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Uri Jintori
Uri Jintori
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[Mission (C)] The never responsed question Empty [Mission (C)] The never responsed question

Thu Jun 03, 2021 6:08 pm

First Mission: Not get bored
Tsuyoi just finish the academy, it was no more than 2 or 3 weeks ago, but he really had to live hardly.  When he finishes the academy started to train Fuuinjutsu with the base of chakra control that the academy brough him, but however, he was a Gennin now, so, there is none who maintain him, now he should do work and gain the bread by himself, this is so hard for a 13 years old kid, but Tsuyoi couldn’t run away, because he did a swore two things, and it was what boosted him to go ahead.
Tsuyoi in the lapse of time that he left the academy run out of money. Scrolls, brush, ink, food, all was an expensive, maybe the first three was not necessary, but he can’t live without calligraphy and practice his Fuuinjutsu, so is a necessary spend. However, this is mostly unprofitable, so he just thought “Well, I guess, I need to do missions now on, still I wasn’t placed in a team, but I can do simple missions in the village.” And it was so, therefore he was requesting a mission in the next day and finally Tsuyoi founds one that was easy and with good pay, moreover it could give him some medical tools to future dangerous missions.
“This will be boring, but at least the pay is good” He thought.
And the day came, and he started with others gennins that took the work as well, well, it is not needed to say that gennins need money and is a profitable work. He was never in the hospital, so it was a new experience, it seems long and well-conditioned, the personal looked tired but the treat to Tsuyoi was very kind. Maybe this point of view is a misunderstanding, since he never saw a hospital before, so he didn’t have base to compare or evaluate, but it was comfortable to stay, this was the understanding of a kid.
In a moment all the gennins were reunited in the waiting room, in no more than a few seconds a doctor arrived, giving them instructions, one scroll with reminder of medicine’s base information, a little map of the hospital and a little bag with a volume of no more than 10cm3, all this was in a bad state the scroll and the map was in a little broken and with a yellow pitch, the calligraphy was awful, and the bag had a little holes everywhere, well he already knew that they were almost without staff and underfunded, but after the first impression this was a bit surprising, well, is better to not complain, the new Sunagakure was formed relatively few ago, talking in villages’ times span of life, so still it is needed to make some arranges.
After pondering it, Tsuyoi started his duty, after he got a little scold by the doctor since he doesn’t respond to his questions kind of “understood?” “You all get it?” and the like, well he prefers not talk but after retell all what was said exactly how he did, Tsuyoi was let in peace.

He started by the farther wareroom, and started to change some medicines and bandages, then he would go to the waiting room, and after that he got some more medicine and bandage in his bag, and repeat the process and so-and-so in all the warerooms, it was the plan and normal actions to follow, however in the middle of his work an elder called him, with a trembling voice, from one of the rooms, saying.
-Kid… Kid, you can come here… a moment? -
Tsuyoi thought “I have no time, I need to finish this work quickly” However despite he is the logical type kid, and he is rarely dragged by emotions, he also had a kind side, and he was kind with all people that he could manage he believed that it wouldn't take much time, moreover he was efficient, so he had a little room of time, no more than 20 minutes, but it was sufficient to take the call, since it wouldn’t hurt or harm him it was no problem. -Hay, what is the problem sir, do you need something? – Tsuyoi said politely to the elder, he was slim and fragile, with a light brown skin and few white hairs in his bald head, seemed that he couldn’t move himself, a pitiful scene, since the elder had arms that were strong, his father had started to have his arms in that manner in the last years that Tsuyoi could remember him.
 -Kid do you can take this letter and this rose, and take it to the direction in the letter? It is near here-
Tsuyoi was surprise by this, an old man with a love near here, well it is really common, but he never thought to find one in this situation. He took the letter and saw the direction, it is no more than a few meters up street, so it shouldn’t be a problem… however it was strange why he not gives it to the personal to send it by mail or something, maybe he just wanted to send it quickly. Well, Tsuyoi don’t mind, so he said to him in few words.
-Yes- the elder looked at him with a relief glance like if he didn’t need more words, and then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath saying “Thanks” while fell asleep.
Tsuyoi, asked for permission to go outside with the excuse of took fresh air, and got out of the hospital. Without no delay he went to the direction, it was a house of two floors, humble and with pale colors, but he thought it was better than his house, an apartment of no more than 6 square meters.
He knocked the door and an old woman opened it and looked at him, and then Tsuyoi said with an expressionless face.
-I have a letter to this house- with tired movements the woman took the letter, and saw the remittent, his face got a little upset and gave him a sigh.

 1016/2000 words

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Uri Jintori
Uri Jintori
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 1500

[Mission (C)] The never responsed question Empty Re: [Mission (C)] The never responsed question

Thu Jun 03, 2021 6:14 pm
Too late...

