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Sephora Hyuuga
Sephora Hyuuga
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E-Rank Mission: The Hokage Hates You Empty E-Rank Mission: The Hokage Hates You

Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:58 am
Mission Name:The Hokage Hates You
Character Requirements:N/A
Mission Location:Konoha, Training field.
Word Count Requirements:500

The Hokage to teach the ninja of Konohagakure no Sato how to follow orders has instructed them to cut the grass of the training field, the tools he has supplied you with is a ruler, and a pair of scissors. The grass must be two inches in length exactly.

Sephora Kaguya checked over her scroll thoroughly making sure to take in every detail it said. She sighed, it was another one that made her feel as though she was a slave. This mission was a little different than her last ones, this mission came complete with supplies! She had a ruler and a pair of scissors. Apparently, someone did not obey and follow instructions and now all the Genin were asked to do a specific mission. They had to cut the grass on the training field an approximate certain number of inches. Which is why they had the ruler and the scissors. She sighed, but unlike the others she knew she had to obey and intended to obey as the Hokage instructed. It was out of respect she followed such rules. Her mother and Samuru had taught her a little about respect. If she was to rule the world, she had to know how to teach respect to others.  She walked to the training field and found the perfect place to start, she knew she had to get comfortable, she would be here for a while because this mission would take up a lot of her time due to the details.
She bent down and began to cut the grass. it was in a similar fashion to a hairdresser cutting hair. Cut a few pieces, measure to make sure they are doing it correctly then continue to cut. It took her about an hour to cut about a yard of grass. She walked through the small section measuring it to make sure she had done it all correctly. To her amazement she had it looking very neat and accurate! She had never done anything like this, but it looks like she learned how good she really was at cutting grass. Her coworkers in the area seemed to be complaining about this mission, but not Sephora. She decided to do the adjoining thirty six feet in length patch. Following the same steps as before, she cut a few inches of grass, then she took the ruler and measured each section very carefully. Afterwards she continued to snip and cut until she had it looking as perfect as the first section she had completed. "What the devil, do I actually like doing this slave work? Oh well, I guess I wouldn't ever want my people to do something I have never done. Okay that's a lie, I wouldn't have done this if I wouldn't have had to." Sephora said in surprise of herself. As bad as she hated it, she decided to complete one more section of grass. After she was done, she decided to head back home. She had completed her section of the mission. Although she had learned a valuable lesson, and that was how to make someone respect you or listen to what you tell them to do. The Hokage was a smart man indeed! She may have to take some tips from in the future, they may prove useful!

(words: 502/500)
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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E-Rank Mission: The Hokage Hates You Empty Re: E-Rank Mission: The Hokage Hates You

Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:17 am
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