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Uchiha Sadame
Uchiha Sadame
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The Hokage really hates me!!! Empty The Hokage really hates me!!!

Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:48 pm
Mission link here

This was impossible! There was no way this could be a mission. Maybe it was a joke, but then surely, the Hokage's office, which was in charge of the Mission center, would not pull this kind of trick on people, since they were expected to be too mature for such things. Sadame opened the scroll again and read through its contents, as though she somehow expected that the contents of the scroll would miraculously change, if she read through it again, or perhaps she had read amiss? Nay, the words remained the same, incredulous instructions that one way or the other were expected to be carried out:

"Cut the grass of the training field. The cutting must be as accurate as possible. Fortunately for you, I have instructed that a pair of scissors and a ruler be given you, so as to make this task easier. the blades of grass must not be lower, or higher, than two inches in length. Good luck."
Signed, Mission Command.

Sadame looked up from the scroll, her face a comic mixture of disbelief and righteous anger, and she met the placid eyes of the mission coordinator on her case. The woman silently held out the pair of scissors and ruler that had been indicated in the mission, and from the look on her face, Sadame's reaction was not new. In fact, it seemed she had been trained for this very purpose: to watch the antics of those who picked up such a ridiculous mission, and patiently wait them out. Sadame didn't know whether to be irritated at the woman's calm expression or not, but she decided against it and accepted the tools from her. The woman was only doing her job. If there was anyone who deserved her well deserved ire, it was the Hokage, for accepting such a thing as a legit mission. But wait, she didn't have to do the mission, right? She could always turn it down and pick another one. Sadame opened her mouth to speak, but the woman beat her to it.

"You want to decline taking this mission, am I correct? Or, you want to ask if you can decline it."

Sadame stared at the woman, obviously surprised that the woman knew what she wanted to ask. The woman shrugged. "Don't be too surprised, kid. Almost everyone asks that particular question. And the answer is no. The Mission Command specifically states that this mission must be done by the shinobi who picks it." She paused. "And to answer your next unspoken question, if you decide not to do it, the Hokage's office has approved that you will be blacklisted for two months. Trust me, honey, it's better to just do it."

Sadame groaned inwardly. This had to be some sort of set up. Still, the perfectionist part of her was not willing to back down from this challenge. She sighed, rolled up the scroll and put it in a pocket. "Alright. I'll get to it, pronto." As she turned to go, she stopped and turned back to the woman. "You're Nara, right?" The woman quirked an eyebrow, her own definition of being surprised. "That's quite astute of you, kid. How did you know?" Now, it was Sadame's turn to shrug. "Well, you're pretty perceptive, you've got the dark spiky hair and dark eyes, so you're either smart, or you can read minds. And if you could do the latter, you'd be more likely paler, with lighter hair." The woman actually chuckled. "Well, here's a smart one. Good luck with the mission, anyway. I'd have liked to play your analysis game, but duty calls... for the both of us."

So, Sadame steeled her resolve, and headed out into the city, to locate the training grounds and exercise herself in a feat of irrelevance. The training field was not difficult to find, and moments later, she was on her knees, peering at the grass and wondering what fastest means she could use to accomplish this mission. After a little calculation and brain work, Sadame began to cut the grass gently with the pair of scissors, measuring each manicured blade to ensure that it was exactly two inches. This strange task drew snickers from some of the people on the training field, but Sadame knew that glaring at them was only going to be counterproductive. Thus, she ignored them and worked steadily, crawling on her stomach and making progress. Those who laughed at her eventually grew bored making fun of her, and left her be.

Sadame rose to her knees and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. After hours of backbreaking work, she had finally managed to clear the entire field. Slowly, she struggled to her feet, groaning all the while and complaining of how her body ached. Then she surveyed the works of her hands. And she marveled at the sight before her.

The grass on the training ground was very level, as though someone had used some sort of Wind based jutsu to clip all the grass off at once. It was actually very impressive, and Sadame felt an inward sense of pleasure at being able to have crafted such a masterpiece... a sense of pleasure that turned into a grudging respect for whoever was responsible for this hack of a mission. One of these days, she would meet the Hokage, and she would remember to tell him what she thought of this particular mission... even if it took years to do so.

WC: 917/500
+3 Health
Training towards Leaf Rising Wind - 917 + 802 = 1719/1000
The remaining 719 words training towards Dancing leaf shadow

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The Hokage really hates me!!! Empty Re: The Hokage really hates me!!!

Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:11 pm
You can claim 3 health here
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The Hokage really hates me!!! Empty Re: The Hokage really hates me!!!

Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:15 pm
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