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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Mission: The Hokage HATES you! (IO, NK)  Empty Mission: The Hokage HATES you! (IO, NK)

Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:38 am

It was so early that the sun wasn’t even over the horizon yet, Chuta hadn't seen this many people out at once since the holidays, he wondered what was going on. The academy students and a group of genin were there in a gaggle. They all stood around waiting for further instructions. Yesterday everyone was told to show up at the training grounds, “be prepared for a long day”, whatever that means.

Finally one of the instructors shown up. His long shiny black hair came to his shoulders, he had a face that practiced hatred, as he looked around it was like his eyes bore holes into you, though they were calm and steady, practiced. “Alright everyone, because of your unwillingness to contribute to the wellbeing of the training ground and other facilities the Hokage has given you a mission.” The calm face broke into a small smile as the instructor held up pair of scissors. “Today, instead of picking up the trash, you are going to cut the grass, with these...” he paused for dramatic effect, looking around. Everyone just stood there, was he serious? With scissors? Chuta smiled. Maybe he should have picked up trash when he needed to, instead he’s here, and not working out. “The grass must be exactly two inches long.” The instructor pulled out a ruler. “Separate into teams and began.” He vanished with a puff of smoke and two large baskets appeared, one had the cutting tool, the other a pile of rulers.

For a moment everyone just looked at each other, but when the instructor didn’t come back the more experience genin began to separate people into teams. Chuta fell in team 3. The, they were all given a pair of scissors and one ruler. The idea was to start on the east side of the training ground and cut across to the west. Twelve uneven teams were spread across the field. Then, they began to cut. People on their hands and knees, putting the ruler against the blades of grass and cutting accordingly. It was painstaking and difficult.

The sun seemed to beat down as it reached noon, it was like time had stopped, Chuta thought it was really boring, and he wasn't even sure if he was learning anything. Would he really want to volunteer more? And how much was enough to satisfy the Hokage anyway? Chuta thought for a moment as he made a snip in the grass. He put his ruler up to is. '1 1/2in' It read. He sighed. This felt like the hundredth one he had messed up.

The ninja all crawled along the grass slowly, each snipping away as they went. It was dusk when they had all finished, the instructor from the morning appeared from a large puff of smoke in the center of the training area. "So, lets see what you have all been up to." He said as he pulled a ruler out. His inspection of the grass was more specific than Chuta would have thought. Why is it so important that it's exactly 2 inches? "This one is 1 1/2 long...." The instructor said. "Attention to detail people! Paying attention will save a life!" Chuta stepped slowly to the side and got behind one of the people in his team. That was section 3's area and he had a feeling it was his doing.

"Ok everyone.." The instructor announced. "Take this to heart. You need to pick up after yourselves! You need to pay attention! ... Your dismissed for now, but if I so much as find a bottle on the ground in town this weekend. You can expect to be here on Monday."

With that all of the ninja vanished. Chuta dashed away as fast as his 37 speed would let him. He was already around the corner and heading toward the village market to eat. But, as he turned the corner a Chuunin stood in front of him. "Where do you think your going?" the man said. Chuta stared at him with wide eyes. "What do you mean?" Chuta said.

The instructor went on to explain, “ever since you became a genin you haven’t volunteered or spent any of your time doing missions that contribute to the welfare of the village.” He took a deep breath. “If you expect to become a powerful and renewed ninja, you need to up your game. You are to meet me at the training grounds for another session in grass cutting tomorrow..” he smiled, “this time I may even play you.” A smoke bomb went off and he vanished into the surrounding cityscape.

Chuta was boggled. He had no idea that the kage was so interested in his ninja’s mission status, he thought His job was more about keeping the village safe, not monitoring the village cleanliness. Though, he is to look after everything. Chuta shrugged.

That night Chuta went home, ate a good dinner, and was up early in the morning. Showing up at the training ground he was the first one there. The instructor made the dramatic entrance like last time and handed out the rulers and scissors. Chuta fell into group 2 this time and they began to cut at the grass. It took them a few more hours, and this time they were only to cut the grass to an inch and a half. Chuta was happy that he cut some of the grass on the other side a little shorter than it needed to be.

When they were finished the group stood back up and waited for the instructor to return. He measured the area like before and gave the same speech about paying attention. Chuta concluded that there was just no way to get the grass perfect every time. If they did that the grass would have been ten feet tall by the time they were done.

The instructor walked over. “Alright. Good work. I will let the Kage know how much work you guys have done these last few days. 500 ryo will be added to your accounts. Remember, the Kage is watching you...” he vanished.

Chuta found it difficult to sleep that night.

TWC: 1028

[+1 AP // +600 Ryo // +2 Health // 1028/2000 Projection (B) ]
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Mission: The Hokage HATES you! (IO, NK)  Empty Re: Mission: The Hokage HATES you! (IO, NK)

Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:07 pm
So missions were supposed to be updated to where E ranks were less wc and gave 500. Since you did 1k for this and its staff's error for not fixing this one, Ill let you claim 1100 Ryo from this mission, the equivalence of a D rank since you did the proper wc for one in this scenario.

Outside of that, approved.
Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Mission: The Hokage HATES you! (IO, NK)  Empty Re: Mission: The Hokage HATES you! (IO, NK)

Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:19 pm
Thank you, I didn't realize all of that changed. ^,^
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