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Search for lost texts - Page 3 Empty Re: Search for lost texts

Sun May 02, 2021 1:24 am
Nasu got up and grabbed half of what was there. He left the other half for Saya to take. “Unless you need help with those letters and pictures I think I'll just do my paperwork and head home.” On the way back Nasu just chatted with Saya a bit. Nothing too interesting. When they did get back Nasu went straight to hand in everything they had found. Well what Saya had found. He then sat down, filled out some paperwork, got paid and went home. Unless Saya had anything to say Nasu would do all these tasks back to back.



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Search for lost texts - Page 3 Empty Re: Search for lost texts

Sun May 02, 2021 1:44 am
"Yea I can handle that. Don't worry about it. " She felt a new resolve come from the tragedy before her. She'd been training to protect herself for the past week with no real goals in mind, but looking upon the aftermath of war, at the fallen littering the ground she determined she would find a way to make this a less common occurance. Maybe she could become a medical ninja and save lives. Maybe she could find some way to prevent wars all together. Perhaps she could figure out a way to gain power and end the conflict without choosing to take a life. That seemed the easiest path. She would do what she needed, but with the kindness not to continue the cycle of violence herself. The rest may come together later, but for now all she could control was her own intent. Leaning down she formed several seals before pressing her hands to the ground. What was one a barren battleground began to spring to new life. Small saplings split the earth to rise up, quickly growing to their full height. She'd learned this technique for combat, but it could also provide a bit of hope.

The trip home seemed uneventful. She was more quiet then before. Of course she still talked, and Pinochio made up the difference in order to hide the pensivity of her revelation at the battlefield, but she was a bit less... Saya for the most part. Turning in the notebook and other things she prepared to set off for her final task, laying these last memories to rest.

(TWC 2303 claiming 30 ap, 6100 ryo 2k wc towards clan pureblood and 303 towards one handed seals + 46 ap from wc (76 ap total) exit topic closed))
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Search for lost texts - Page 3 Empty Re: Search for lost texts

Mon May 03, 2021 2:36 am
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