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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 16800

Photo OP Protege: Sneaky Sleuth Empty Photo OP Protege: Sneaky Sleuth

Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:53 pm
Mission Name: Photo OP Protege: Sneaky Sleuth
Rank: B
Type: Espionage 
Character Requirements: Member of the team must have completed 2 “Photo OP Protege” Missions
Mission Location: Nation Borders
Word Count Requirements: 3000
Challenges: Stealth
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? -
Reward: 3600, Ryo, 7 AP. Bonus: 10 Smoke Bombs
Task: Your skills in photography are starting to get noticed by many people of prestige. They believe that your skills in photography with your training as a ninja should allow you to start working on important and perhaps dangerous tasks. A local aristocrat has been seen scurrying about the land. Some believe that maybe he’s cheating on his wife or being disloyal in some other way. Information has been gathered that indicate that he will be visiting a small town near the borders of the land to handle “business”. 
Your task is to follow the aristocrat to this small town and keep a close eye on him. Take photographs of important events that he attends and perhaps catch him in the act of doing something unbecoming of a man in his high position. You are NOT to engage with him or get discovered by the aristocrat by any means necessary. Once you have the photo evidence return home to deliver the photographs and claim your reward. 
Bonus: Smoke Bombs are an excellent tool to create necessary distractions or to escape when the mission gets too hot. Use smoke bombs in a creative way to be successful in this mission and you get 10 of them.
He woke up as the warm bright suns rays of light embraced the inside of his house covering every inch of it. As the darkness fled the sun entered with a nice yellow hue that helped Suimin jolt out of bed. He gets up to use the bathroom and hops in the shower he takes a nice long bath in warm water and just sits there for a while enjoying the feeling of warmth that came from his bath and wrapped his body and a soothing embrace. He often forgot how enjoyable it was to live alone which is one of the reasons why he didn’t enjoy the company of others. In his eyes it was beautiful he just wished he was glad he got to enjoy this kind of thing almost everyday. After an hour he began to clean his body and hair and he then realised he was running low on shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. “Again? Well I’ll buy more sooner or later.” After he’s done he starts to brush his teeth making sure to get every spot in his mouth and gets dressed wearing the same thing he wears everyday. His black pants and long sleeved shirt with his sleeveless grey keikogi on top. He then put on his socks, boots, mask, gloves, and his Kumo forehead protector. He gets the milk, and orange juice from his fridge and cereal that rested on top of his fridge. He sets it all out on the table and before he prepares his breakfast. 
He decides to make a quick trip to the Kumo shopping mall to pick up a few things before departing to the Raikage’s office and getting a Mission. On his way there he couldn’t help but notice the way the nice cold brisk morning air felt against his skin as he just took a nice warm shower. It felt amazing, a truly spectacular feeling that he wished he could experience more. After getting some of the supplies he would need he heads home and proceeds with his morning routine. After finishing his breakfast he grabs the rest of his things for the day and proceeds to head out but not without saying goodbye. He turns to the photo he has of his brother he keeps by the door and says “Hey I won’t be gone for a long time. I’ll be alright, I shouldn’t get hurt or go too far. So there is no need to come with me. I'll be back before you know it alright. Love you.” 
He then heads out of his house making sure to lock his door behind him. He doesn’t have much of value but he doesn’t want to risk anything he does own getting stolen. He begins to head out to the Raikage’s Office to get a Mission for the day. Once he arrives at the Raikage’s office he takes a look at the mission board there's quite a few here wow. He sees an interesting one and while reading the name of the mission file he begins to think. “This seems like it could be my kind of mission.” He continued to look it over. “Espionage huh haven’t done anything like this before but I believe I’m up for it. Man this has to be the best one yet.” “Next!” A gruff but stern voice called. Suimin heads in eagerly holding the mission file in hand all giddy. “This is the one.” “All right let me look this over.” He looks at the mission file and reads it through. “Approved!”
Suimin runs out of the Raikage's office with a lot of excitement in his step. Suimin left so fast that if anyone wanted to change their mind about him going on this mission it was too late. Every few steps Suimin would jump up and clack his feet the way the irish do. He began running to the Kumo gates, still with a lot of energy and adrenaline left to head so he could go to the country's borders. After running for a little while longer he arrived at the Kumo gates, handed one of the guards the mission file and proceeded to the borders of Rai no Kuni. Upon getting there he begins to head to the town he got in the mission file. 
While he was on his way he forgot to get his camera. He rushed back to the gates of Kumogakure to go get his camera. He heads to the Kumo Shopping Mall and purchases a camera for the mission. Unfortunately they didn’t believe it was for a mission so he couldn't get a discount. He began running again missing the adrenaline rush he had acquired earlier. After running for a little while longer he arrived at the Kumo gates, handed one of the guards the mission file and proceeded to the borders of Rai no Kuni. Upon getting there he begins to head to the town he got in the mission file. He continues with where he left off and starts heading back to the village he had previously been headed to. He walked along the border going to the mission site when he saw a group of people carrying a litter with four guards around it. “That has to be him.” Suimin said as he weaved the Ram seal using the body flicker to appear about 20 meters behind the two people carrying the back of the litter.
