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Sato Hibiki
Sato Hibiki
Stat Page : Nightmare Circus

Mission Record : Mission Records
Medical Weaponry Puppetry Remove Default
Water Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Clanless
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 3625

To be good or not to be? Is it really a question? Empty To be good or not to be? Is it really a question?

Thu Jan 04, 2024 8:54 pm

It was a surprisingly warm and bright day, considering the constant presence of the stormy genjutsu that enshrouded the village in the dull boom of thunder and flashes of lightning. Hibiki briefly touched the tattoo over his heart that protected him and many of the villagers from the force of the villages stormy protection and allowed them to carry out their daily lives relatively unperturbed with a greater sense of ease. Though the weather was nice Hibiki was not particularly thrilled as he made his way towards a group of flats built into the cliffside for his next mission. Hibiki had been tasked with overseeing the removal of a family from one of these flats who had been evicted for either refusing or being unable to pay the rent. Hibiki was not provided much further detail within his mission briefing which simply entailed being nearby and ensuring that the family left peacefully or were encouraged to leave using Hibiki’s abilities should they resist.

Hibiki was some what troubled by the mission as he had no knowledge of the specific circumstances that had led to the need to evict the family. Regardless of the circumstances it was his duty to ensure the removal of the tenants was completed and with as little trouble as possible. Hibiki hoped that the day would go smoothly but realised that the fact the landlord had requested a shinobi indicated that they expected trouble. Hibiki headed to the residential locations where he had been instructed to meet the landlord and from there move on to the home that needed to be evicted.

Hibiki had double checked he had all his tools and equipment before approaching the coffee shop and located a well dressed man that fit the description of the landlord that he had been provided within the mission details. Hibiki approached the table and cleared his throat before speaking. “Are you the landlord that requested a ninja attend an eviction notice” the man looked up from his coffee and responded at first with excitement but as he gauged Hibiki he was unable to mask a look of disappointment. “Ah yes. I was uh, expecting someone a little older if I am to be completely honest with you.” Hibiki plastered on his best service smile but slightly ground his teeth in annoyance. He hated being underestimated and treated like a kid. Sure he was on the young side but he was a Genin and had been on plenty of successful missions so far. “Well the mission office judged this to be a low risk mission so you aren’t likely to get anyone but genins and students. I might be young but I am confident your former tenants will not be able to conjure anything that can best me. Now lead on and lets get this done as quickly and smoothly; as possible!”

Hibiki followed the landlord at what felt like a snails pace as the man walked at an unrelaxed and leisurely pace that Hibiki found frustrating. It was bad enough he had to kick people out of their homes but the one responsible was making sure it took forever to even complete the job! Eventually they arrived in what to Hibiki felt like hours but was in fact just shy of 30 minutes. Once one learns to traverse the village as a ninja does it can be difficult to remember actual distances when roof tops are not accessible for use. Hibiki followed the landlord up several flights of stairs until they were outside a home that had two strong looking men with a large pile of boxes on a cart seemingly ready to go. “Have they packed up to leave already? Looks like you won’t need my help after all.” The landlord was sweating slightly though Hibiki could not say why, he hadn’t seemed very exerted by the walk and it was not particularly hot. “No the uh, well they belong to the new tenants who are moving in this afternoon.”

Hibiki opened his mouth to ask more questions but was cut off by a muffled shouting before the door slammed open and an angry woman armed with a heavy looking rolling pin stepped out the house, pointing it at the landlord. Hibiki stepped between the two but otherwise took no action as the lady began shouting at the landlord. “How dare you send these goons round! Bad enough you kick us out of our home of 5 years after never missing a single payment even after your price hikes, now you even cut short the time you promised we had to look for a new home.” She looked to Hibiki and redoubled her rolling pin waving with an almost lethal vigor. “You even have the gall to hire ninja to force us out and a child at that you spineless little imp!” Suddenly the rolling pin hurtled towards the landlord and Hibiki was just able to intercept it and catch it several inches form the mans face.

The landlord had grown pale and was sweating heavier now. Hibiki processed the information and looked between the two adults. “Did you promise them they would have longer to move out? That wasn’t mentioned in the mission details.” The landlord wringed his hands nervously before responding with a strange tone of subdued whilst still be outraged. “Its simply business! Nothing personal at all. My new tenant offered to pay double if they could move in today. Just think of the improvements I could make on the homes I let with that kind of money.” “Improvements my foot, the only home that will get bigger is your own. You promised a week you snake and its only been two days!” Hibiki narrowed his eyes at the landlord and grit his teeth. He agreed the situation was unfair and perhaps the missions office would not have agreed if they had known all the facts, yet the mission had been ordered and Hibiki owed a duty to the village as a ninja above all else.

