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Kurayami Shinkou
Kurayami Shinkou
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An excuse for the darkness to seep Empty An excuse for the darkness to seep

Sat Apr 24, 2021 4:56 pm
Mission Details:

"Today your world shall have a different perspective. Today you shall witness a higher level of the darkness than you have ever witnessed." Kurayami heard the shadow's voice speak out through his mind as he slept. This was the first time this had ever been told to him, so he listened to it and thought about just what it meant." His plan for the day was to go back to the mission boards and see just what there was available right now as he was growing tired of working in the mines every single day, and he already had plenty of the high grade steel that he would be able to use to make his katana that he finally had enough money to buy even stronger. 

But there was an unease about what the voice was saying, something that made him feel that his day was going to push him into a position where he was going to need to allow the darkness to overwhelm him and allow it forth. Something that he had never allowed to happen before. All of his life, he had learned to suppress the darkness, and only recently had he had the urge to channel it into his training, hoping that Yuumei himself would grant him a special amount of power to grant him an edge in battle. But never had his goal every become to allow the darkness to consume him, but with this dream, he was concerned that that time had passed. 

He stayed asleep through the dream, trying to force himself to continue to listen to the voice, even if it meant a restless sleep. He wanted to listen to this voice and see if he was going to be given any kind of clue as to what the voice was talking about and just what he had to look forward to in his day, what level of darkness was he going to witness? He had no idea, but he was very curious to see what his day had in store for him. 

He tried to keep himself asleep, trying not to open his eyes, ruminating on the conversation he had with the shadow in his dream, but he ultimately gave up as he was getting nowhere and slowly opened his eyes. The sun had already come up, he had slept in, even if he didn't get very much in the way of actual sleep. He knew that if he wanted to get first dibs on the missions available that he was going to have to get a move on and actually get over to the mission boards as soon as he could. But even though he wanted to get to the mission boards, he wanted to make sure that he looked presentable to the world before he left his house. He could hear the whispers ringing through his head and awful lot this morning, more than usual. The shadows he saw in his eyesight seemed to be larger than usual and he could even feel the shadows walk passed him, brushing against his skin. 

He knew that this was related to the dream that he had and what the shadow had told him. He was still able to see somewhat between the shadows, but it was a far larger challenge than usual. He walked through his bedroom without the need of his lamp due to the fact that the sun was already up and shining brightly through the window. The fact that he was pushing himself to be in the light during his episode was beginning to cause him physical pain, his stomach was beginning to churn and his eyes were beginning to hurt, but he knew that he was going to need to keep going, he was going to beat this damned episode if it kills him, and based on how he was feeling, it seemed that that was going to be what happened next. 

He stumbled over to his bathroom, holding onto his stomach as the pain continued to grow more and more painful. His heart began to race and his skin began to sweat. He was in pain, but he wasn't going to let it get the best of him. He walked over to his shower, and he leaned his head over the side of the tub to get his usual bathroom routine completed for the morning. He turned the cold water on and felt it rush over the back of his neck and run through his long red hair. He cupped his hands and he splashed his face a few times, trying to get his body to shock itself straight with the cold water, maybe that would help his sweating and physical ailments. He didn't feel to confident that it would work, but at this point he didn't know what else to do other than to go back into the pitch black room and stay in there until it passed. 

He grabbed the towel hanging off of the curtain rod in the shower and he began drying off his hair and the rest of his body that had gotten wet from his short shower. When he was drying off, he took off all of his sleepwear and went over to his dresser. He wanted to make sure that he looked presentable, but he wasn't sure what he was going to wear. He closed the drawers to the dresser and decided to go over to the closet to see just what it was that he was going to wear. 

Fingering through the contents of the closet, he finally came across a certain outfit that he thought was perfect, something that went with the darkness that he was supposed to be facing. It was a black suit with a red undershirt, no vest, but it did have a black tie that seemed to go perfect with the black gloves that were placed inside the pocket of the suit jacket. He thought this outfit would be perfect for the day as the last time he wore it was the darkest day of his life, the day he had been told his parents were dead. 

