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Uchiha Benji
Uchiha Benji
Stat Page : Uchiha Benji
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Clan Specialty : Sharingan
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 27000

The Hokage Hates You [E rank] Empty The Hokage Hates You [E rank]

Thu Dec 17, 2020 1:17 pm

It was an average Saturday. It was early in the morning. Although it was winter, the weather was quite pleasant. The sun was shining and the wind was not blowing. It would have been like an average spring day. Downstairs, the Uchiha district was already in full swing at the time. People were bustling up and down. Everyone was doing their thing. Some went to work, some on a mission, and some went to the market to sell or buy. This village noise filtered through the young boy's window. Uchiha Benji was still asleep at the time. He had had a mission the day before, where he was a little annoyed by one of his companions. They quarreled so much that the fight was over, which they didn’t end even when one of them, Jonin, spoke to them. Benji dealt quite serious blows to his partner, causing them to be terribly angry at the Hokage residence. He was sentenced that day. On the practice tracks, he needs to cut the grass to exactly 2 cm in length. Benji didn’t feel fair because his partner annoyed and provoked him. And Benji is well known to be quite hot-headed. So Benji was just asleep deeply, in his most beautiful dreams when the alarm clock sounded. Boy woke up angrily and slammed the alarm clock. He had no desire for this stupidity, but he had a good idea for it. He got up and went to the bathroom. He brushed his face and teeth. He then went back to his room to get dressed. He walked down to the kitchen. There were only brothers in the house who were still asleep. The boy took out a flask, lemon and sugar. He peeled the lemon and squeezed its juice into the flask. He added a lot of sugar and then allowed ice-cold water into it. When the water bottle was full, he turned off the water and screwed the cap onto the water bottle. He grabbed his bag, which contained the equipment for the mission, put down the water bottle, squeezed the bag, and set off for the practice track. He smiled wickedly as he walked, believing in his genius plan. After a quick walk of 10-15 minutes, he even arrived on the scene. It was completely empty. He stopped on the training ground, took off his bag, and dropped it on the ground. He took out the scissors and ruler and then began to form hand seals : Ram → Rat → Bird → Boar → Tiger → Ox → Tiger. He then created 15 rulers and 15 scissors, respectively. He then focused his chakra on the area of ​​his chest, shaped the clone’s hand seal, and created 15 shadow clones. Huge puff sounds and smoke appeared. As the smoke flew away, 15 shadow clones stood there in front of the boy.
- What is our job my boss?! - asked all 15 clones at once
- We have to cut off the grass here. The grass must be exactly 2 inches long. There is the tools for you boys, have fun! - said the boy
- Hey! And what about with you? What you gonna do??? - asked one of the clones angrily
- Uhm.. I have to thinking about a new jutsu, so now it is your works. Sorry my bro! - answered the boy
- Eh... Okay... - answered the clone depressed
The boy then sat down and took out the lemonade. He sipped as he watched the clones do the work. After about 1-2 hours, the clones completed the task. The boy was just napping when one woke him up.
- Hey boss, we done! - he poked the boy
- Ahhh really? It was so fast. You are very professionals - answered the boy suprisely
The boy then recalled the clones, got up and stretched out thoroughly. He unpacked his bag and headed for the Hokage residence. As soon as he arrived, he told me that he had completed the mission, handed over the equipment, and hurried to rest home. After about a 5-10 minutes, he even arrived home. He went in, greeted everyone, then rested. He fell asleep.

WC: 701

Rewards from Mission:

Word Bank:

End of Topic:
Ryouta Shinkou
Ryouta Shinkou
Stat Page : Ryouta's Log
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 71500

The Hokage Hates You [E rank] Empty Re: The Hokage Hates You [E rank]

Thu Dec 17, 2020 2:20 pm
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