“I am really sorry ma’am, I know its unfair and I agree what he has done is horrible but I have my orders. My family runs an inn and we have a few spare rooms free, if you pack up your things I can help you transport them using that cart and set you up. It wont be as spacious as the house but I promise to cover the payment for the rooms and it should give you enough time to find somewhere else to go.” Hibiki felt bad about his choice but at least he might be able to make it up to the family in a small way even if it didn’t fix the overall problem. “Even if we do move it will take hours to move everything, not to mention I have to look after my kids at the same time.” Hibiki pondered the problem and snapped his fingers once a decision was made. He gestured to the men standing by the cart.

“You two, start unloading the cart and lining up the boxes against that wall, once its empty we will fill the cart with the family’s belongings and take the cart to my house and help us unload it.” Hibiki gestured towards the landlord. "He will pay any extra costs.” The landlord erupted over this comment blustering as he spoke. “Now see here you little.. if you think i will give a single ryo to this stupid bint then yo...” The landlord closed his mouth abruptly before opening again and his voice issued forth once more. “You are right, of course I would be happy to cover the additional costs.” The mans eyes moves frantically and widened even as he spoke, strangely looking directly at Hibiki whose fingers had curiously contracted and seemed to be weaving some kind pattern in the air as he stared right back at the landlord, with anger in the Genins eyes. The landlord awkwardly lowered himself into a seiza before the woman and pressed his forehead into the dirt before his voice could be heard again though slightly muffled. “Please forgive me, I see what I have done is wrong but it is too late to stop it now. I would be happy to pay the costs to assist your move and let these two movers be witness to the promise.” A shiver ran across the prostrate landlords body as he stumbled to his feet and lost his balance before falling and semi crab walking backwards away from Hibiki. “You, what did you..” He froze again and his face took on a similar appearance to a panicked rabbit as Hibiki smiled at him though his eyes were devoid of mirth or warmth.

“Since you have been so generous I don’t think I will have to report you for lying to the mission office and so a full investigation into your business dealings won’t be required I should think. Of course if you do not honour your agreement I would have no choice but to report it.” The man stared at Hibiki in horror and swallowed a lump in his throat. “Yes, well of course I will honour my word, now I have important business elsewhere so I leave it this young ninjas hands to supervise.” He almost ran from group in order to get away. Hibiki smiled and clapped his hands together. “Sometimes all a person needs to be shown another way and they can have a change of heart. I am sorry I cannot do more to help though ma’am." The lady looked as bewildered as the two movers but did not question the slight good fortune that in a tiny way offset the bad news. “No, that’s fine, thank you young man, I understand you are also in a difficult position and watching him apologise felt good, regardless how odd it was. I never would expect anything like that from him.” Hibiki nodded and turned away to keep a guilty blush from being too visible and set about getting to work with the movers.

He agreed that it had felt good and he truly believed his actions were to right a wrong. Somehow he did not think old man Amaya would agree with Hibiki having used Puppetry Performance: Skillfull Achievement with a Human Body and Puppet Art: Ventriloquism in such a petty and frivolous way, especially when the technique was supposed to kept secret except in emergency situations.

Hibiki knew it was a rarely seen or known skill outside of puppet users but it still seemed risky. Amaya had explained how many would regard Hibiki differently if they knew he could control their body to move against their will and even speak perfectly with their own voice. Amaya had said in the past users of the techniques had been driven from their homes for being demons or possessed by evil spirits and he immediately regretted saying that the moment the words left his mouth. As a spirit and monster enthusiast Hibiki instantly became enthralled with the idea of being referred to as a demon or possessing spirit and it had taken Amaya around 10 minutes for Hibiki to snap out of his daze of imagination. Despite the warnings Hibiki did not think his actions were wrong, the landlord had not only removed them for their home for more money but even broke a promise to give them time to prepare, again only for greed and monetary gain Hibiki was sure whatever he was paid would easily cover the extra cost the landlord had seemingly promised.