He took the suit out of the closet and he laid it out on his bed after he made it. He grabbed the black pants and he slipped them on first, before realizing that he just put the shirt on first before the pants. He slid the shirt over his head and pushed his hands through the arm holes, slipping his head through the head hole. He pulled the shirt down tight before pulling the pants on the rest of the way. After his pants were pulled up all the way he guided the belt through the belt loops before tightening the pants onto his waist. He put the jacket on and then the gloves, and the finally the tie. He went back into the bathroom so he could look at himself in the mirror, to ensure he was as presentable as possible. 

He looked and he was pleased with how the fit was on the suit, the gloves and tie seemed to seal the suit and make it all look nice together. He turned away from the mirror and he began walking back through his bedroom and headed into the kitchen so he could get something to eat before he headed over to the mission boards. Walking into the kitchen he figured that his usual breakfast would be just fine for the day. He wasn't sure if he was going to need to load up on protein before the mission that he was going to be taking today, but he figured that the bump of protein certainly wouldn't hurt no matter what kind of mission he was supposed to be taking. His body was still aching from being forced into the light during his episode, but he did all that he could to keep his composure and make sure that he didn't lose it completely, he still had plenty of his day left to go.

He leaned down and he looked into the fridge, grabbing his sausage and his eggs. He was just about to close the door when he decided that he was going to put some cheese into the eggs as well this morning, a little added flavor and just the right ingredient to make his eggs just right for the morning. He set all of the ingredients onto the counter and he grabbed a pan from the pan rack. Setting the pan down on the stovetop, he turned on the gas and allowed the pan about a minute to heat up sufficiently before he readied for the next step in making his breakfast. 

He grabbed a chunk of the sausage and he placed it onto the hot pan after drizzling a small amount of oil onto the pan first. The sausage immediately began to sizzle and that was just the sound he was looking for. He cooked the sausage until it was all browned, then he cracked the eggs into the pan and cooked them until they all set and began to brown just a slight amount. This is when he poured a little bit of cheese into the pan, stirring the cooked mixture together until the cheese had melted. He grabbed a pan from the cabinet before him and placed it down next to the pan on the stovetop. He lifted the pan and poured the mixture onto the plate and he turned the gas off on the stove. He placed the pan into the sink, as well as the paddle that he used to stir the ingredients when cooking. He was already running horrendously late, so he was just going to have to deal with the dishes when he got back.

He grabbed the plate and a fork from the drawer under the counter before walking over to the living room couch and sitting down to eat. He ate his food rather quickly, still understanding that he was running late. On top of that, his body was revolting against the idea of eating while he was undergoing an episode, but he rubbed his head trying to forget about all of that. He finished his food and he placed the dishes into the sink before finally turning toward the door and readying himself to meet the outside world once more. 

He turned to the hall tree that he had beside the door. He put on some nice black dress shoes to go along with the suit he was wearing, then he grabbed his father's sword and tied it to his waist, favoring his right side as was his usual. He then grabbed his mother's bow and he threw it around his shoulder. Once he felt that he was ready to take on the day, he opened his front door and he took his first step out. The heat was not insurmountable, but it was certainly something to be noticed, especially due to the fact that he was stuck in a black suit. But he did not mind the heat, he was happy with how he looked in the suit, and he just was going to make sure that whatever mission he got was not going to be anything stuck out in the heat, and definitely not going to be any mining work as that would be out of the question in the suit that he was wearing.

He began walking to the mission boards, where he was going to get his mission for the day. As he walked he looked up into the sky, he asked Yuumei just what he had planned for him, why he was facing even more shadows and hearing even louder whispers today, and just what his dream meant. He had a lot of questions and when he finally arrived at the mission boards, he received something that he was sure was the exact answer to the question he was asking Yuumei.

He saw a rather peculiar listing on the board, wanting an individual to interrogate a bandit that had been caught trying to take trading caravans right off of the road and steal all of their valuables. He was curious as to why this was a mission that would be listed so openly, but he felt a rather strong pull towards that mission listing, so he reached out and grabbed the parchment before reading the finer details, like where he was to go to complete this mission.

