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A Peaceful Stroll Through Hoshigakure's Gazebo Empty A Peaceful Stroll Through Hoshigakure's Gazebo

Sun Jan 24, 2021 5:26 am

Ishii walked calmly through the gazebo, lost in his own thoughts. He had chosen today to relax and take a break from being a ninja and training. He had only been on one official mission so far, but Ishii felt like he needed a break from being a ninja, just for a day. After all, he had only recently graduated from the academy, so he didn't exactly have a large amount of time between his graduation and his first mission. Ishii chuckled at that. "Heh. Guess that I'm turning a bit lazy, aren't I? After all, I haven't exactly learned that many jutsu since I graduated." Another chuckle, almost turning into a full laugh this time. "Wasn't that an embarrassing moment? I joined the academy so late in my life, they almost wouldn't accept me. Graduating next to a bunch of twelve and fourteen year olds doesn't quite feel like an accomplishment. Ishii's smile faded as he reached a nearby pond and gazed into it, watching a frog hop from a lily pad on the surface into the depths of the pond, frightened by Ishii's presence. The view itself was lovely and tranquil, peaceful even, one that Ishii would enjoy quite a bit. However, the voice that had decided to speak in his head interrupted that peacefulness.

"You've had this much time, and yet you still haven't learned the basics of what your clan is capable of. You can be so much more Ishii, much more than this, and yet you squander your potential." Frustration was clearly evident on Ishii's face, and his teeth began to grit. "You've been saying the same thing, over and over, and yet you haven't exactly provided me any avenue to learn about such things. I know practically nothing about it, other than the fact that you're stuck in my head because of it. You could at least do something useful and try to teach me about what it is that I'm capable of, and yet you fail to do even that. The voice waited for him to finish patiently before continuing. "That wouldn't be very sporting. You already have someone who could teach you how to utilize that clan of yours." Ishii shook his head, picking up a nearby stone and skipping it into the pond. "Then why won't you stay quiet if that's the case? I'm not opposed to learning, but I don't see why I have to seek and search out some other member of my clan and pester him to lecture me. You clearly know enough to know that I have powers beyond a useless voice that nobody else seems to be able to hear, so why can't you just tell me? That would make this far easier on the both of us." The voice tutted. "Because unfortunately while I could tell you about your clan and what you can learn to do, I cannot teach you to use these abilities. The feeling of that power, the chakra you would use to create these abilities, all of this is beyond me. Above all, there is one ability that I can NEVER teach you to master." Now, Ishii was curious. Frustrated still admittedly, but curious nonetheless. "Well? What is that ability then?"

The voice paused for a minute, and Ishii could feel its unwillingness to answer. He was about to speak, to command the voice to do the same, but it spoke on its own. "There are many abilities of your clan that I'm certain you're aware of, more than most shinobi will receive in their lifetimes. Hidden in your blood is a connection to the moon, and to the realm beyond this one. With your chakra you can conjure these spirits, and provide vessels for them to interact with this world. With training, you can combine your elemental affinity for water with the strength of your mind to create powerful illusions and attacks. However, as incredible as these abilities are on their own, your eyes are where your true powers lie." Ishii didn't buy it. Conjuring spirits maybe, but the rest almost seemed to be too much. "That much then? Do I have something like the Uchiha's eyes?" Ishii felt the intensity from the voice. "No, nothing like the Uchiha clan's Sharingan. The Sharingan is powerful, but its similarities are only surface level at best, and the Sharingan is still weaker than your eyes. Those eyes are the greatest connection between this world and the next. These eyes can see what is and what was, and they make it possible to conjure these spirits to this realm. They see the true character of one who you gaze upon, and they see clearly through Genjutsu. They can even peer from this realm into other realms, be it spirit and otherwise." Ishii began to turn away from the pond, walking back towards the other end of the gazebo on his original path. "It sounds like quite the useful skill, one that if I learned, I could certainly use to become a great shinobi. If such eyes exist, then could you teach me to use these eyes?" It felt as though the voice nodded. "I can teach you HOW to use it, but I can't teach you TO use it. These eyes can only truly manifest in times of great stress or turmoil. You can attempt to train them until that point, but until that moment comes, you will never be able to utilize it." Ishii gave a single grunt in response, his doubt in the validity of the voice's words only growing. "Well, isn't that lucky for you then? I suppose that these other abilities that you mentioned just so happen to require emotional turmoil as well then, don't they? Or do you have some other excuse in mind?" This time, the voice shook its head. "The others, no. Just the eyes. Ishii gave a slight smile at that, and a low chuckle. "What's so funny to you?" Ishii shook his head as he walked, still chuckling. "Oh nothing. It's just that you'll be teaching those abilities to me. After all, I'm not opposed to doing a little learning from a disembodied voice."

Word Count - 1030

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A Peaceful Stroll Through Hoshigakure's Gazebo Empty Re: A Peaceful Stroll Through Hoshigakure's Gazebo

Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:14 am
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