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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
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Gardening, After a Fashion (D Rank Mission/Solo) Empty Gardening, After a Fashion (D Rank Mission/Solo)

Fri Jan 15, 2021 7:12 pm
Ise had gotten used to getting up early, despite him not really enjoying it all too much. However, he knew better than to just simply turn back over in his bed once his alarm had stopped. He quickly got dressed, putting on a shirt, pair of pants, his jacket, and sandals, and then finally his ninja headband. Once he had fully gotten dressed, he quickly headed out the door, seeing that his mom was already gone, probably already at the Pharmacy. He grabbed the spare keys of his that were sitting on the kitchen counter and then headed out the door; locking it behind him. When he had finished his mission yesterday, he was told that he would have yet another mission the next morning. However, this one sounded much easier than the previous one that he had. Today, he had to tend to the plants that were scattered around the gates. Hoshigakure was located in the desert, which most people who are not from this country come here, thinking that there wouldn’t be a lot of plant life, however, that is actually not the case. One could say that since the country is mostly desert, the plant life is ‘scattered’ in a sense. However, if one were to look carefully for the desert’s plant life, then one would come to learn that the desert actually has a multitude of different plants. You just have to pay attention in order to find them.

Ise had made his way to the village gates, meeting one of the guards who would have his equipment for him. Ise gladly took the pale of water as well as the gardening sheers. He was told specifically to be extremely careful when handling the cacti that were around the gate, however, Ise knew that. Then again, it didn’t take much to know that cacti were prickly and could hurt you if you weren’t careful when handling them. Ise had then asked him just how much ‘gardening’ he had to do, and that was when the guard who gave him the tools smirked at him, telling him that he had to go around the entire village since the gate pretty surrounded the whole village. Ise felt like his lower jaw had fallen off when he had been told that. With an annoyed expression as he walked away, Ise had thought to himself, ‘This is going to be a very. Long. Day.

As soon as Ise had made it to the space between the guard’s outpost building and the gate, he had seen the desert stretching out all around to at least from what he could see. He knew better that there was definitely more than he was just seeing. The Uchiha slapped his face, having his ‘game face’ on, now becoming serious. He quickly set the pale and gardening sheers down next to his feet and then formed the hand seal for his newly learned Shadow Clone Jutsu. Two quick puffs of smoke had formed, and once it quickly cleared, two exact replicas of himself had formed right in front of him. One had a serious-looking expression on its face, while the other one looked like a kid who had just a bunch of candy, and was now on a sugar rush. “What do we have to do?” The two shadow clones had asked at the same exact time with two completely different tones of voice. “We have to do some gardening! And … when I mean by ‘some’, I mean a lot. We have to tend to all of the plants around the gate, which basically surrounds the entire village.” The young Uchiha had said to his shadow clones. They, just like the real Isemori, didn’t seem all too thrilled about this particular job, however, they knew they had to help and get the job done. “I will be taking care of the cacti so that way nothing happens to you guys. That, and well, creating more of you each and every time would just add more unnecessary time on our plate that we don’t need,” Ise had said. The serious shadow clone huffed slightly and then said, ‘Fair enough’ while the cheerful shadow clone had said ‘okay!’ The serious shadow clone had gone to go grab another water pale for him and the other clone to share, while Ise had taken the pale he had grabbed from the start. Once the three of them had everything settled they had gotten to work.

Everything had seemed to go swimmingly at first. The real Ise had watered the Cacti as he went along the gate in front of him while also making sure not to get pricked by them. Why was watering Cacti such a hassle? Also, why did they have to have the prickly things on them? He thought to himself as he continued to water the prickly plants. The two shadow clones had seemed to work great together, despite them have two completely different personalities. The serious-looking one, however, would have to go behind the other shadow clone who had missed a few spots on the plants with the sheers, which had slightly annoyed the serious clone. Ise had made sure to also stay at a fair enough distance. His mother had told him that if you are too far away from the shadow clones that the shinobi had created would get dismissed instantly, which Ise wanted to avoid at all costs, especially since they had to circle around the entire gate to water and cut each of the desert flora.

Several hours later, they had finally finished. The real Ise had let out a ‘phew’ sound, wiping the sweat off of his face and forehead, using his right arm. “We finished,” The serious-looking clone had said in a monotone voice, while the friendlier one had bounced up and down with sheer excitement. “Good! I just finished watering the last Cactus too! I can’t believe we actually managed to do it,” The real Ise had said, forming a grin on his face, despite being flat-out tired. They had circled the entire village which had taken up several hours in order to do so. Ise had dismissed his clones, making them disappear. Once the two small puffs of smoke had cleared, Ise had begun walking away from the village gate, thinking that he would retire early for the day. He quickly headed home and had planted himself on his bed, falling asleep while still wearing his clothes, not even bothering to shower beforehand.

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Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
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Gardening, After a Fashion (D Rank Mission/Solo) Empty Re: Gardening, After a Fashion (D Rank Mission/Solo)

Fri Jan 15, 2021 7:15 pm
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