Hibiki sighed and decided he would have to tell Amaya the truth the next time he met him. One of the rules set out by the puppet master was that there should be no secrets from a students master and Hibiki did not want to break trust with his teacher. Better to be called a fool than be a dishonourable or lying student. Several hours passed as Hibiki helped the movers then the family pack and move there belongings and the air was thick with uncomfortable tension. Usually Hibiki might try to lighten the mood but even he could tell it would not be appropriate. Sometimes people had to be sad, his mum said that it was the dark days that made the bright ones feel so nice and Hibiki had been unable to find issue with that logic so far. Hibiki gave the family directions to his home and remained behind with one of the movers to help him move in the new tenants things.

Hibiki couldn’t strictly blame the new tenants or the movers so felt it was only right to help out. The mood lightened considerably once the family left though Hibiki began to feel his arms aching. He made the seals of Rat > Dog and summoned Jorogumo from his storage displacement before connecting his strings. The mover was a little taken aback but did not complain as Jorogumo used its six extendable arms to great effect, speeding up the work significantly. Once his work was complete at the home he thanked the mover for his help and told him to make sure the landlord paid as agreed. He passed the other mover and cart on his way home and repeated the message and gave his thanks again.

Hibiki took a breath and entered the tavern top find his father helping the family move the last of the boxes, he spotted Hibiki and gave him a smile that meant ‘good luck but glad I am not you’. "He is back.” Hibiki heard several rattling sounds from the kitchen before the door burst open and he faced off with his mother from across the room. He took one look at her face and looked to the door. “Hibiki! Don’t you dare!” “Sorry mum I have another mission but we can talk later when..” She began to dart across the room towards him and he let out a yelp as he made the sign of the Ram and disappeared as his body was wreathed in a burst of yellow lightning, reforming outside and swiftly leaping away across the roof tops ash he heard his mother calling from the door. “HIBIKI!!!!”

The young genin shuddered as he heard the voice echo behind him and considered heading to the training cave after his mission and to ride out the storm for a few days. If he was away for three days his mum would usually be more worried than angry when he returned. He tried to turn his head away from those thoughts and instead focus on the mission at hand. He headed other to the travelling troupe of performers that were currently visiting Kumogakure to assist with a special performance as one of their members had become very ill. Hibiki had been suggested as a possible replacement considering his ties to the troupe and the help he had provided to them previously. He arrived  in good time made himself useful by helping to prep the stage after the seamstress quickly and thoroughly took measurements of his body for some quick alterations. Tonight he would be playing the part of a tengu and would be required to use the transformation technique in conjunction with a smoke bomb and flash paper deployed by the troupe. He would then have to control a small flock of crow puppets to fly around the stage and harass the heroes of the story. The part itself was not too complex but the trick would be combining his ninja skills with the sleight of hand of the troupe so that the use of ninjutsu was not too obvious.

To create the realistic transformation technique he would be required to wear two costumes, the tengu costume would be cleverly folded up beneath the clothes of his shuffling beggar so that when he transformed to the bigger size the clothes and mask would be real and he would only be altering his height and using his puppet ventriloquisms to throw a deep booming voice around the stage and over the audience. As he was being given his costumes it was decided that most of the crow puppets would be controlled by the resident puppeteers and that Hibiki would only control two with his chakra strings to enhance their movements, allowing them to perform aerial acrobatics without becoming too tangled in the other puppets strings.
Hibiki was able to perform two quick practice runs and with some minor adjustment to positioning on stage and a little practice with his lines the troupe were satisfied he could perform the role. The last thing he had to do was to choose a stage name and persona or stage name. Hibiki decided to name himself Hanzo since he was half hiding during the performance and had requested that when he bow at the end he use a transformation technique to appear older. The troupe agreed and saw no harm in it, if anyone asked they could simply say he was a mysterious travelling actor. Hibiki agreed that he would be happy to lend a hand again in the future if required.

Hibiki sat back stage waiting for his turn in the limelight and was a little surprised to find he was struck by no small amount of nerves and had to force himself to focus on listening for his cue. At last it came and he shuffled on stage with a  hunched back, leaning on a walking stick and mimicking the voice of a very old man. “Ho there vagabonds! You trespass on the mountain of the heavenly Dai tengu, master of the skies and descendant of mighty Fuujin himself! Prostrate yourselves and offer your tribute and you may yet leave the mountain alive!” Hibiki waited for the opposing dialogue from the heroes who inevitably and foolishly do not heed the old mans warning, scoffing at the powers of the dai tengu and claiming they had come with the purpose of slaying him that the storms that ravaged the village below might cease.

