground as the very earth construct she made was destroyed by the lightning jutsu her clone created. The walls began to cave in and fall forward within the 5x5 space that was created to deal further damage of wall jutsu power as the clone jumped only 3 meter up and over the center of that opening to keep its eyes on what was below.  Enyo would form another set of seals and readied for just in case. 

Anaphiel would find his mind dwarfed again by another vision. Of a bed ridden Enyo in severe pain all over. Her body burning and her sight blurring. Even breathing was too much for her. Medical nin standing over her doing what they could to stop the pain, but even chakra anesthetic wasn’t enough to subside the agony. Over and over again she passed out and work to herself screaming and crying before of the torture she was feeling inside and out. A faint, foggy memory would show the silhouette of a figure standing over her, no face can be seen, no voice could be pinpointed. All it said was “They laughed at me because I was different from them. I laughed at them because they were the same. And now you are like me, but different in your own way. Question is...will this break you, or make you...stranger?” The memory would fade painfully from his mind. 

[WC: 1,006]
[Total WC: 3,883]

Anaphiel Hidemori
Anaphiel Hidemori
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Clan Specialty : Sensory
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 42750

Teaching an upstart (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Teaching an upstart (IO)

Sat Jul 31, 2021 6:45 pm
It would seem that his concerns were justified, for not long after the shockwave had dispersed, the Hidemori Chuunin could hear Enyo’s voice from where she had punched the ground, demanding answers to questions she would not like the answers to. Anaphiel frowned, this was not something he was hoping to have to deal with on top of the fight itself. It would do him no good to respond right now, for all that would do is give away his position so all he could do was keep moving through the mist to his left, where there would be more room for him to maneuver.

It was a good thing that he did. Enyo had made some hand seals and created a clone of herself. Well, two could play that game, and he would also make a clone of himself. The clone he’d have move in the opposite direction he was moving. The two Enyos immediately moved forward 16 meters towards what remained of his hidden mist technique. He didn’t see her aura anymore and she wasn’t moving as fast as she was earlier, which meant she was moving at her normal speed again, and THAT meant that now was the proper time to strike. Thanks to his Baioregan, he could sense Enyo touching her forehead, though that in itself meant nothing to him, followed by making more handseals and then touching the ground. He could immediately sense the ground shake as thick walls of earth formed a few meters behind him, where he’d initially backtracked to. Smart of him not to stand in one place. He’d keep moving around the wall, which extended four and a half meters beyond where the two walls connected, which was still inside the mist. Once he was past it, he could pick out where on the wall the two Enyos were standing. One was directly in the middle of the wall, the other was 5 meters to the real Enyo’s left, which put her on the opposite side from where Anaphiel was. Based on his positioning, that would place the closer of the two, the real one, about 10 meters away from him, on an angle.

He could sense Enyo’s clone making handseals and knew his clone would do something to counter it since his clone would also have an active Baioregan. The female clone would make three hand seals, which Anaphiel and his clone knew all too well, having learned the same technique themselves, and the Hidemori Chuunin’s clone would start making the same handseals, except adding one more to create what he hoped would be a stronger version of the technique. The Clone would create a shockwave of lightning outwards at its max speed and intercepted the incoming shockwave, cancelling each other out. This would also create another moment between the clone and Enyo’s clone, similar to what had happened between the real ones. The memory would transfer back to the originals when the clones perished so it would be as if they had experienced it from the start.

This would be the perfect opportunity to show why it wasn’t smart to try and fight the Hidemori Chuunin. From the cover of the mist, the real Anaphiel he would make his signature gesture (akin to drawing a bow) and launch a thin beam of chakra at a spot one meter below Enyo’s feet. The small beam would make no sound as it travelled to its point, and Enyo would be hard-pressed to see it since she was looking down into the trap she’d created. Upon impacting the wall behind and below her, it would create an explosion that would expand outwards until it was 15 meters in all directions. Anaphiel would begin to back away as soon as the beam was released until he was 16 meters from the edge of the explosion. He would be on the lookout for what the Genin would do in response to the surprise attack.

Should Enyo’s clone not survive the encounter, Enyo herself would receive one of the most painful memories that Anaphiel had ever experienced. He would be sitting in the kitchen of the home he shared with Telantes, his sister. He was openly weeping, his body doing nothing but simply sitting there, limp. On the ground beside one of his hands was an unfurled letter, news from home about the sudden passing of his parents. No explanation, just that they had died. The sorrow and agony he felt was overwhelming. Boundless grief at how they had left on bad terms and there would be no possible way to reconcile or seek closure.

WC: 770
TWC: 3492

Stats and stuff:
Enyo Gushiken
Enyo Gushiken
Stat Page : Enyo Gushiken
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 500

Teaching an upstart (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Teaching an upstart (IO)

Thu Dec 09, 2021 6:31 pm
Mid-thread claims: TWC: 3,883

The Rule of Two.: C-rank and B-rank 
10,000 ryo
200 ryo Genin Bonus
50 AP from missions 

Talented: 2064/2064 Starting Claims found here: / choosing extra Mastery in Tai

[ERF] World in Sleeves: 1312/1312
ERF: Superior Strength: 507/750

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Teaching an upstart (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Teaching an upstart (IO)

Fri Dec 10, 2021 12:55 am
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