He followed observantly trying to see if he could see the person inside. He stalked quietly and diligently waiting as he travesered carefully through the land he was waiting until they came up to the given location. “Just a few more meters.” He continued walking behind them going unnoticed. As he walked he began thinking. “I wonder if those guards are just for show. I mean they don’t seem to be sensory ninjas, that’s for sure.” He continued following as they finally entered the town. Suimin noticed that one of the guards turned his to the left and full ninety degrees as if he were looking behind to see if anyone was following. Suimin just tried to act normal and not look at the guy or seem too obvious. The last thing he wanted was to make them aware of his presence.  
They finally entered the village and the people carrying the litter set it down and opened the door. The guards on the left turned a full ninety degrees to the right and the guards on the right turned a full ninety degrees to the left awaiting for their master to exit the litter. Suimin continued walking and he figured it would make him less suspicious. The master exited Suimin readied his camera to see if he could take a quick sneak picture while no one was noticing. That was going to be hard to do since the camera had flash but he was a reasonable distance away so maybe they wouldn’t notice. He snapped a picture of the aristocrat and looked to see if anyone would turn their head. “Guess they didn’t notice.”
They continued into the village Suimin following from a distance. He would notice that the guard who turned to look back a while ago was starting to do so more often. “Has he become suspicious of me? Damn! Well it’s too late to change course that would probably make him more suspicious.” After a few minutes he formed the hand seal Ram once more and used the Body Flicker to go on top of a building that was a reasonable distance away. He continued watching from afar and took a few photos every now and then. Everything was going great. 
He noticed that the guard who would look back every now and then stopped the aristocrat and whispered something in his ear. “If only I could see his mouth I could read his lips with my sharingan.” Suimin was trying to read the expression of the aristocrat to see if he could try and see what it might’ve at least been. The aristocrat’s face didn’t seem too worried, it seemed easy going mixed with hints of approval. The guard gave the aristocrat a single nod which the aristocrat returned in full and the rest of the group including the aristocrat continued but the single guard stayed. Suimin’s mind started to race along with his heart. “What?! Impossible Could it be? Have I been discovered? If so does the aristocrat know?” Suimin thought this as he watched the guard carefully. It was as if the guard knew exactly who he was because as Suimin was watching him he lifted his mask and paused. In retaliation to this Suimin activated his sharingan and the guard continued as he mouthed the words I see you. “Uh what no way in hell this guy knows I'm here. I thought he didn’t have any sensory ninja. How could I have been so careless.” Suimin thought to himself.
After he mouthed those words the guard disappeared and reappeared behind Suimin. Suimin weaved the hand seal Ram in an attempt to put some distance between the two as he used the body flicker once more. “So how long have you known?” Suimin said with a grin under his mask. “Well we were walking and I sensed an unfamiliar mass of chakra about 20 meters behind us. It just happened to appear out of the blue.” The guard replied in a cocky tone. “Interesting so that’s why you looked back but why did you wait to confront me.” Suimin replied, as his body was being pumped with adrenaline “I wanted to see if you were following us after a while I got a hunch you were and after teh picture I knew you were.” “Were you the only one who noticed.” “Seems that way my comrades if you will, are lazy and barely do their first job right. So even if they did it’s not like they would make you a priority.” “Alright well let's get to it then.” 
Suimin already had his sharingan active. He weaved more hand seals Snake Horse Ram and red lightning came to life right in his palm as he charged the guard using Lightning Pulse. The guard dodged the incoming attack  and made an attempt to deliver his own; he gave a swift roundhouse kick towards Suimin. Suimin jumped in the air and pretended to fall down uncontrollably. As he got close he formed another hand seal Snake as he pulled his mask down and sparks started flying out of his mouth. The guard was hit by the attack and retaliated with a few hand seals of his own Monkey Dragon Rat Bird Ox Snake as he says “The little lightning trick you did was cute now let me show you the real thing.” He said as a high concentration of lighting shrouds the user's hand. The guard charged at Suimin aiming for his chest. Suimin jumps out of the way dodging the attack. “No way that is so cool.” Suimin uses Demonic Illusion: Mirage Crow. The guard begins turning, looking as Suimin says. “You’re in my world now. Watch as I make reality into a mere word.” Suimin’s body began to disperse into crows as they began to surround and attack the guard
The assault continued as he let a small scream of pain. “It’s a miracle you’re still alive if you can’t handle this small pain. How unfortunate life must be waking up and being you. It’s enough to make me regret calling the move you managed to miss earlier impressive.” “Shut you little shit. You think you can talk how you want just you watch.”  The guard used Genjutsu Release and retaliated with a Genjutsu of his own. Suimin finds himself being surrounded by a bunch of butterflies. “What kind of idiot does he take me for?” Suimin deactivates the genjutsu using his sharingan. “Are you stupid do you have no clue what these eyes can do your genjutsu is useless without a better sharingan. ARE YOU TRYING TO MOCK ME?!” Suimin charged weaving more the same pair of hand seals he had previously woven Snake Horse Ram as his hand began to light up with red electricity as he charged the guard. Suimin’s attack landed, the guard landed in the alley and he seemed out of commission. 