Hibiki focused on the other actors, refusing to look at the large crowd watching and spotted a slinet countdown from one fo the actors of stage as he prepared to use his transformation technique and shed the beggars costume at the same time. With a flash of fire, smoke and booming drums he used the transformation technique and cast of the beggars clothes before deepening his voice to almost impossible levels and casting it around the stage and over the audience as though it was travelling on the winds rather than being spoken. “Fools! It is I the Dai Tengu and king of this mountain, with your foolishness you have sealed your doom! None can stand against my howling winds or army of crows! Strike them down on ebon wings and black winds my subjects!”

The next 10 minutes or so involved dazzling displays of puppetry from both himself and the other puppeteers in the roof and incredible display of acrobatics and dance from the other actors as Hibiki stomped around ponderously and imperiously directing crows and streamers of blue and white paper to act as tornadoes and powerful winds. Finally the dai tengu was struck down and with another flash and smoke bomb Hibiki used the body flicker technique to move out of sight of the stage. Hibiki dressed quickly and transformed into an older looking version of himself and took his bow to much applause and cheers as well as some good natured booing that came with the role.

Once the makeup was removed and clean up was complete Hibiki said his goodbyes and intended to head to the mountains but for a cunning ambush coordinated between his mother, grandfather and Mr Fumuro, his grandfathers best friend. Fumuro spoke first. "I told you Shoji! I knew I saw him head into the back stage just before they announced they had filled the role of the tengu! And look at him, he looks the image of you when you were his age, except perhaps more handsome than you of course haha!” “Bah, you must have gone blind in your old age Gedo, I was a hundred times as handsome!” Hibiki’s mother cleared her throat and the two old men moved away laughing and poking fun at each other as was the way they always behaved. She smiled at Hibiki and looked him up and down, shaking her head. “You really do look like dad when he was young, he was a little more aged in my memories but it is uncanny, except for the headband of course. Now are you going to walk your poor mother home or dash away and leave her take the dangerous trek through the village alone?”

Hibiki grinned sheepishly and linked arms with his mother as they walked side by side though he was now the taller of the two. It felt strange looking down at his mother. Much to his surprise his mother onlky chatted about idle things as they wandered home, seemingly in no rush to return as the sun set and discussing his performance and the play overall. Hibiki knew he was going to get a telling off but for now he was content to enjoy the evening stroll with his mother and enjoy the moment of calm before the inevitable storm when they arrived home and his mother would assume the role of the responsible parent once more. Hibiki reflected there were much worse things in life than an overprotective mother and so he walked her home and chatted as though there were no troubles or cares in the world.


TWC: 3,615

Claiming mission rewards:  
- 14,000 ryo due to Beloved Presence - Donating 2,000 Ryo to Kumogakure village for Raikage to claim - 12,000 Ryo recieved after donation.
- 70 AP:  Max AP Bonus converts at 50:1 Rate: 3500 ryo

Claiming 3,615 WC - 25% discount due to max stats
Claiming mastery: Medical Art: Poison Mist - No handseals - 1875/1875 - 1875/3615
Claiming jutsu:
- Medical Art: Iryojutsu Amplifier - C-Rank - 750 - 2675/3615
- Medical Art: Body Pathway Derangement Technique - C-Rank - 750 - 3425/3615
- 190 WC towards (Incomplete) Sealing Art: Dark River Breaking Seal - 775/1750 - 3615/3615
Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
Stat Page : The Coming Storm
Taijutsu Medical Weaponry Default
Wind Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 11050

To be good or not to be? Is it really a question? Empty Re: To be good or not to be? Is it really a question?

Thu Jan 04, 2024 11:20 pm
Sato Hibiki wrote:


TWC: 3,615

Claiming mission rewards:  
- 14,000 ryo due to Beloved Presence - Donating 2,000 Ryo to Kumogakure village for Raikage to claim - 12,000 Ryo recieved after donation.
- 70 AP:  Max AP Bonus converts at 50:1 Rate: 3500 ryo

Claiming 3,615 WC - 25% discount due to max stats
Claiming mastery: Medical Art: Poison Mist - No handseals - 1875/1875 - 1875/3615
Claiming jutsu:
- Medical Art: Iryojutsu Amplifier - C-Rank - 750 - 2675/3615
- Medical Art: Body Pathway Derangement Technique - C-Rank - 750 - 3425/3615
- 190 WC towards (Incomplete) Sealing Art: Dark River Breaking Seal - 775/1750 - 3615/3615

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