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Aeron Shinkou
Aeron Shinkou
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Eggs are Fragile (Akabayashi) Empty Eggs are Fragile (Akabayashi)

Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:04 pm
Eggs Are Fragile - Mission

The dark-haired shinkou disputed what his so-call plans would be for today. A-lot of theories have been circulating within his mind as the shinkou got up from his rumpled bed. The bedsheets being all over the place as the ninjutsu specialist had no interest in waking up. It was solely another day for him, but he had this critical goal he had scribbled down—a plan he devoted to his late pop and vowed to become the next shinkou's legendry half doctor. He knew the route was precarious enough to take him down, but he was unhesitant no matter what the cause.

The genin of Hoshi questioned how his papa would feel if that route was to be taken. Nevertheless, the outcome was his only choice, and nothing couldn't stop the sorrowful genin. The love of wealth crisscrossed his mind, but he surprisingly didn't have compassion for others. So, he made his way downstairs, ready to start his juvenile day. He made his way towards the white cloth of paper, and it had times and figures scribbled over it. The dark-haired genin hurriedly scribbled a message the day he was travelling to work. He let out a profound exhalation, and it signified as a money-making day.

He loved the idea when it came to business, something that has remained living with him and his family for years. The genin of Hoshi marched outside as he wore his typical attires, black in a suit, something which he thoroughly cherished. He commonly rubbed his hands as he progressed to make his way downtown, where he picked a list. Upon reading it, he let out a small sneer, noticing it was another mission in the bag for him. He was down to support and unquestionably endured the assignment with comfort and then went to his desired location.
It wasn't easy as he met with an old wrinkly grandpa who gazed down at the shinkou with a vicious look. "Take these bad eggs to where they need to be, son. Don't let me down; hurry before my spouse arrives and begins ranting." The old man then shifted his gaze at the eggs beside him, showing them to the youthful kid. He shook his head with a smirk on his face recognizing he was on a mission, and remaining composed was an obligation. The dark-haired shinkou nodded as he acknowledged in a gentle tone. "Very well, then." 

The mission was set as he had to deliver duplicated eggs creates to so and so location. The genin of Hoshi took cautious steps providing each and every one of them with their place. No, matter what it was, he believed he did what was right for himself, only. The snake-oil merchant met with individuals who were incredibly gracious to him. He was fascinated to be part of the organization and the mission to do so. Once he accomplished what was necessitated to do and the last egg sent to where it was, he safely progressed to his apartment, smiling.


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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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Eggs are Fragile (Akabayashi) Empty Re: Eggs are Fragile (Akabayashi)

Fri Jan 01, 2021 9:21 am
"There has to be a mistake here." Akabayashi told the courier who had handed him a written letter telling him to deliver eggs. The courier looked over the address and confirmed it belonged to the Nova officer. "I haven't done a D-rank mission since joining this village. This is ridiculous safely, deliver eggs and within the village no less." As far as the Terumi was concerned someone was off their rocker, with this bull shit.

Taking the letter Akabayashi would head inside to get ready. He would take a shower as slow as possible just to purposefully be late to spite whoever had assigned such a simple task. He would button up his suit, put his lab coat over it, and put on his Nova cloak so that it stuck out more than usual. So, as to say this is the dumb shit they have me do.

He would then walk toward the assigned location where he saw a person carrying eggs just like he was. It was a teenager probably a genin, by the look of him. No armor worn by the village chuunin and it seemed he was content doing the delivery. Which made the Nova stop to think if he was going overboard on his brooding. Nah, these fucks suck. Probably, think because I'm feeble I won't stab their eyes out. I'm going to shove my finger so far in their eyes it'll tickle their frontal lobe.

When Akabayashi arrived to the egg farmer's the man looked him over. "They sent a Nova to carry eggs?" That's what the fuck I said! He wanted to scream, but clearly his face showed his discontent with the task as the farmer backed away and handed him the eggs he was to deliver. "I will get these eggs to the store, sir. You need not worry for they are in the care of a Doctor. So, even if they break I can fix them." He would say attempting to sound as official as possible to the farmer's confusion. "Ahh, sure…"

Carrying the eggs, so that he could see his path the man would take the quickest route to the store. Oddly, it was a different direction the genin had taken perhaps they had different deliveries to do. The Nova would get many odd looks as he walked through the street hands full dressed as a doctor. "I need to study the chickens for research." He would say unconvincingly to anyone whose stare caught him for too long.

When, the Terumi arrived at the store he would set down the eggs where the owner directed. "They had a Nova deliver eggs?" The owner would say looking over the tall Terumi as if it were the oddest thing he'd seen in a while. Akabayashi merely smiled as if the question were awkward to answer and went to collect his payment from the mission office, hoping he would never have to do something like this again. At the minimum at least he was paid for the day.
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Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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Eggs are Fragile (Akabayashi) Empty Re: Eggs are Fragile (Akabayashi)

Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:17 am
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