The old lady, took a serious glance, and put her hands in the Tsuyoi’s shoulders with her own shoulders loosely clinging in it, and then she glares directly at the Tsuyoi’s eyes and spoke in a compressive tone with a warm look.
-Kid what’s your name?- Tsuyoi didn’t changed his expressionless face and answer the question without mind it very much -My name is Tsuyoi Sunaraashi Daifu, lady-
Then the woman wavered a bit her gesture and kind face after hear such a weird name, but she recovered herself and started a little lecture.
-Tsuyoi, maybe you didn’t know, but the man that gave you this letter is an old Konoha ninja, he was in the last clash between Konoha and Suna, and he killed very much people of the old Suna before he got injured and treated by the same Suna, he stayed here by an awful new patriotism that he should not wage… one of those people was my daughter, she… she was not a ninja… she just wanna protect her store… but he, he was… was- then the old lady covered her mouth and she dropped a tear. She shut the door and with a trembling voice told to Tsuyoi that he never should get close to that man. Tsuyoi had a face a little worried, it was too slight, so slight that if you don’t see carefully, you would never note it.
Tsuyoi came back to the hospital. The first that he did was to enter the room of that elder. He was waiting for him. The elder took a little look at Tsuyoi and glare him like he understood what happened. With a slight sigh, the old man began.
-ahh it seems that I will never be forgive… Thanks kid you helped me…-
-Why you killed her daughter?- Tsuyoi said hesitant. The elder got up and sat in the bed, and he was waiting this question, or it was it seems.
-Do you know kid? It is things that a ninja is obligate to do, I can see the anger in that expressionless face…. but remember, some day you will need to kill people and that is because you are a ninja, the ninjas' duty is not only defend the village…. is also attack other people, even if they are innocent. You’re a shinobi….. Remember when you cut a life you are cutting all the people that love that life…. You are cutting its parents, child, friends, lovers and all who know them… You are a shinobi, and how you decide to afront this problem…. Is what will separate you of a shinobi or a mere killer…-
Tsuyoi left the room when he finished his discourse, he was confused and his head was a mess what he should think about that?. Logically the Konoha ninja have reason, he was in his duty, and now he is repentant, he had the guts to give an apology without doubt something to respect, however the lady is in all his right to not accept the apology. But it is not what he cares the most. What he cares is the fact that he never saw it in that way. He wanted to be a ninja, kill all the trash that he can, before he gets retired and perform the project of his parents, it was his goal.
However, this was wrong? He had an idealization of being ninja but never thought so deeply as to notice that not all the people that he will need to kill and put out of his way will be bad people his parents for example, if they would have to be killed by another ninja, maybe it would be a superior’s order more than his own wish.
“If I would have to assassinate someone else’s parents by my Hokage or superior order, then, I will do it? I will be willing to do it? Maybe if it was an assassin’s parents… but if they are innocent and don’t have anything to do… maybe if the order is to assassin a bandit or missing ninja….. But if they have children? If I do to they the same that once was done to me then, I’d be the same that they?... Aaahhh!!! This has very many emotions” He pondered while he was doing the mission. Despite Tsuyoi’s mess head, he was doing his work, really the time was passing quickly, he made some errors, however with the 10 minutes of spare time that he had he correct they almost in the instant, however this issue was very much to him. Maybe he should make some Kanjis with the word “Thought” it always calmed him down.
 After finish almost all his tasks, only was left take to there two or three sacks of protein from the warehouse in the back of the hospital, it was evening. Still last some minutes, so he could bring the sacks to the hospital and go to the elder man’s room  and make one question that was consuming him. Tsuyoi got the sacks and take them to the hospital, nevertheless one of the gennins got a sprain in the ankle and Tsuyoi had to carry him some meters until reach a doctor, it all took at least 30 minutes. His job was done, now he could make his question…
So he began to walk to the room where the elder was, after a moment he speeds up the pace, and then starter a little run. Then he arrived, the elder was not there, instead what was there was a black bulging blanket and some medic ninjas there, he was not enough moron as to no know what was passing there, his question probably will never be answered. Maybe this is one of the sacrifices of being ninja, that you have to put your duty before your own good, will or wishes… maybe this is what is being a ninja this is what is one of the ninja paths.

2007/2000 words


Vigor: 35 (+5)
Chakra: 20 (+5)
Speed: 25 (+10)
(7) lost

AP: +20

Jutus learned:
Basic Sealing Technique [D](500)
Wind: Air Bullet [C] (1000wc)
Throat Chop [D] (500)

[By a change in the mechanics the recompense change to 4000 ryo or it was I was told]

Objects Earned:
Bandages (3 meters)
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[Mission (C)] The never responsed question Empty Re: [Mission (C)] The never responsed question

Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:13 am
[Mission (C)] The never responsed question Gonkfi10
great job!
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