He headed to the location listed on the parchment and as soon as he got there, he was accosted by a higher up of the village. The higher up asked him if he was there for the interrogation, to which Kurayami nodded his head and said, "Yes sir." The higher up then took the parchment from him and guided him into the prison to where he assumed the bandit was being held. Through dark corridors, his stomach stopped churning and his head stopped pounding, he was in his element, whether he liked to admit it or not. After a few minutes of walking through dark corridors, the two came to the interrogation room, where the boy finally got out the question he had meant to ask at the beginning.

"Before you ask I will answer the question you have in your mind. We are allowing lower level shinobi to take on this mission because we want more individuals to join the interrogation core, and this is the best way to do it. We simply want to know just what this individual knows and find out if there are more people who we need to be worried about. You can do whatever you want to him, but do not kill him. That would end up being a complete nightmare of paperwork. But a few fingers or so wouldn't be, use your imagination. With that, I will be in the next room listening to your entire conversation. Good luck."

Kurayami nodded and he watched the higher up go into the next room, and he stared at the door knob for just a moment. He wasn't too sure what to expect, but the whispers in his head were becoming even louder than before. The darkness was in fact more than he had ever witnessed before, the shadows were all behind him, pushing him forward towards the door. They were practically begging him to go into the interrogation room, this was exactly what his dream was about and he was about to see what the darkness was capable of. He reached his hand forward and he grabbed the knob of the door, and slowly he turned the knob and opened it. 

When he walked into the interrogation room, he saw a man who seemed to be twice Kurayami's age, and about a foot taller than him. The man began to cackle when the boy entered the room, most likely due to the fact that he was realizing a boy was going to try and interrogate him, and that was something that the boy could not blame him for, but it was something he was going to punish him for. The man instantly began mocking the boy, calling him a punk kid and saying he was nothing more than a stain on the floor if he was allowed to be loose from his binds. The boy did not allow this to affect his emotional state, but instead he felt his emotions completely melt away.

The boy simply looked at the man sitting in the chair and he thought for a moment about just how he was going to interrogate the man. He knew that if he just began hitting him that it wouldn't prove anything, but instead it would only decrease the standing he had with the man. No what he needed was to assert dominance over the man, make him feel inferior, and then he would be able to get the knowledge he wanted from him. The boy walked around the table that was separating him from the criminal and walked directly behind him. He cut the binds that held the criminal to the chair, to which the criminal was overjoyed as he leaped out of the chair and immediately went to slam the child into the wall. 

This is exactly what Kurayami was expecting as he quickly ducked underneath the man's arm before sending a quick jab to the man's solar plexus, knocking the wind out of the man for a brief moment. The criminal did not waste any time as he went for a haymaker over the top of the boy, to which he quickly unsheathed his sword and swung it over his head, chopping the man's arm clean off. The criminal let out a wail and a scream as the blood began to spurt out of his arm. He fell to the ground and this is when the boy realized that the darkness had taken over him completely, the boy did not care for the arm that was now twitching on the floor, but he instead climbed on top of the criminal and began to beat him senseless. 

Each blow landing harder and harder as the criminal began to scream for help, a call that the boy simply ignored as he continued to strike the man in the face, causing his face to change shape as the swelling was already beginning to take hold. He caught himself for just a moment, remembering that he had a job to do. He rose his fist once more, and the criminal, barely having enough consciousness to speak asked him to stop once more. This time he would stop, and he would ask the man the question he needed to ask. He asked him about the remainder of the group's location. He asked him how many there were and what their next target was. 

The man was barely able to speak, but he muttered a few words through his swollen mouth. He gave him the information that he needed and to that, Kurayami thanked him as he got off of the criminal and waved through the one-way glass and told the higher up that he was done. The higher up unlocked the door and spoke to him in the hall after calling for medical ninja to heal the man's cut off arm. The boy gave the higher up all of the information that he was after, and he was given an envelope and a thanks from the higher up. The boy accepted the envelope and he walked out of the room. He hadn't let the darkness take over him, but he felt as though he had finally found a use for it. 

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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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An excuse for the darkness to seep Empty Re: An excuse for the darkness to seep

Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:13 am
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