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Kasumi Hyuuga
Kasumi Hyuuga
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A Memory:  Cleaning Up After the Typhoon Empty A Memory: Cleaning Up After the Typhoon

Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:36 am
Clean Up that Damn Sand:

As the holiday festival reached a close, Kasumi would slowly walk back home to her small studio apartment.  It sat on top of a tall, three-story apartment complex and was the only unit that sat on the roof.  While it lacked in living space, it made up for it with its rooftop view as it overlooked the docks.  As the young Hyuuga looked up, she noticed a familiar sign – Hana Street.  This reminded the young girl of the not too distant passed, when Kirigakure was hit by a terrible typhoon.  

When Kiri was flooded, Hana Street was one of the streets that Rescue Team #3 patrolled and took on survivors.  The conditions were terrible, having stayed up with little to no sleep for days, while being confined to at small, inflatable raft.  Lead by a kunoichi named Murata, the team had rescued multiple people.  It was, perhaps, the mission that Kasumi was most proud of.  Unlike the mission that followed after.

Once the floodwaters receded back to their normal levels, Kasumi – as well as the others from Team 3, were tasked with cleaning up the streets.  Sand, silt, and other debris had scattered all over the village.  It was a group effort as ninja of all ranks pitched in to make the city inhabitable once again.  Some ninja used wind-based jutsu to blow the sand away, while others used clones – equipping them all with brooms.  Kasumi, once again, turned to her octopus puppet named Tako to help out in the cleaning efforts.  Armed with 8 brooms, Tako became a sweeping machine.  

Tako wasn't meant to be designed with cleaning in mind.  It was designed to carry 8 separate katana.  But I suppose mops and brooms are similar enough, it all worked out in the end, Kasumi thought with a smile.

Kasumi continued walking down the streets of Kiri.  This time she would walk past Rooster Street.  While Hana street was higher in elevation, Rooster Street right in the thick of it where all of the flooding took place.  Here the sand and silt deposits were much deeper than other areas, and instead of brooms, Tako had to be equipped with shovels instead.  Not only were there debris washed in by the floodwaters, but also heavier chunks which broke off of buildings that had to be moved.  This task was mostly left for the strongest of individuals which Kasumi was not.  Her time spent mining away with the chain gangs built up her muscles, but she did not dedicate her life to being buff.  Her puppet, on the other hand, was constructed soundly and could lift much more than she ever could.  While it was possible for her to lift her own weight with both arms, Tako could lift someone's weight with one, and Take had 8 tentacles in total.  Like giant talons, Tako's tentacles were able to hoist fallen rubble out of the way.  After days of hard work, the streets were cleaning up.  What sand remained would be washed away in the next rainstorm – so long as it wasn't another typhoon.

Kasumi finally reached her apartment complex.  By now, the streets were all but cleared out.  Only the random couple was left out and about -  giggling at the other's joke and leaning on each other.  Kasumi walked up the stairs and fished out her keys.  It was time to go to bed...

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Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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A Memory:  Cleaning Up After the Typhoon Empty Re: A Memory: Cleaning Up After the Typhoon

Tue Dec 29, 2020 1:49 pm
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