“That will show him to underestimate Suimin Uchiha.” He continued to look for the masses of chakra that the guards would have. He continued moving through the village looking around when he saw three masses of chakra. He approached them grabbing his camera and he realized he had dropped it somewhere during the fight. He headed back to the rooftops where his recent battle with the guard occurred. He began looking around and looking in the alleyway and on the rooftops. He was looking around and stumbled upon it in a gutter. He examined it and saw it was fine. “Great it’s alright.” 
He continued to follow the masses of chakra and caught up with the guards and the aristocrat. HE followed as the guards seemed to take a break as the aristocrat sent them off and entered another person's house. Suimin waited for the guards to leave and began to circle the mystery person's house looking for another way to get in. He noticed an open window and he climbed up to it using the surface climbing technique. He deactivated his sharingan as it was starting to become a strain on his eyes and he wanted to save it in case he would need it later. He looked in and noticed there was no one inside. He climbed in silently and looked around so he noticed that this was someone's room. He heard a woman's voice approaching and he scrambled to the closet near the door trying to make as little noise as possible. He got in and shuffled trying to contain his breath. He was breathing heavy. They came into the room and began to make out and talk to each other in a romantic way. 
He decided to take a picture even though it would possibly put his position at risk. He snapped one of them kissing and they both stopped and looked at the closet. “Did you hear that?” His mistress said. “Yeah.” The aristocrat replied. “Stay back I’ll check.” The aristocrat approached the closet and Suimin activated his Sharingan once more. He waited for the aristocrat to get close enough. The aristocrat approached the closet with caution. He took slow steps and walked up and grabbed the door as he peeked through the small crack. Suimin used the opportunity to activate Genjutsu: Sharingan and make him see Suimin as a red dress. The aristocrat turned around and Suimin deactivated the Genjutsu. “It was nothing. Must’ve been our Imaginations.” He continued to watch as they moved to another room. 
Suimin continued to move around the house walking  carefully. He was walking in a hall. When he was walking he heard a door open and someone backed up into him and he formed the Ram hand seal and to get to the ceiling and used the Surface walking technique to stay on the ceiling. It was the aristocrat and his mistress once more. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “Nothing I could’ve sworn I bumped into someone.” He said looking around for someone or something. “It doesn’t seem that you're yourself today. Why don’t you go home and get some rest? ” She said rubbing his face with a look of worry. “There’s no need, I'm fine I swear.” “Promise?” She asked in a concerned tone. “Promise.” He said in a confident tone. They continued moving on. Suimin went and snapped a few more photos this time covering the flash. He then headed for the room where he hid and climbed out the window. After finding a roof to sit on he overviewed the photos he took.
He looked over all the photos he took. “I think this will do justice. Although I think I need a few more.” Suimin turned around and noticed that the guards were waiting outside the house of the aristocrat’s mistress’s home. He looked and noticed that there were still three. “So the other one still hasn’t recovered.” He continued to follow them as they took a walk through the village taking pictures from a distance. Suimin needed to distract noticed that one of the guards was turning to look his way and he used a smoke bomb and he disappeared.  He continued to go unnoticed as he took more pictures. He started to head back to Kumo to deliver the pictures and complete his missions.
He began walking once more along the country border he was walking  with his camera and making sure he had everything on him. He began walking along the border trying to make it back to before the aristocrat. Suimin thought it would probably take a while because they would try and at least look for the fourth guard. He continued walking, going to the village getting closer and closer. He saw the outer parts of the village and began to speed up. As he gets there he heads to the village elder and hands him the photos. “I see this is heartbreaking to look at but I thank you for this job.” “No problem sir. If I may, I have to ask you to sign this to ensure I completed this mission.” He continued towards Kumogakure. He traversed slowly looking at all around him. He started to smile as he saw the gates of Kumogakure. He showed them his mission file. “Welcome back. Clear!” He yelled. They opened the gates welcoming Suimin into Kumogakure. He headed into the Raikage’s office and turned in the signed Mission file. 
“I completed the mission.” “Let’s see this. Seems you did.” The man stamps the mission file. Suimin begins and to head home walking quickly ready to call it a day. He got home and went to rest.
TWC: 3006
3000 WC to Change Main Spec to Space/Time
1500 WC to Vigor
1500 WC to Speed
3000 Ryo
30 AP
10 Smoke Bombs
Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
Stat Page : Hyuuga Souji Statistics
Remove Taijutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Default
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

Photo OP Protege: Sneaky Sleuth Empty Re: Photo OP Protege: Sneaky Sleuth

Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:35 pm
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