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Yamaguchi Kouma
Yamaguchi Kouma
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Eggs are Fragile Empty Eggs are Fragile

Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:11 am

Kouma was off to do another mission because he was a bit strapped for cash at the moment, and needed a little bit more ryo in order to deal with some of the issues he had been having with his puppet making. As Kouma was looking through the missions, he found a fairly easy one that seemed to pay quite a bit, which was simply delivering eggs, and he thought that was fairly simple, although there had to be some catch to it, Kouma decided to grab the mission and apply for it anyways. He swiftly started walking towards the small farm that was in the south of the village, as this was the place that Kouma would need to go to to pick up the crate of eggs that he was going to deliver. this was a fairly long walk from where he was at the administration office all the way to the south of the village where the farm was, but he did not mind it too much. The weather in the star village was always at least decent, with the random showers in summer and spring, but that was fairly enjoyable too, at least for the most part. Still, the weather outside right now was very pleasant to him, as he made his way towards the farm. The farm was fairly large, and it housed quite a bi8t of the village's food, this was mostly a farm for animals and not grain, so there were large pastures with cows and pigs roaming around, which were the main food sources of the village, as the villagers loved their beef and pork, especially in things like ramen. Kouma simply nodded at people, noticing that he had quite a bit different air about him lately, as the people in the village seemed to give him a lot more respect because he was a ninja, and Kouma felt that this was strange. He did not really like it when his elders bowed to him, as he was raised to venerate them, so it made him uncomfortable when they seemed to lower themselves for him, as he was still a child. Kouma swiftly made it all the way to the farm on the south side to pick up a crate of eggs, and when he saw it, it seemed fairly normal to him, although he had not seen a terribly large number of farms in his life yet.

He made his way over, and there seemed to be a kind looking old man sitting in a rocking chair in front of the entrance to the farm, off  on the side of the road, and Kouma approached him to ask if this was his farm or his son's just to make some small talk. The old man said that considering his age he could not help on the farm any more with his body, so instead he sat there to help out the ninjas that they would hire to swiftly get their goods to the places they needed to be, as it was simple to just sit there and tell the little ninjas that came over there where they could pick up the eggs, and where to send them when they got them. It was something simple that the old man really liked, and he especially liked it when young people showed an interest and gave him respect, as a lot of the time they would simply ignore him talking and just ask where to go to get the eggs, as if it was not that important. These eggs were fairly fragile, and so some care would be needed to be taken to take them all the way to the village center and to the restaurant without breaking any of them. He had gotten complaints about it from those slightly disrespectful genin that took the mission after they had failed. The old man decided to give him a hint since Kouma was so attentive and kind during their talk, and that was to use a piece of clothing he had, like his outer shirt, and place it in between the two stacks of eggs that were in the crate, and this would allow a bit of leeway in terms of the force that could be applied to them without breaking. Kouma greatly appreciated the senior's reminder, and thanked him before heading off to go and get the eggs, which were kept in the large building in from, which seemed almost like a storage area or warehouse. Kouma walked in, and saw a couple of crates of eggs, as well as a strong looking middle aged man stacking various things, who simply nodded at Kouma when he walked in and started to grab a single crate of the eggs.

As he lifted the crate into his arms, he noticed that it was slightly heavy, as he was not the strongest person in the world, but it was something that was simple enough to walk with. Just in case, however, he would follow the old man's advice and took off his overcoat, so that he could place the coat in between the stacks of eggs inside of the crate. This felt like they were a bit safer in the end, and Kouma felt a little better about walking back to the village center. As he was walking through the streets, there were a couple of things that happened to him that made him think that he was going to break the eggs inside of the crate, and it was actually a bit stressful. He wondered how effective the coat inside of the egg crate was, and silently believed that it made sure that the eggs did not break. He thanked the old man silently, as he tripped a little, although he did not fall, the eggs would have shuffled and smacked into each other if the coat that he had on was not placed in between them. As he reached the restaurant that requested the eggs, he knew that the mission was complete when the person inspected the eggs and saw that none of them were cracked. He simply thanked Kouma, which was enough for him, before they parted ways, but not before the man working at the restaurant, the manager, gave him a slip saying that he had completed the delivery. With this, a sense of accomplishment washed over Kouma, not because he had completed an easy mission, but it was because he did not neglect the wisdom of someone older than he was that he had completed the mission with no issue. The teaching of his clan from his mother gave him the respect that he needed to do the mission without a hitch, although he felt he could have completed it without it if he had been more careful. He kept this in mind for the future as he head back to the administration building where he accepted the mission in the first place.

WC: 1162
Claiming 2100 ryo from new mission rules and genin rank
Claiming 10 ap from new mission rules
Claiming Puppet Flicker with 375 words (max stat 25% discount)
Claiming Damage Reduction Shield with 750 words (I have B rank, meaning I need 1000 words for A rank, 25% discount)
1125 words used total
Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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Eggs are Fragile Empty Re: Eggs are Fragile

Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:29 am
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